Do I ever get sick of it?

On Saturday evening we popped over to visit Justine and shoot the breeze, talk some shit, yadda yadda.
When I was throwing on my coat to leave at about 10:30pm, she asked me "do you ever get sick of it, dressing up?"
I replied with an emphatic NO!, but then realised that I was lying through my teeth.
I don't get "sick of it" as such, but sometimes I can't be bothered......but it's so routine that even when I can't be bothered I find myself frocked up to kill anyways!
Here's an example.
I couldn't go out in the evening without a costume change, but I couldn't really be bothered, nor did I have the time after our mate Si stopped round and got yapping, to have a shower and start over, so I simply changed my frock and handbag, and threw on a big coat!

Coat-50's, gifted!
Frock-60's, Recycle Boutique, Wellington
Tights-Sarah !
Shoes-retail sale

Sunday was a different story!
I had an appointment to have the dagger tattoo on my right arm redone, as it is over 20 years old and pretty faded, and frocked up in a pale blue 60's two piece........when I got home, I had a few wines, as you do, and then just before G and I were going to nip out and take some pix, I promptly threw my wine all over myself.
So I changed into this:
Spot my pussy!
60's two piece-Vix , ages ago!
Blouse-vintage, Sarah
Handbag-vintage Rex, gifted
Tights-opshopped on Saturday, the only thing I found!
Shoes-Trade Me
Hairbow-made by moi
These fab clip on earrings were from Kitty
They don't go at all!
Did you notice that I'm not colour co-ordinated to within an inch of my life?!
The stars on my temple are courtesy of my tattooists daughter!
And here I am beavering away on that new frock......I wasn't too sozzled, although it did take me 3 goes to get the side zip in!
I'm rather lazy and usually use invisible zips, but I decided to use an old brown taped metal zip from my stash, so I had to remember how to put a normal zip in!
It's a bit messy, but I'm the only one who will see it, so too bad!
And that, darlings, was my Sunday.
I was early to bed with a book, and was gently rolled around by a 5.5 quakey, which made me sleepy......


Kitty said...

Good to know there's someone out there as lazy as me. That, plus your lack of co-ordination, is giving me a severe addition to the one I've always had for you..but you knew that, didn't you! Love your necklace board, so convenient.xx.

delia hornbook said...

I think its good some times to allow yourself not to worry about how you look and to be honest i think your second outfit works well ;-)) Love the green dress. I also think its lovely that you do always go to the trouble of dressing up because its a big part of who you are. Sorry to hear your still getting after shocks. Have a lovely day, dee xx

Trees said...

I love dressing up, sometimes I can't be bothered but if I go out and I'm not dressed up I don't feel like myself. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt is just so uncomfortable for me! I feel so weird.

We have been on holiday but heard today you folks had another shake last night. Sounds like you coped pretty well though! Take care down in Chch.

Ronnie (RR) said...

I don't think I could ever imagine you slobbing around in an old tracksuit, I bet even on your off days you look glamourous :)
Well done with the zip too

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I only costume change because I have to wear a uniform. Most of the time hanging at home I'm in pj's! You are far to glamorous to do that. Lime green tights what an awesome find.

pastcaring said...

My guess is that you don't even possess anything scruffy, slobby, or particularly casual (in a jeans/sweatshirt/trackie bottoms sort of way. It's just not you. So of course you always look "dressed up" compared with mere mortals, though it's just routine to you.
But don't stop, Helga, the world needs your fabulousity!
Great outfits, love how the lime green dress morphed into lime green tights, it's a miracle!
AND you put a zip in under the influence of wine - how clever are you??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

I'm glad you don't get fed up of it, my days would be so dull without my daily Helga outfit. I love your work area, I need somewhere like that rather than just sewing on the coffee table. Xx

Vix said...

Frocked up to the max! That's why we love you. Why would anyone want to own slobbing gear? A crimplene frock is far more comfortable than a pair of velour trackkie bottoms.
That suit is fabulous, I love it with those Kermit green tights and the pussy bow ...divine!!!
You look so fabulously sexy putting in your drunken zip.
Love you and fab to chat earlier!

sacramento said...

Youuuuuuuu gorgeous wine spiller...

Lena said...

The black and white tights are just incredible!x

Krista said...

Oh Helga you do make the rest of us feel lazy! You have shown me a cute dress, killer shoes and a top it all jacket is all you need to look fabulous. You always look so put together. I love this 60's suit on you especially those sheer sleeves paired with the bright green tights, yummy!

I also love how you have your necklaces hung up, I have been looking for a way to hang mine and I think you just hooked me up sista!!!

You look hot straddling that machine...MEOW!!!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Helga, i never get tired of dressing up! could not get out of the house and look like the sea of neutrals- i love how you mix your dots and those green thights you had, wow! i love it! Your coat is to die for!

General Tao's chicken is on my blog, hope you will like it

Lots of love and a big kiss to you

Ariane xxxxx

Perdita said...

It's a good thing you're so smart at this dressing thing you impress us even on what you think are lazy days! To me, you look fabulous!

I particularly like the black-and-white pattern clashing with the coat and tights in the 1st picture. Very Op-Art.

Anonymous said...

I can never wait for your new posts! You're always so colorful, mixing patterns and colors. Tights are amazing as usual. That bag is gorgeous too :)

La Dama said...

I know you will never stop dressing up. Dont even think about it.
You and Vixcita have inspired me from the begining of my bloging. I need to do outfits everyday need to learn how to use the tripod as Buddy is tired from work. I adorar you in green dress and striped tigts. sexy Mrs. Mrs Slocombe outfit and pussy blouse is my fave. I love pervying at you fixing your sewing machine..You hot legs MaMa!

Tomye said...

I am so glad you don't tire of dressing up! I was in the grocery store the other day and was noticing the women shopping. I was thinking why is is so difficult to put on a decent frock to go out? They looked horrible and didn't even seem to know it. -T

seƱora Allnut said...

I think you're lovely on your fabulous and warm coat and greeen frock!!
and love how you dismatched that two pieces with the polka dot blouse, so pretty clever and inspired!!
And it's wonderful you're not tired of dressing up!!, everyday is a new and different opportunity to enjoy a frock and a glass of wine, lady!!

Misfits Vintage said...

I adore both outfits - I ALWYAS love you in lime and that first frock is pretty fab - have we seen it before?

But the second outfit... spots and checks - YES! YES! YES! I LOOOOOVE it. I'm on a total mission to attempt to recreate this incredible look. Luckily, I have some MARVELLOUS fuck-off bows made for me by a bitchin' prostituta amor!

LoveYOUandyourLIME! Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

You look amazing, "can't be bothered" or not. I aspire to look as good as you on my can't be bothered days! Mine are more like trackpants & a Harry Potter shirt, lol. I can't wait to see the finished frock that you're working on!

two squirrels said...

Lime green tights are sublime!!!! You are just amazing!!! Love the new profile pic, so fabulous darling!!!!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

at this point in my life if I am not frock to kill i just dont feel like myself at all. if i am frockless just get a shovel and put me outta my misery LOL

liz said...

high heels on the sewing machine! you KILL me! ;)

Hannah said...

Yeah sometimes it can be a bit of trial to be jazzed up first thing in the morning but it makes me feel so much better, your pussy bow looks marvellous aha x