Champagne SuperHangover!

So, went out to Teddington, on Banks Penisula for a party, on Saturday evening.
I wore:
Frock-80's tastic, opshopped
Stole thing-Retropolitan
Shoes-from Nix
Bow-from the wonderful Nelly !
Earrings and necklace-60's, opshopped
Jo is wine writer, and annually tastes and critiques champagne, and not shitty old bubbles, real deal expensive champagne!
After a days tasting-and spitting out-she bought the opened and barely touched bottles out to Jac and was also Iain's birthday, hurrah!
Dave is deciding which one to sample first!
von Leon and Claire!
The birthday boy centre!
We fondled the rubber and fishnet designed bottle by Jean-Paul Gaultier.....don't ask me what it tasted like, I'm a complete philistine when it comes to booze!
I did, however, ask Jo what I should be looking for in a bubbly.....then couldn't really be bothered thinking about it!
Ha, I wore sensible heels, thinking we might be out in paddocks or something, never having been to Jac and Iain's before!
Jo also moonlights as a DJ and experimental musician.
She played my song.....and also indulged me with some Gary Numan, Human League.....we have identical 80's music tastes!
There was dancing!
I like how Jac is clutching a bottle.
Almost gratuitious cleavage!
We had fireworks!
And a great deal of posing.
As you do!
Nix and Si!
We had thought we might play a set, but by the time Nix and Si arrived the party was in cruise mode, and it just didn't feel right.
I felt very relaxed, in fact.
It might be something to do with the mezcal and orange juice I decided to cap off my night with.....

O, during the night I woke up feeling ever so hot (we took the Kombi out and camped up in the driveway) as G was hogging the damn bed.....then I heard a vehicle start up. hello, I thought, someone thinks they've sobered up and they're going to drive home......but nothing further happened.....then vehicle chugged away for a I had a look. It was a van, and it looked like someone was pottering away, making a cuppa or something....sweet....then the radio came on....and I was treated to a rousing version of "Just a Gigolo" (not the David Lee Sexy Roth version).....and when it finished there was a discussion about it....?!.....and then silence.
It was a little difficult to get back to sleep.
And then I realised there were mosquitos!
Got up and got the insect repellant.
Finally I nodded off.
In the morning, I saw the gentleman from the van get out, so I started sing "Just a Gigolo" at him......he looked at me blankly, then muttered something in an unintelligable Scots accent.........

It's Halloween night!
I had intended to scan a couple of amusing Halloweeny suitable pix from many years ago, but forgot, so here's an old Goth pic most of you will have seen before, just to get you in the mood...
I still have the necklace and gloves, wish I knew what happened to the earrings!
Am pretty sure I got them in London, on my first venture overseas in 1989.

But now look at this lovely, lovely view!

I surprisingly didn't have too bad a hangover!
I did, however, manage to crack the bridge of my nose on a gear case when I was getting into the Kombi to go to's rather sore!



delia hornbook said...

You have the most amazing fun nights out. You know how to live life to the full and its a great gift to be at one with yourself and those all around you. Great photo's as always you all look amazing. dee xx

sacramento said...

You know how to hold a party, and that black and white pic of you is crazy gorgeous.
You always has been a true beauty.

dinoprincesschar said...

i love your outfit - esp the leopard print tights and the dress :)

Nelly said...

HH you have so much fun Send some over my way please lol

Frocktasia said...

YOU, total Goth Babe Stunner! I'm going to have to steal/feature this pic in a goth related post I'm planning if that's ok?! I'm having a rights old goth thing at the mood is quite dark & it's affecting my choice of attire, never mind I rather like being a closet goth every now and again ;)
Looks like you fabulous peepskis had a whale of a time!

Miss Claire said...

What an amazing night that must have been! Random experience in the middle of the night though!? I hate those nights when you keep waking up and it's all sticky and yuk.

Bit disapointed about the lack of nudie run in the video clip though!!! I was sure we would get treated to some bare boys bottoms!!

Perdita said...

You are the queen of hose! Those are fantastic.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Looks like a great night! I haven't been so lucky I feel horrendous with a hangover today!

Krista said...

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! SO much awesomeness in this post where to start OMG I'm overwhelmed at HOWFRIGGINAMZINGLYHOTANDGLAMOURUS you are!!! That dress with your fur wrap you are a GOD DAM movie star can I have your autograph and then give you a BIG KISS!!! Will you sign my boobie?

Jo is a bombshell in that lil sailor dress and I love her sassy ass haircut. The fact that she is a wine writer and a DJ makes me have a crush on her.

What a beautiful take your breath away place, I would get way to drunk, kick off my shoes and run around like a fool on that green hillside(probably showing my panties to the world) The hills are alive with the sound of music!!!!! The Birthday boy has the prettiest blue eyes doesn't he.

I swear I though that last picture was Susie from Susie and the know. Dang girl you look incredible.

What a wonderful time thanks for sharing! I have weekend envy take me with you next time!

Vix said...

That is one clever title! You look bloody gorgeous, loving those leopard legs, your Eighties-tastic frock (it wasn't all that bad after all) and your beautiful face. Jo looks fabulous and the birthday boy looks rather a hottie. Nik's dress is amazing.
I love you as a Goth!
Love you!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I farkin' LURVE you, Helga! I love champagne and you and your group of friends look like you all had a grand time! Tell the lady in the black she is one red hot babe! And you look adorbs in your emsemble. I like how your "sensible" shoes are silver, lol.

Lola Finn said...

All the people look so stylish and cool! I love this post! :)

Rachel - Firebird said...

Good grief - look at that scenery. I need to come to NZ. You are looking mighty fine yourself. I love the photos of your friends, they all seem so full of fun and happy life

Vintage Coconut said...

What a beautiful place. You look Marvelous Helga, absolutely MARVELOUS.
*lol* At your Just a Gigolo man story.

Your friends all look like freaking fun people!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Looks like you guys had a fine old time! Yum how lucky to be able to drink expensive wines and bubbles!

Anonymous said...

You like the David Lee Roth version too! I love your goth pic you're VERY Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Happy Halloween!

La Dama said...

You certainly know how to live it up amor. Thats why i love you crazy biatch.
Love,, love your frock and silver sensible shoes.everything fur, fuck off silver bow.
Eyeing leopard tights.
Jo is looking so hot in her little sailor dress.
Another almost boob shot.
Crazy gigolo man, hope your nose is okay.

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Awesome! Looks so fun

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

What an amazing party outfit! You look gorgeous! And what a gorgeous green place as well...I would love to visit New Zealand one day.

two squirrels said...

You guys party so so well!!!!
Your outfit is just so glamorous, prefect for the drinking bubbles. v

Trees said...

Such a glam party and a beautiful place - I need to come any be all glam and drink wine with you folks. Fab dress - I like it so much and excellent pattern mixing! :D

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Hello beautiful lady! I've been catching up on all your posts! You look stunning in that fab hair bow! Hope your nose ok? I'm very much of the opinion that the better the wine, the lesser the hangover.....xxxxxx

Lola Finn said...

You are welconme :) Your blog is really cool!

pastcaring said...

What a swell party this is!
You look just beautiful, oh those gorgeous leopard legs of yours. grrrr!
And Jo, what a talented and stylish lady she is. Nix' dress looks amazing too.
And there was dancing as well - perfect!
PS. Ooh, Goth Helga is a HOTTIE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Looks like a fantastic party Helga!
Champagne and all - Love the frock and leopard skin thighs and the bow! That old pic of you, wow this is editorial stuff for Vogue!

Still enjoying my sick leave, don't want to go back to work, it is well paid but sucks,God! will have to reason myself! Love you!

Ariane xxxxx

Mrs Munster said...

You are such a glamour puss darling! And I just love the older photo of you.

Tomye said...

Great picture of you and Jo. That dress is a stunner. When your picture first popped up in the blog roll I thought it was Hope from Pink Champagne. -T

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

God you're a hornbag!!!!!!! You are slurppily delicious in this get-up - I mean, the frock is GREEN! and leopard-print with fur - faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrkkkkkk me!!!!!!!!!!!! Silver bow and shows - much moistness!!! Jo is gorgeous - yum and she's spinning Japan - woo hoo!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo