Anatomy of a Friday Afternoon

We got Ralph home about 3pm-well past bubbly time!!
Off we go...
The handsome birthday boy himself, on his own hind legs!
Icly blue for G and Ralph, an "aged airedale" for me, olives and artichoke hearts....mmmmm
Frock-made by moi
White whalenets that match my legs-Trade Me
Headpiece-sweetheart Vanessa

G bought me these earrings from Etsy!
The necklace is from the babacious Kitty !
Hahahha, I love this video of G attempting the tangeloe enhancement.....

2 bottles of bubbly and a bottle of red later, we went out for dinner....those pix to come.....!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

There is nothing about this outfit I don't lov. i would wear it all, just like you have.

You should wear red every single day. The red lips and fascinator look HOT on you.

The cats are divine. *pat, pat, pat*

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ha ha looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday! You both have such fantastic outfits on!

trashsparkle said...

hilarious cackle m'dear - and good to hear those yummy accents!

I thought aged airedale was one of your made-up cocktails when I read the sans-pix bit in the blog-feed list... fabulous colour scheming on the attire, as always- the frock, the skulls, hair, porch... xx

sacramento said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww what a party.
I love your husband shirt and boots, and adore you with you hair down sooooooooooooo much.
Ho was the last person with the tote???

sacramento said...

I love the way you laugh!!!

Vix said...

You are one hot couple! That dress is amazingly fabulously gorgeous and the headpiece is to die for.
G's shoes? Man, I love them.
Fabulous to hear you cackling.
Hope the birthday boy's head isn't too sore this morning.
Love you!

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow Helga, your hair looks AMAZING with a side-swept fringe, you should do that more often - fab! Happy birthday to G xx

pastcaring said...

I think G has had a great birthday weekend, judging by the pics!
Your dress and headpiece are beautiful, and I love that you and G are co-ordinated - a matchy match made in heaven!!
Look at your long long hair - you are such a fox!
And all this BEFORE you went out - I am so impressed. xxxx

Mary Lou said...

what a gorgous floral print dress!!! love the colours!! and also the birthay boy has a great style this flared pants are fabulous!!! it seems you really had a good time ;)
love and kiss,mary

señora Allnut said...

so funny birthday party time!, and you look gorgeous!!
love your orange floral dress and black petticoat, and all that bijouterie and your headpiece!!, I love the whole outfit!
besos & fun

Devil made in Heaven said...

Your headpiece is so gorgeous! But I was looking at the photo of your back, your hair is so beautifull long and what a great color. I am trying to find the right orange for my hair. I once found it but they don't make it anymore.
And now that we are maybe moving I am checking out other people's houses. :) Yours is so colorfull! I don't know yet what to do with our new place, but I already know for sure that there will be much more color then we have now.
xx :)

D♥R said...

You're so fucking FABULOUS !

The headpiece perfect !

Anonymous said...

OOowee mama look at those legs! I love that dress. Looks like fun was had by all :)

IMAN said...

G's outfit is perfection and your orange jewels are beautiful. Tell G that I think he has a killer rack.

Vintage Coconut said...

Helga you look HELLU HOT in that outfit, I love your hair like that too.

I also love G's outfit, especially the pants.

*Grabs olive from bowl and stuffs in mouth*


p.s. AS SOON AS I saw there was video footage I got a huge grin on my face. And I had not even pressed play yet. lol

two squirrels said...

Hey guys what fabulous fun!!!!! The red 60's hair piece just looks so good on you. Your dress is just yummy. G mr handsome.

Alex said...

There's a delicious amount of orange going on in these photos! Have you been dressing to match the house again? ;-)

Tomye said...

You and G look great for the Birthday bash. The first picture of you is perfection! Happy Birthday G!!! -T

Bonnie said...

Well, I have been MIA lately but it seems I got back just in time to celebrate The Fabulous One's birthday! Happy Birthday to the G-Man. You guys know how to have fun and I love that dress!

xo, Bonnie

Miss Claire said...

Wooooh, happy birthday G! Looks like you're having the best time!!!!!!!! I love those earrings, nice choice on G's behalf. What stylish folks you are!

Thankyou for sharing the tangerine action! It's a good look :)


Krista said...

Helga your posts are such a delightful treat! This outfit has me weak in the knees, so much hotness, you made this dress?! Holy crap it's friggin gorgeous, I love the print and I love the sheer black slip poking out. The hat is the crowning jewel, no wait that would be G and Ralph playing with lil melons.....can't wait to see the pictures from dinner! and the spankings!!!!!!

Kitty rolling around is sweet too! Oh and tell Ralph I love the red on him, such a great color!

Miss Peregrin said...

You look damn hot! What a great job you did on that dress. It looks absolutely killer on you, love the colors, the fit, everything. G looks mighty smashing as well - he has great taste in shoes!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Belated HB to himself! Your hair is STUNNING. So, so beautiful! And love the frock you made!

RETRO REVA said...

You are gorgeous!
And the men in drag?

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy Birthday G! I know I'm late... please forgive me... A big belated arse slep from me!

G looks fantastic - I love the vest and shirt and... I love it all really. And I ADORE all of your orange gorgeousness, amor! I LOVE your hair out and that frock is SPECTACULAR and all of your jewellery PERFECTION!

LoveBirthdays! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh and "MAGMA" right back atcha! xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...


La Dama said...

You hotness! I adorar your red headpiece. how you styled your long hair, just gorgeous.
G Man is rockin his cockroach killing boots. love his get up..sweater vest with tie, so cool.
are you fliping us off? your frock is gorgeous and oranbge accesories. I need more orange in my wardrobe. Your prostitute make up looks divine, epsecially your eyeshadow.


Kitty said...

hat=DIVINE. Hair=DIVINE. Helga=DIVINE....'nuff said, beautiful lady!!!