I will climb this high wall in rememberance of Clancey...

O, yes, the country is at fever pitch over the All Blacks making the Rugby World Cup final this weekend....so to be all supportive like we wore black to work today and they put on morning tea.
Perfect excuse to Frock up for Friday!
Sweet as, I don't mind a spot of rugger, and I'm always up for a dress up theme, even if it is just black!
I think I'm starting to get my Halloween vibe on, which isn't usually something I buy into, and nor is it big in NZ, but Hannah is making me feel frisky with her Halloween countdown, and I like her gothy aesthetic anyways!
Frock-50's , Etsy
Petticoat-50's, opshopped
Shoes-retail sale, Justine has them too, and also a red pair!
Bow in hair-opshopped bowtie, re-assigned!
Chain necklace-my beloved Vix
Chain mail necklace-Kensington Market, London, 1989
Earrings-G bought them for me off Etsy, very Halloweeny colours!
Handbag-Junk and Disorderly, now rubble after the quake
And now for a few more pix from last night!
We had a lovely evening, thank you, very mellow!
The pizza was divine, not sure what happened to the Mexican guitarist, there was no music!
But we didn't mind, it was just nice to go somewhere!
Smokey eyessssssss!
You can see my freshly re-done dagger here, and I've had some stars added....there's plan with these, bear with me!
G waiting for me to set up the self timer!
And last, but certainly not least, I came home to a parcel from the wonderful Alex !!!
These amazing shoes, more amazing cos I was just thinking yesterday that I needed some red peep toes!
Don't they look soooooper with my Barry M toes?! (which need re-doing, I've had it on for about 4 weeks!)
And a fab frock and divine necklace!
I'm rather stoked, thank you darling!!!
And that wraps it up!
Gonna go to our lovely friend Amber's tonight for drinkies....I hope it gets messy!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I still find it funny seeing you in black! Those shoes are pretty awesome and your tat looks great. I'm interested to see what plan you have for the stars.

Em xx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I love it that your Barry M nail polish has been on there for 4 weeks - You are such a slut! (In the very best possible sense...)

And, it takes one to know one!

Have a Helga-fabulous weekend! xxx

Vix said...

Eeek! Great minds think alike with our fur collars, freaky twin!!!
You look beautiful in black and exceptionally sensational in your date outfit, too.
That tat looks splendid!
Yay for parcels and month-old Barry M.
We're cheering on the All-Blacks too, even though I don't understand rugby I do love a good bit of rough and tumble.
Have a delightfully drunken and messy weekend.
Love you!

Perdita said...

I love your shoes - both pairs in this post are perfect! :)

two squirrels said...

Love the fur cape, super cute! At least when you wear black you make it fabulous!!
So pleased the red hair- piece is yours, it looks so good on you!
Have a super weekend!!! V

Vintage Coconut said...

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! *Hooray Hooray*

Your eye makeup is SEXY!
Love the red peep toe shoes.
Your Black-hole shoes are crazy awsome.
Your hair looks superb against all that black you have got going on.

sacramento said...

Always gorgeous!!!
have a grand weekend, my dear friend.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I agree with Vix you do look beautiful in black! Gorgeous!

Kitty said...

Your smokey eyes are just so beautiful! I'd need bloody surgery to look like that! and I love ALL the shoes, I swear I'm gonna come over there for a a raid one day.xx.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Love the frock with the petty - looks gorge!

Oh no, now I'm confused. Is it Humphers I see running on by?

Misfits Vintage said...

The red hat makes me swooooon!You are gorgeous all over from head to Barry M toes! Love the tat revamp, tartan tights, earrings and fab shoes - and yellow necklace!

LoveAllYourBits! Sarah xxx

Shewearscrazywell said...

All your outfits were a smash in this post!! Well...every post really but I loved the black dress, mink, tights combo...and then scrolled down and saw the red! Eeeeek! Sooooo lovely! I love taking pics of Jerry before hes ready...hee heee hee! That was cute! Hearts, Janna Lynn

delia hornbook said...

You look gorgous as always i love your hair up like that. And i really like your wicker red bag that is a cutie. Lovely parcel to ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

La Dama said...

I amar your so much in black frocking dress. love your tights. your smokey eyes make your bluey eyes more stunning.Your red shoes are the prettiest.dagger tatt is looking good.

Tomye said...

Love the ruffle detail on the black frock. Your close ups are gorgeous! How could G resist you until your date was over. Hope you had a great evening. -T

Krista said...

You are a hot mess and I love it!!!! Even in black your color shines through! I love those plaid tights and patent shoes with the cut out heel OHHHHHH YEAH they are sweet!

Your dagger looks so pretty but nothing beats those purty red lips, come here I got something for ya!!!!!

G always makes me smile...I wuv him too!

Anonymous said...

I think that it goes without saying (even though I am saying it anyhoo) that I love your tights! I have a anklet kind of like your necklace and I love it, it makes the prettiest tinkling noise. Your hair with the bow is just perfect. The red outfit makes your eyes really pop out! You look amazing as usual!

pastcaring said...

It IS a change to see you in black but it does suit you, especially with those fab tartan tights and amazing shoes.
You've definitely got a come hither glint in your eye in your date night pics, I bet G was beside himself at the thought of your vintage panties waiting for him...!!!
And parcels of loveliness, and messy drinkies - it's all looking good for the weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

Gawjuss as ever, my love. Have a big stonking weekend!xxxx

Mary Lou said...

haha me to i feel getting halloween vibe;) oh and this stole and your hair is so superglamourous i also love this black beauty outfit ;)
love and kiss,mary

Trees said...

Whilst there was no official shout out to wear black at work to wear black at my work on Friday, lots of people did anyway. I got asked if I was supporting Wales as I was wearing a red frock that day!

I do love your shawl thingee - I've always quite fancied one of those.

Also very interested what happens next with those stars on your tattoo:D

Devil made in Heaven said...

Wow you are looking so sexy in black! The shoes are to die for.
I love your tattoo. I am thinking for having one more.....

Hannah said...

Oh my goth hah you look gorgeous in black milady, and the red fascinator and smokey eyes are definitely giving me a femme fatale vibe! x