Celebrating the G Force

Likely suspects!
I think G is rolling his eyes in ecsatsy....
Must check.
It's my glorious frock from Two Squirrels
Worn with:
Shoes-from the sexacious Desiree
Brooch-vintage, opshopped
Earrings-guft from our lovely firend Nicole
Tiara-somehwere....retail....can't remember!
Gotta squeeze her as much as I can; Justine is moving back to Wellington in January.
Sad face.
O, no idea why Baby Rose was giving G the evil eye!
Probably already got his number, the little smarty!
It was bloody hilarious, though.
G looks resplendent in his 70's suit we got in Wellington earlier in the year, and the tie is from an opshop in Timaru.
Liz and Ely arriving!
They've just got engaged!
I do enjoy a wedding, as long as it isn't my own!
This was the first time I've managed to get Justine and Liz on the same premises-and they hit it off big time, as I expected they would.
Then the bitches proceeded to ignore me and dribble over each other for the rest of the night.....
How rude!
Our Gillian made it into town!
Here she is with our friend darryl's wife Ira.
This is Alannah.
Jo and her new man, Malcolm!
He's from Perth; they're conducting a long distance relationship!
I can't imagine that.
Me and my baaaaaaaby!!
You'll be impressed to learn that I stayed up past midnight!

PS: Entirely unrelated, but I just found out today (I'm always behind the times) that there is going to be a remake of Evil Dead .
I think I'm a bit excited.
The first time I saw it, I was in school, and it scared the shit out of me!
Then I watched it again a few months later, and laughed the whole way through.
G and I watched the original trailer today, and it's so gloriously messy.....I hope the remake is as amusing and uses lots of strawberry jam.
Or will they treat it more seriously?!


Trees said...

Looks like a FABULOUS party!! I love that first photo - it makes me giggle..

Remaking Evil Dead? Noooo.....it's perfect. But a remake could be acceptable to me, if they don't take it too seriously. Because its hilarious

Vintage Sweetheart said...

A tiara! How fitting for you Queen Helga. I'm pretty much in love with that dress. How funny your friends got along so well they ignored you.

Em xx

two squirrels said...

The dress is a amazing on you, the fit is fabulous. Gorgeous party frock!!! The photo of you and G is so great and you guys look so happy together.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

What a fun post Helga! The 'awesome factor' t-shirt is beyond hysterical. Love him! I would chat him up all night.

Your 60's eye makeup looks PERFECT. I love how you managed the under the eye liner - I'm too scared to try it ;)

G looks HOT in his vintage suit. Great find and it fits him perfectly!!

Your lucky to have so many wonderful friends! They obviously adore you :)


Kitty said...

Remake evil dead?? EEk, I still haven't recovered from my teenage viewing of it the first time around, ugh. That dress is JUST SPLENDIFEROUS my dear and Justine looks a treat too, what a shame to be losing her.xx.

Perdita said...

Once again, I just have too much dress envy now.

D♥R said...

Your "Fabulosity" starts killing me ! ♥

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You dress is KILLER!

Louise said...

Oh wow, you all look so damn glamorous. I love the colour of your dress. I hope G had a great birthday. Xx

La Dama said...

You glorious creatures!
G hombre is pimping you biatch's.
freaking fantastic make up amor.
G man looks scorching hot in his 70's suit
I love, adore, your frock. that picture of you point is the best. Evil Dead remake they usually suck ,but I will still watch it. please a cameo of Glen Campbell!

Love you biatch!

Vix said...

Your frock!!!! G's suit! Justine, Liz, Jo, Ralph's coat!! So much fabulousness to comment on that I'm lost for words.
Love Desiree's shoes with those white stockings. Can I see a bit of Barry on your toes??
A remake of the Evil Dead? Why oh why? I can't believe they are redoing Point Break. Is nothing sacred?

Miss Peelpants said...

Eye make-up envy!!! Amazing xx

Audrey Leighton said...

love the red lip



pastcaring said...

Oh lucky G, sandwiched between you and Justine, could a birthday boy BE any happier??!
You look superb, my dear, as does your baaaaaaaby, and indeed everyone involved. Gorgeous frock and tiara.
PS. Is that a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct impression our Justine is doing??? Minxy minx!

Krista said...

Look at all you hot biatches! I love this sparkly sky blue dress on you, can I touch it!?! Your eyes are loving bluer than ever. Your evening celebrating looks like fun was had by all. I love seeing G dressed up as much as I do you.

You guys are my favorite love bugs!

I am a HUGE Bruce Cambell fan I wonder if he is gonna be in it? Army of Darkness was my favorite one, have you seen that?
Love you!

Ivy Black said...

Loadsa fun.What a great post, Helga.
How hot are you lot?xxx

Rose&Bird said...

You all look very foxy and G looks very dapper in his suit. Your blue dress is lovely.

Enjoyed the pictures of you two walking around Christchurch the other day x

Anonymous said...

Once again you look smashing, you should do a youtube tutorial on how to do that eye make up it! G looks fab it that suit those shoes are great, and Justine's shoes are sexay!

Vintage Coconut said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING?! You mean that big purple ball is moving away?! *CRY*

I love the top pic of You, G & Justine. You all look fabulous.
I adore your sparkly dress and tights and shoes.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh jey-uzzzzz I'm dribbling all over your fecking gorgeous frock, making a right Monica Lewinsky mess all over it!!!!!!!! Gawd your eye make up is AMAZING!!!! How do you keep up this insane level of fabulousness????? I must say that G's birthday weekend outfits have been giving me the horn big-time and I love the shoes he chose to wear with this blue suit. So glad the shoes fit - they're the bomb with the frock!! Don't you just love it when your favourite girls hit it off? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo

Misfits Vintage said...

YIKES! I KNOW I'm a MILLION years late - but HAPPY BIRTHDAY G!!! What a fab group you are!

I adore: YOUR FROCK AND MAKEUP, Justine's LEGS, G's suit, Ely's tshirt, YOU!!!

LoveBirthdays! Sarah xxx