I C Blue

I am slinky, cool, and sleek.....
That's better than teeth, fur and dribble, don't you think?!
We've been having astoundingly nice weather these last few days.
I do hope it lasts, as we are going to a wine and food festival in Hagley Park this coming weekend.

Good news!
Our house repair work has a scheduled finish date of 9th December!
Which means pookie time!!!
I'm so looking forward to having my pookies home!
This is my new tulle toilet roll cover hat from Dashfield Vintage .
It gives me the horn.
My little princesses rosette I made a few years ago.
I feel a little bit Jacki O.
Must be the sunnies.
It helps, of course, that the frock is part of a 60's two piece, and the jacket is also 60's.
Both gifts.
I opshopped the grey tights on Saturday, and the shoes were retail-sale-a few years ago.
My Rex handbag you've all seen a billion times!
Poor thing, the strap is really knackered.
I've just about worn the poor bag into a stump of fabulousness.
This was my Sunday outfit.
Aside from dyeing Justine's hair and doing some groceries, it was a splendidly peaceful day.
I spent my afternoon reading and looking at old secondhand fashion mags on the deck.
I could happily spend every day like that!
Especially with a nice cocktail!

I was quite on a high all day today, knowing that my kittehs are coming home soon, and then I just about peed myself upon finding a parcel on my doorstep from the divinity that is Vix !!!


Gorgeous shoes!
A sexy vintage swimsuit!
A lovely beaded collar thingy!
A yumcious scarf!
A groovy pattern!
Barry M nail varnish!
A fabulous 60's hat to feed my current hat obsession!!!

I love all my treats and can't wait to frolic in them!

And to top that off, I won this gorgeous vanity case off Trade Me!


I C Blue makes me think of The Motels "Icy Red", which reminded me of how fab they were....so many great singles, but I quite fancy this one today....



Nelly said...

Looking splendiforous HH xx

Miss Claire said...

Ohh, so 60's chic! The rex is good but your new vanity case would go even BETTER with sunday's outfit! Lovely. Mmmm, I'd love to join you on the veranda for a cocktail! Xoxox Claire

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love you in 60's style! Yay less then 2 weeks till you get your pookies back. That parcel looks devine can't wait to see you in that hat!


Vintage Coconut said...

I C U!
Damn that hat that gives you the horn is fricking hot, it gives me the darnn horn too. *honk honk* *wink*
You look fabulous in all the 60s garb your rocking.

OOOOOOO the gifts from Vix look ScUmPtIoUs
Your spoiled icy woman you!


Misfits Vintage said...

Holy CRAPamole!!! I love this fabulous look on you - the frock is DIVINE and I love the hat SO FRICKIN MUCH! And that parcel is SPLENDIFEROUS - nothing is better than a parcel of joy! And YAY you won the fabulous vanity - perfect for a trip to Australia in 75 sleeps!!

LoveYourLobes! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

You look divinely Jackie O in that outfit, I love that delightful brooch and insane net hat and the grey tights are dry-hump worthy on you.
Hooray for having a completion date, that's not far away now and those kitties will be back in your arms very soon.
That parcel made it sooo quickly!
Love you!

Louise said...

What a gorgeous hat, it suits you so well. It's difficult to beat a bit of 1960s hattage. Xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

Fabulous! I love the hat and the vanity case.

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so gorgeous. I have no words, dear Helga.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh lordy you are a scrumptious bint!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling your come-to-mama-pussy-happiness vibe all the way over The Ditch. I would kill for your hat and sunnies girly and you are lookin' extra specially scrumptious with hot fudge on top in your boobilicious frock!!! Oh my gawd Vix has outdone herself - the SHOES WITH ROSES - hell's bells!!!!!!!! Put 'em orrrrrrrrrrrrrn baby!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoox

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Who do I have to shag to get parcels like that in the mail?

You look SO HOT in this outfit. Your dunny roll hat is TO-DIE!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Your hat looks fantastic!! I couldn't think of anybody who could pull it off better! I love the whole out fit. Perfection!

pastcaring said...

Oh that hat, that hat! It's so gorgeous on you! In fact the whole outfit is extremely chictastic and glamorous.
Hahaha, I'm wondering if you have the same effect on G as you've had on poor Rex's handle - worn to a stump of fabulousness!
Yay!!! for kitties being home before too long and all the work being finished.
Second Yay!!! for Vix's parcel of delight. Like Desiree, I cannot WAIT to see you in those shoes, oh sexy one! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kitty said...

I always say you look fabulous in black, and this outfit is no exception. Classic!!

Lena said...

Oh I love love love it! That hat is just beyond fab!x

Perdita said...

I think you look great in 60s. And as ever, that colour suits you fabulously.

Style Sud-Est said...

Look at you! wow! splendid pics! you are very, very pretty, and oh! those lips of yours, gorgeous!I am forever looking for 60's dresses, but hard for me to find, too big or not the right color, could go on e-bay but what i find is expensive...i am probably looking at the wrong place...
I discovered a Saint- Vincent de Paul charity shop yesterday in my neighoborhood, was so excited, Vintage heaven! and cheap.
So happy you will get your babies soon!

Love Ariane xxxxx

Krista said...

You do look beautiful in blue baby! Yeah finish date of 12.9 light at the end of the tunnel! I love this hat and those glasses too! The treats from Vix are GORGEOUS, I can't wait to see the hat on you!!!

seƱora Allnut said...

whouuu, fantastic head piece, lovely sixties dress and jacket, and always pretty & steampunk princesses rosette!
And all that fabulous stuff!!! another whouuu!!!!

pinktutu72 said...

I've heard the give me the horn somewhere before, it means like turns you on right? In that case your hat gives me the horn also!! Ok I can't wait to see you in that hat! It's so pretty and PINK! I love your big sunnies too!

AMINTA said...

Helga I wish I could have all your head pieces! Im jealous... <3

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You look great - you were born for that hat! Looks like a lovely bundle from Vix, especially the beaded collar thingie! Really really covetous of your vanity case though x

Ivy Black said...

You look gawjuss. I love that rosette it's really unusual.xxxx

Mary Lou said...

oh i love this sixties style too, very jackie kennedy but of course sexier;)
love and kiss,mary

Trees said...

YAH!! Super fun mail!! I love it!! I also love the hat and sunnies combo. I really want to start wearing hats but I never feel like I can get them right - poo:(

two squirrels said...

Wow you look super 60's hot chick Miss Helga. Wow again!
Pussy cat count down!!!! How many sleeps??? Love V

Hannah said...

Love the toilet roll cover hat! and that vanity case is gorgeous x

La Dama said...

I see a beauty! I am perving over your fabulosa hat. love ruffly things in my hair.
You look scrumptious in your icey 60's Kennedy biatch dress. Oooo the make up case , what a surprise.
so glad the kitty's get home soon.
Awww Vix is magic, look at all the pressies. eyeing your pink hat.
luv ya

vintage_kitten said...

I love your shoes,I love your dress,I love your hat,and bag.what lovely goodies from vix.That vaity case is such a pretty thing.xx

Brenda Jean said...

SMASHING as always. What a gorgeous rosette and idea, I especially love it in the center like that. Darling dear just darling.