I C Blue

I am slinky, cool, and sleek.....
That's better than teeth, fur and dribble, don't you think?!
We've been having astoundingly nice weather these last few days.
I do hope it lasts, as we are going to a wine and food festival in Hagley Park this coming weekend.

Good news!
Our house repair work has a scheduled finish date of 9th December!
Which means pookie time!!!
I'm so looking forward to having my pookies home!
This is my new tulle toilet roll cover hat from Dashfield Vintage .
It gives me the horn.
My little princesses rosette I made a few years ago.
I feel a little bit Jacki O.
Must be the sunnies.
It helps, of course, that the frock is part of a 60's two piece, and the jacket is also 60's.
Both gifts.
I opshopped the grey tights on Saturday, and the shoes were retail-sale-a few years ago.
My Rex handbag you've all seen a billion times!
Poor thing, the strap is really knackered.
I've just about worn the poor bag into a stump of fabulousness.
This was my Sunday outfit.
Aside from dyeing Justine's hair and doing some groceries, it was a splendidly peaceful day.
I spent my afternoon reading and looking at old secondhand fashion mags on the deck.
I could happily spend every day like that!
Especially with a nice cocktail!

I was quite on a high all day today, knowing that my kittehs are coming home soon, and then I just about peed myself upon finding a parcel on my doorstep from the divinity that is Vix !!!


Gorgeous shoes!
A sexy vintage swimsuit!
A lovely beaded collar thingy!
A yumcious scarf!
A groovy pattern!
Barry M nail varnish!
A fabulous 60's hat to feed my current hat obsession!!!

I love all my treats and can't wait to frolic in them!

And to top that off, I won this gorgeous vanity case off Trade Me!


I C Blue makes me think of The Motels "Icy Red", which reminded me of how fab they were....so many great singles, but I quite fancy this one today....


Collar me, collar you

This is one of the frocks I bought on Saturday!
I might take it up and in a little, but I simply had to wear something new to go over to Si & Nix' for a bbq.
Y'know how money burns a whole in your pocket?
I find that new frocks burn a hole in my wardrobe, so I simply have to wear them as soon as possible, unless they need work.
The other two frocks I got do need to be taken in around the waist, so you'll just have to wait until my sewing machine can come out of the garage to see them!
One of them is blue lurex!
The red shoes were from darling Alex , and fit like a dream!
I had an odd moment when I went past a mirror and thought
"I don't remember putting tights on?!"
Then I realised.
My legs are so white it looked like I had white tights on!
I guess I can save money on white tights then?!
I got the sunglasses on friday afternoon for a whole $1.
The cardi was opshopped.
I double bowed it!
The front bow is from an Asian shop up the road, and the big fuck off one on the back is from the splendiferous Sarah !
Check out Gracie, Si and Nix' rather unusual kitteh!
She's some type of Rex, I believe, and perfect for households with cat allergies, due to her fur not being like other cats.
She's very talkative and a real alien!
I rather like her!

I have an interesting mix of "Gay Bar" and "The Hills are Alive" on the brain today.
Just so you know.

I must put my finger in that pie

It was the national elections here in NZ yesterday.
I couldn't possibly go underdressed to the poling booth just around the corner from our house.
Of course, I was fawned over by an old dear as I went in, which is always gratifying.
That kind of thing spurs me on to greater heights.
The deed done, I thought it time to show you my temporary wardrobe!
My gorgeous G set me up ever so nicely in the garage!
I can pretty much get at everything I need to look fabulous!
Like hats!
Shoes, frocks....
I'm also looking extra glamourous because I'm about to go opshopping with two gorgeous local blogging bints!
Hat-60's, opshopped
Frock-made by moi
Tights and shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, opshopped
And here we are, ready to rock!
That's Brodie , centre, and Georgia !
After Georgia and I were fueled with a little bubbly, we were off!
Just look at Brodies gorgeous bakelite bangles!
This stupid opshop was actually closed!
Their loss!
So we headed off to Sydenham, but were slightly foiled by earthquake demolition and had to take a detour around Hagley Park...so of course we had to stop at the old saleyards for a photo op.
Then on to Tasman Traders...
And after this we hit Savemart.
Being Saturday afternoon, there wasn't any church opshops open.
Next time!
I bought 3 frocks...an asian cookbook....some grey sheer tights....a funny corsety thing...
Not a huge haul.
Georgia ia moving to Wellington in January, so she was being very good and very selective....and found nothing!
Brodie scored a pretty cardigan.
But the best thing was the wonderful time I had with these 2 sweeties, yapping up a storm!
Thanks ladies!

PS:the fabulous Fashion Turd is having a splendid blog birthday giveaway!!!
The Turd always rocks my world with her frigging divine outfits nad nuggets of wisdom!

Better late than never, as they say!

This was my Friday frock!!
I had an oddly frantic day, and just as well I got G to take these pix before I left work, or I wouldn't have had any at all!
My frock is a 70's  tastic number I opshopped a while back.
I keep thinking it has lemons on the bodice, but then realise they are yellow flowers, not lemons!
The bag was a gift from Justine.
I'm really not sure where I got these green fishnets from!
They just turned up in my drawer one day, and I've been thrashing them ever since!
The shoes are opshopped.
Hairbow-made by moi
White beads-opshopped
Fabulous 60's clip ons-the sexacious Desiree !

I'm about to go out opshopping with some local bloggers!

When pookies go bad.....

....they go to Pookie Prison!
"Mummy, mummy, let us out!
We'll be good, we promise!"
My babies are doing pretty well in Pookie Prison.
It's just up the road, so we can visit every day.
I'm coping reasonably well; I suspect they're coping better than I am.
The little shits.
Get on in there, Humpers!
Ha, Pee Pee looks like an alien!
I wonder if there is a potential career for me as a pookie visitor?
There are certainly some pookies there who seem in need of some love and affection.

We came home to find a box on the doorstep!
A care parcel from the sexaciously resplendent Desiree !!!
Frigging EEEK!
And there is not one but two (!) floral headpieces crafted by her and The Stylists own hands!
I think I shall faint.
A gorgeous necklace, some scrummy clip ons, a darling apron and the  sweetest petticoat!!!
Thank you, darling!!
I'm thrilled!
O, and thank you for the lovely comments about our EP!
(If you missed it, I posted the link to it yesterday!)

Sometimes a gal needs a Mantool Moment

Most power tools scare me, cos they're so noisy and brutal.
I certainly don't mind seeing a manly man wield them with confidence, though.
I like to think I can manage some tools with a more than a little panache.
Just don't let me brandish one that's actually going!
Except a nail gun.
I'd quite like to have a go with one of those.
It's a gun. With nails!
The possibilities are endless!
I ought to get G one.
When he gets his tool out, he means business.
As long as I have a cocktail in hand, I'm happy for him to get all manly with his tool.
Especially if there's something in it for me!
Young man!
Look at you, waving your lovely tool about!
You've done that before, haven't you?!

Frock-60's, opshopped in Sydney earlier this year with the ultimateTrolley Dolly Sarah
Tights-from Sarah!
Socks-feck knows
Necklace-the spectacular Alex