Electric Lash

Yes, now I see this frock needs to be ironed, and also the little bow to be re-stitched!
O, how I love a long weeked.....but then by the end of it I always feel like I need another to get over it!
I really would have liked to accomplish a few things, especially in my sewing room, but all I really accomplished was a brutal attack on my liver....
These pix are from Saturday, I think, and frankly, I can't remember what the hell I was doing this day, nor where I was going.
Rather a lot of alcohol was sucked down my throat the last 3 days......I'm going to detox for the next 3 days!
Frock-made by moi using a 70's pattern and gifted fabric
Shoes-darling Alex
70's bag/vintage sunglasses/60's headpiece-soooper Sarah
Earrings-lovely Liz
Yellow beads-classy Claire
Other necklace-60's, opshopped and customised by moi as it was mostly in bits
Sunshine-Mother Nature
I do know that we went to our friend Amber's on Friday night for drinkies.
And I wore:
Frock-60's/70's?, thrifted in Utah a few years ago (thrifted because I was in the States, and I can use their vernacular!)
Bow tie-Liz
Shoes-Trade Me. They are very painful!
And on Saturday night, our mate Dave K came over bearing vodka.....I'd already been drinking mezcal all afternoon.....o dear!
This frock was from Trade Me, deadstock 70's with a devastingly low neckline!
See how I co-ordinate my bra to my frock!
Sick, I tell you!

O, bless for your positive responses to my Desperately Seeking Susan Sausage Dumplings outfit!
Not to mention not laughing at my 40+ ass in my underwear!

 Ha, I've finally figured out how to embed You Tube videos!!
(yes, I am a little on the slow side...)
Look out!
I just can't get this song out of my head today.



Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Gawd bless mother nature and her lovely sunshine! Yay! And you, my dear, are looking grand as always! Such a splash of colour in the Blog-scape! xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh I love the "thrifted" frock!!!! You look great in it.
The blue low cut honey is so great!!
Poor wee liver.... try a warm glass of water with a fresh squeezed lemon in it as soon as you get up in the morning. Really really helps. Love V

Trees said...

So much fabulosity! I love you matched your bra and frock. I love that first frock you made - I need to come and visit and have a sewing weekend with you!

trashsparkle said...

Ha ha - what a bender of a weekend it must have been if you didn't remember where you were going in the orange ensemble! Love that cardi...

Wholewheat spaghetti and lots of water for you, m'dear. Until the next time...;) x

Mrs Munster said...

You certainly have some partying stamina. I can just about nowdays have 3 drinks once a month and even then I feel rather unwell the next day (lack of practice I think).
I love 1st outfit. You are pretty much the only one who looks gorgeous in orange colour. Loving the dress

Miss Claire said...

You have been busy doing lots of galavanting around, haven't you? I wish I had some spare time to do that at the moment...I'm drowning in reading for uni. Every outfit here is FAB and I especially love the shoes from Trade Me-how do you walk in them?!!! Hope you start to feel chirpy again shortly! Some freshly squeezed OJ should do the trick :)Xoxoxoxox Claire

Vintage Coconut said...

Your absolutely divine in orange!
Love the dress, tights, cardigan jewelery shoes just everything dammit!

OoOOoo I think the Utah frock is lovely.. Nothing better than a dress full of foliage.

And onto the fa-BLUE-lous dress. It's a dream.

dinoprincesschar said...

lovely birght orange outfit - very cheerful, and i particularly love the orange tights! :)

Kelly said...

I saw this bright outfit from my blog reader and thought LOVE it! The shoes (both) are amazing!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Those shoes look gorgeous although hellishly painful - How you suffer for your art, Miss Helga!

Loving your styling, once again - You never miss! I wish I had a tenth of your talent to sew and design... Hey-ho, another life perhaps! Much love, Fhina of the Wonky Liver x

VainGlorySinner said...

Oh god! I've not heard that Killing Joke song for a while! They'd always play it in The Subculture when I lived in Leeds for a year when I was about 19. Brings back memories..

Your bright sunshine flower power outfit is brilliant! So colourful, so pretty. Helga the sunshine girl!

Love your crazy 70s platforms!

*pats Helga's liver* xxx

Franca said...

yay orange! Nothing wrong with a bit of overindulgence every now and then!

Perdita said...

LOL! I am pre-toxing...the in-law is coming next weekend and he is a booze fan of epic proportions! I'm cleaning the house and my insides in preparation for the onslaught- we'll be decorating by day, drinking by night!

Style Sud-Est said...

Helga my love here i am again! love the outfit, you are fabulous!
Home with acute tendinitis for a month, will lots of time to read you! Ariane xxxx

D♥R said...

"We got a redlight Pornographic dance fight Systematic.
Our hair is perfect While were all getting shit wrecked It's automatic, honey But we got no money
Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry yeah We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah" -Lady Gaga Beautiful Dirty Rich

Krista said...

I love you in orange, a tangerine dream rather! Those fishnets and red peep toes are amazing! You always look so put together and I swear you have the most fun!!! Give your liver a break and then right back at it! Love seeing you having so much fun!!!!

Those platforms would have me licking your legs and you blue cleavage is so boobalicious! MEOW!!!!

Vix said...

You light up my life in that orange frock! As soon as your picture popped up in my reader I knew I'd love this outfit and oh my god I do!
If Krista's licking one leg I'll take the other. Who cares if those shoes kill, I love them!!!
My liver's ready for a wee shot tonight, hop yours catches up soon!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh naughty girl we get a flash of thigh AND a bit of booby business! Love the blue frock and the first one too but the one you got in Utah is very lovely. As always you have the best tights. Love the blue bra too ;)

pastcaring said...

Yup, can't beat a bit of booby business!
You look stunning in your orange outfit, but I am wanting to see more of the blue boob-crack-displaying frock please, it's beautiful.
And so are YOU!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

La Dama said...

Your shining like the sun in orange glorious frock. love your orange fishnets and red shoes.
I don't know how you do it, drinking for 3 days straight. I adore turqouise 70's frock with matching bra.
luv ya

Vintage Jane said...

Got here too late ... nuff said! M x

Miss Magpie said...

Those shoes are scarey but what a luscious colour.

I was plunged right back to college with the Killing Joke song, it was on the video jukebox (remember those quaint old things)in the pub over the road from campus we used to put it on followed by Resurrection Joe by The Cult! Good times.

delia hornbook said...

I have to say you look gorgeous in orange but well you look gorgeous in everything you wear you just know how to wear vintage. I love your orange dress fabric and i love fishnet stockings and orange to even better ;-)) Really like your bag to. Enjoy your week, dee xx