Allergies and Other Interests

I keep getting a little patch of eczema by my nose, which is alternately scaly or red and angry looking.
It's bloody annoying and decidedly unglamourous.
Frigging hayfever and associated ickys season.
Just thought I'd share.
Anyway, I keep thinking today about how much I enjoyed watching Desperately Seeking Susan again the other night, after at least 20 years, and how much I enjoyed some of the clothing.
Most especially Susan's friend; she has the cutest magicians assistant costumes, but my fave outfit is when she's sitting on this couch, below, with Susan.
Those neon tights!
That Hawaiian patterned jacket!
The frock with the bow!
Made me realise that there was, outside of Gothdom, some fabulous 80's does retro/vintage stuff going on that probably went right over my head at the time!
 Anyways, then I got to thinking how I loved Madonna at the time but loathed Cyndi lauper.
I thought she was a try hard, too contrived, a bit fake.
Well, I guess she was, but she was also rocking some great 50's prom looks all mixed up with that crazy ass makeup and tackarama jewellery!
I still don't like the music she was doing at the time, but I do like how she has evolved, musically and stylistically.
Frigging love this pic!
She looks gorgeous!
I'd happily nick those shoes/frock/cardi!
I think I quite like the woman, and I suspect she's a bundle of fun, which I imagine Madonna is not!

I feel quite inspired.
But the crappy (craptacular, craptastic) weather just won't play ball.
I have to wear cardigans and coats as we have a time travel back into Winter.
I'd make G watch Desperately Seeking Susan with me tonight, but I have to go and do yet more bloody vocals! The never ending recording!
And tomorrow night G and I have a date.

On moi today:
Frock-70's, with angel sleeves!
Coral tights-Sarah
Boots-Trade Me
Long necklace-70's, opshopped in London 1989
Shorter necklace-Vientiane
Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey


PS:For those participating in the tote "swap", it appears to have gone missing!
Last seen by Mona , it was posted to Stacey in August and has not arrived!
C'est la vie, as they say!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

eczema is a bitch luckily I only get it small doses. I so want to watch Desperatly Seeking Susan now. That last pic of Cyndi is freaking fab.

Em x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh Helga..* There could be nothing un-glamerous about you or on you for that matter*
In the Winters my hands get so damn dry and chapped I look like I have lizard hands! =p

OoOOo You have a date? sounds scandelous! Make sure you fill us in later.

Perdita said...

I love Cyndi and Mads both! The 80s is rather underrated and put down by some vintage people, ironic because it had a really strong vintage/retro streak through it!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

If it helps any, I saw the first photo as a small preview photo for this post and thought how pretty you looked.

I LOVE that pic of Cindy, too. *sighs*

Louise said...

I've never had excema, but hubby and my mum get it. Do you get E45 cream over in NZ? That's what they use, or body shop hemp cream. I love Madge's boots in that DSS pic, and love both the Cyndi Lauper looks. I do love Cyndi Lauper. Xx

seƱora Allnut said...

sorry about your allergies! (so annoying symptoms!)
And I agree with you about Cindy Lauper: her style is great now!. And I've never been a huge fan of pop music.
And now I need to watch that film and all that fabulous stuff!. I didn´t remember there was so colorful style!
Love your floral dress and wish you get well soon!

Boheme.Fille said...

Hi Helga,

I've sent the tote to Stacey two months ago when I've send you the e-mail. I really hope it didn't got lost!

Nelly said...

I have always kinda Liked Cindi not so much the Madonna tho.
Love your wingy dress and how pretty do you look in that closeup exzma nose and all.Have you tried pawpaw ointment on it?Laura has had non stop hayfever lately too doesnt help working in the dusty field with this monsoon we are having and poor old captain has now got an infection from his op last week even after doing all his nose flushing snorting the Dr told him to do.
A date? Whats that I must go look it up in the dictionary and how lucky you can sing I cant but wish I could Have a great night or 2 we have a great week xxx

Ronnie (RR) said...

Ohhhh I've never seen that photo of Cyndi before-I love it, wouldn't you just have loved to be at that party?
So sorry about your allergies, I totally feel for you....I am just the same, infact this last summer is the only one in 3 years that I have managed to go outside almost allergy free due to strong inhalers and homeopathic hayfever tablets, cost a small fortune but worth it, even tho I hate taking them. Hope you find a remedy to suit you soon x

Trees said...

Allergies suck! Luckily since I moved to Welly mine have been much better but they were a killer when we lived in Hamilton. Love that pic of Cyndi and agreed she would be WAY more fun thanMads

sacramento said...

I love the crazy 80s so much.
I adore that dress too. The sleeves are fantastic.
Get better, and that is an ORDER.

Mary Lou said...

oh i love cindy lauper tooo girls just wanna have fun and her 80´s looks are so fun and fresh and i bet you are right i would like have this women as a friend she is so great!!! your dress is fabulous and don´t worry about the eczema you still look glamourous and it it will disappear quickly!
love and kiss,mary

Vix said...

I loved Madonna's style in Desperately Seeking Susan so much, such a refreshing change from the adoration of Princess Di and her prissy old Peter Pan Collars.
I haven't re-watched it since the Eighties, I don't know whether I'd be scared to in case it shattered my illusions of her fabulousness.
Bugger the eczema, I haven't had it for years and there's a couple of patches of it on my legs driving me daft.
You'll always look beautiful, fab and gorgeous. With frocks like that no-one notices a minor imperfection.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Never like Cindi and her music but I agree, she looks way more fun than Madonna. Pesky eczema, hope it goes away soon.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I didn't "like" Cyndie or Madonna's music. But she for sure seems the nicer of the two. And I think her style has evolved to awesomeness.

Speaking look fabulous rash or no rash...and you sing really? I want the album of Helga!

Anonymous said...

I loved both Cyndi and Madonna in high school but then I was sick of preppy normalness! I think you look FAB with your glasses on! <3 Desperately Seeking Susan

Krista said...

Who even notices a lil red nose when you look so amazing!!! I love this dress and you always look smoking hot in your tall boots!!!

Did you ever seen Cyndi on Celebrity Apprentice she is a tough broad for sure! I agree I was a Madonna fan over Cyndi but I bet now Cyndi would be way more fun.

Did I miss something, of course, what are you recording?1?!!?1?

Love you~

the fashion turd said...

im on anti-allergy tablets every day of the year too, it sucky suck sucks. but even with a red hooter you still look fabulosa!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

I haven't seen Desperately Seeking Susan, so I'll have to check it out. That newer Cyndi Lauper photo is great...I love her look! And you also look awesome in your '70s dress and tall boots. The print on the dress has such a pretty mix of colors!

Glee said...

I love your floral dress especially when you layered it with the red cardigan.

Catherine said...

You look gorgeous as ever!!! I LOVE Desperately Seeking Susan!! Always loved Madonna's friend's styly and then Roberta's when she took on her job as the magician's assistant. Oh I'm going to have to watch it again now!!! x

Max said...

I loved DSS too, although I lusted after madonna's vanity case suitcase thing more than the green tights on her mate! Looking lovely lady, looking lovely x

Mrs Munster said...

You look lovely despite your little eczema! I suffered horrible eczema when I first moved to England (apparently caused by stress and different climate). I was covered in these psoriasis looking scabs. Talk about turn on for my new boyfriend (well, he is my hubby now!)
Lauper does look like someone you wanna have a drink & laughs with. Madonne doesn't.

La Dama said...

You still look good MaMas,you have natural beauty. hope it goes away soon.loving your cute ponytails.
I loved that Movie and Cyndi Lauper's frocks. She has a good sould that one.oooh a new recording.

La Dama said...

and a date, that should be fantastic for you two amores.

Camelia Crinoline said...

Ugh allergies. Hayfever is driving me mad. I've been sneezing incessantly for two weeks. I have a soft spot for Cyndi. She always seems like she is having fun and she still looks fabulous.

pastcaring said...

No one would even notice your excema, we are all too mesmerised by your big blue eyes (you thought I was going to say your big booboids, didn't you? I did consider it...)
Loving your dress and all the jewellery, you look as gorgeous as always!
Yeah, I did love DSS when it came out, haven't seen it since though.
Hope the singing went well.
And oooh, a hot date with G-Man, are you going to pretend to be strangers and chat each other up in some seedy bar??? Do tell!! xxxx

delia hornbook said...

aaww you could never ever be unglamerous you look gorgeous and fun all the time. I would love to hear your vocals sometime. I hope your eczema clears up soon. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE what you said on Vix's blog!
Let's get our tits out by god!

My minimizer bras are killing me!!!

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love You!

lasophia said...

Madonna looks the opposite of fun. She's freaky deaky in a boring way. Don't worry, I've had a painful pimple on my inner/outer right nostril all week. It's like unpoppable and the skin keeps flaking off of it. Oh geez. I've gone too far. Enjoy your date. I miss male company.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Madonna was easy to copy.. just a bit of lace here and there, fingerless gloves blah blah, but CINDI! Another thing altogether! Much more interesting voice too. Very colourful.
I had entirely not noticed that friend of Susan's style.. looks great! I might just go and get that movie out and have a gawk.
I sometimes have those sort of skin allergy things too. Grim. And unexplainable in my case..

Misfits Vintage said...

I was totally into ALL OF IT in the 80s and have since seen Cyndi play a couple of times and she gets better and better every year - I love her!

You look gorgeous with your pigtails and that lovely frock - bloody shitter about the weather - in my head you were on the beach with me today!

Hope you and G are having a delightful date, darling!

Lovehowmanysleeps? Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

I'm so devastated that the tote hasn't turned up! I've been checking with my local post office & everything, and no one seems to know anything. :( I'm going to leave a forwarding address with my real estate agent, just in case it miraculously turns up after I move next week.

You look gorgeous, even with eczema. Have fun on your date!

Crystal Lee said...

I think you're probably correct in your assumption that Madonna is a meanie while Cyndi Lauper is a sweetie. I love their work from their respective heydays. Madonna's new music, however, totally annoys me especially when she rhymed "New York" and "dork" in Confessions on a Dance Floor." unforgivable.

Devil made in Heaven said...

I hope your eczema is gone by now. I know how you must feel. I am allergic to some kinds of make up. My skins gets very dry and my face blows up. Not funny...
Cindy Lauper is so cool. I was a big fan of her when I was a young girl. She was much cooler then Madonna!