Rinky Dink

I'm in the pink!
Ah,so comfy for a Sunday of sweet nothingness....
This is that fab new crimplene number I picked up on Friday-fits fabulously!
And I had a flower & earrings to match perfectly!
O the joys of having no plans.....not that I could really be fecked doing anything anyway.
The most energetic thing we did was watch Myra Breckinridge .
The plot was a bit confusing, but visually it was great, with some dazzling costumes and hats, and the splendid Mae West was in it as a randy old tart!!
I'm just creaming myself over these 3 outfits below in particular!
This especially! OMG black/white heaven!
Raquel is such a babe!
And here's Mae for good measure.
She has just joined the ranks of my old age style icons, o yes!
She was 77 in this film, and fabulousness personified!
Old age is going to be just peachy!
Even the babies couldn't be arsed doing much!
PS:thank you ladies for pointing out that the Julie Andrews film where she showed off her booboids was S.O.B!


two squirrels said...

My little heart just melted at the photo of the fur babies!!!!
Sunday snooze!
But my heart skipped a beat at you in the spectular pink frock!! Wow wow!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous dress! That pink is amazingly shocking! Your kitties are so cute how they are sitting together!

sacramento said...

Good morning princess of pink.

Nelly said...

that dress is divine look wonderful in it.

Louise said...

Ooh, that black and white ensemble is to die for!!! I love Mae West "It's not the men in my life, it's the life in men" genius lol. Your lazy Sunday sounds divine, I need a Sunday like that, and soon!!! Xx

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely dress, perfect for not doing much. Sometimes you just need a bit of chill-time - being fabulous is hard work!

Frocktasia said...

Dearesr Helga,
You are a stunning vision in pink darling! I love the trim detailing to the front & the wonderfully voluminous sleeves on this frock. Silven screen tartlets of old had so much more style & looked way better than todays botox bombed biatches.
I tried to visit your blog yesterday but was diverted to a page saying that the blog was no longer in use, I'm not sure what happened there but I'm very glad that is not the case.
Lot's of love,

Vintage Coconut said...

That dress is a perfect fit. You look damn good in it too.
My Grandma is 77 I wish she dressed like Mae. =D

pastcaring said...

Pink perfection, darling!
It DOES fit you well, doesn't it, and the sleeves are wonderful.
Oh those cute furballs, they look completely content and chilled. Just right for a Sunday afternoon!

Vix said...

Divine in pink, darling! that dress is so wonderful on you, it clings to every one of your delicious curves and the earrings are perfect with it.
I love that balck and white ruffled creation so much and your pussies are looking very relaxed in the sunshine.
FABULOUS to chat

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that frock is EXQUISITE and you make it look FAAABULOUS! I love the detail and the sleeves and doesn't it fit you like a dream, amor!

That pic of those kitties in the sun is just darling!

Love109sleeps! Sarah xxx

Shewearscrazywell said...

You look like a dream in pink! I adore your kitty cats too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Miss Rayne said...

Gorgeous pink, it should be scented with bubblegum

Perdita said...

I love Mae West too. Such boldness and shamelessness, and example to us all!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Doing nothing is probably my fav thing ever. Of course you have to look fab doing nothing and that frock is one gorgeous beast.

Krista said...

I swear you are channeling the pink Goddess in this dress. I love you in PINK more than anything else! This fits you like a dream and I can't stop starting, perfection beautiful! I love all the other photos too, DAM Mae West at 77 holy shit I wanna be that BADASS at 77! Look out!

Krista said...

and the kitties, AHHHHHHHHH too cute soaking up the Spring sunshine huh!


D♥R said...

♥ My pink Barbie !

LandGirl1980 said...


Ivy Black said...

Rocking the pink, you minx! I love this film.Mae West is a goddess.xxx

t said...

That pink looks great on you!


Hannah said...

Cracking dress, I need to wear more pink me thinks, oh and I need a massive white ruffled shirt in my wardrobe too! very inspiring photos thanks! x

La Dama said...

You look heavenly divine!! I love the breastest detail and big ass sleeves. You are a true goddess amor.Aye!! Black an white frock is gorgeous.
Cant believe mae west was 77. Need to check that movie out.
Kittys are growing so much. Look how cute they look.
Luv ya

pinktutu72 said...

You seriously look awesome in that dress! Love Mae she's the bestest :)

Trees said...

That dress is awesome!! I love lazy weekends - I really should make more effort to have them!

Style Sud-Est said...

Gorgeous dress Helga soooooo pretty on you - those cats of yours are adorable!

Ariane xxxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Awww, kittehs! Loving that pink maxi on you, it's totally fab.

Ronnie (RR) said...

That pink dress looks fab on you, as if it was made especially with you in mind. Love the top hat photo, and the cats :)

Crystal Lee said...

You are a goddess.

Devil made in Heaven said...

That pink dress is so beautifull. It doesn't matter what color you are wearing, it all looks good on you.