It's not Mary Poppins!

It's me!
It turned into a wet old day here, but I don't mind!
I've got my broken brolly, a glass of vino and my hair turned out perfectly this morning!
(That made me very happy!)
Frock-early 70's, opshopped for about $1.50, I think
Belt-garage sale
Shoes-retail (sale!)
Hairbow-an Asian shop somewhere
Fistfull of silver rings-all over!
Earrings-gifted from Justine
My hair is fabulous!
And I didn't even try.
I often find that the less effort I make, the better it turns out.
That philosophy also works in other areas of my life.
O, and I'm accidentally giving y'all the finger!
My boss was a doll today and let me pop out for a local bloggers meetup at a cafe not far from here.
Organised by Miriam, it was a lovely bunch of crafting blog ladies that turned up!
I pretty much rode on Max's coat tails, really, but Miriam is just lovely, and welcomes any type of blogger along!
I've stolen this pic from her blog:

That's Max in pink, left, and I have totally forgotten the names of the other lovely ladies!
I am always happy to meet new people, and am not bothered going into places, even parties, where I don't know many people.
I wouldn't say it's confidence, exactly, but mind over matter.
Mostly because I just can't be bothered being scared, wimpy, nervous.
(Not anymore!)
I'm too old to miss out on things because of that shit.
Luckily I have wide enough interests, or am at least well read enough to fit in anywhere and talk to anyone about almost anything.
And, I'm quite curious, although I'm not a question asker, and love learning what makes people tick.
Hurrah for the "laisse faire"* that age brings!
Enough of that!
I don't think I mentioned that G and I watched "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day" last week.
I had seen it before, some time back, but only read the novel it was based on relatively recently, so fancied a re-run.
G loved it, bless his canary yellows.
He's good like that.
This is a man who refuses to entertain the idea of seeing the last movie version of "Pride and Prejudice" because it would sully his beloved tv adaption....(O, Colin!)
I snuck off and saw it at the cinema; it was bollocks.

Anyway, I rather fancy Lee Pace, who plays the poor pianist in this.
Frances McDormand is always a dream ("Fargo"! "Laurel Canyon"!)and Amy Adams is brillant!
Not to mention the set!
And the frocks!
Such detail!
Such matchy matchy perfection!
O, for goodness sake, this is just too heavenly!
G also liked the set, the main room in particular.
I didn't find a pic of that, sorry.
I do like this actress too, she has such a snakey voice!
Isn't she the toilet girl in one of the Harry Potters?!

We also watched the original "Hairspray"!
I hadn't seen this since it came out in '88!
I had forgotten just how wonderfully non PC it was!
Divine really is divine, isn't she?!
Such expressions!
I would have loved to hang out with her!
Do you remember her single "You think you're a man"?!
Dance classic!
Debbie Harry is bloody awesome in this, too!
Such a great mouth!
I do like the remake of this, too.
John Travolta totally should have won an Oscar!
He was ROBBED!
Anyways, watching this made me feel like a bit of a John Waters binge.
I'll have to see if I can find some of those splendid films he made with Divine, like "Pink Flamingoes".
Not for the faint hearted!

O, and I'll have you know that it was all innocence in the bike sheds yesterday!
(cue sinister laugh!)
And Michelle , darling, I'm looking out for a turban!
I might have to try making one!



Perdita said...

Loving all your antics- I must say i agree on the mind-over-matter thing. For me missing out is far worse than a few butterflies, so I go anyway. Plus once people know I do that, they invite me along to all sorts of things because they know I'll be game for it!

Hairspray is a fantastic film! What a classic. They have a musical of it now but I haven't seen it.

Misfits Vintage said...

You are the only person in the world who would fly across the PACIFIC OCEAN (or whatever it is) to hang out with someone you'd never even met - and look how FABULOUSLY that turned out! You are spectacular and inspirational and GLORIOUS! You are my hero.

You are also DARLING in that outfit - I love the frock and the red tights! Tights! It's a million degrees here already. And your hair is PERFECT.

I LOVE Miss Pettigrew too! I adore Frances in EVERYTHING and I agree - the costumes and sets are exquisite and I could check out that darling girl in her vintage lingerie all day long!

How many sleeps??

Love! Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

Hello HH thanks again for my lovely parcel I am into the bad girls bok already You know me well.What a great meet up.
Must investigate that movie now Thanks again for making my day xxx

Georgia Rose said...

Ahhh, I love love love this outfit so much! The shape is perfect and the colours are perfect and it's just so gorgeous!

Also, how on EARTH so you do your hair like that?? You must teach me your ways.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

My love for Mary Poppins was increased after seeing the play and even more so by your outfit! I'm trying to not let nerves get in the way because that means I'm missing out on all the good stuff!


Vix said...

Way sexier than Mary Poppins! Your hair looks spectacular and those red tights and buckled shoes are just so hot.
How fantastic to meet all those bloggers, you look quite at home with all those ladies with your big fuck-off bow ruling the roost.
That bed is spectacular and I love hairspray although I haven't seen it for YEARS.
That lady with the fag looks familiar, I've never seen any Harry Potter but she's been in loads of stuff.

Penny-Rose said...

I agree, your hair is fabulous. I am growing mine and it is taking forever. How do you find op-shopped tights......there is no such thing in Dunedin. Yes, I think that is Myrtle (sp??) from Harry Potter. Miss Pettigrew is hilarious and the furniture is amazing. Never seen Hairspray, must add to my 'must watch' list.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I agree - your hair is perfection.

I need to see that Mrs Pettigrew... looks ace.

Great dress, esp great with red tights.


Dashfield Vintage said...

Your hair really did turn out perfectly today! How cool to have a blogger meet up. I have met a few fellow NZ bloggers which has been really cool (although naturally we're all a little bit shy). Ooo Mrs Pettigrew lives for a day is one of my favourite movies, I've seen it so many times!

Trees said...

Your hair is fabulous - mine is a constant battle!

I love your umbrella - it would fit right in up here in Wellington (where on rainy days the rubbish bins are always full of busted umbrellas).

John Waters Rocks - apparently Devine was due to have a role in Married with Children shortly before he died, playing a gay uncle. Apparently he was only in his 40's when he passed away - so sad:(

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"You think you're a man but you're only a boy, you think you're a man but you're only a toy, you think you're a man but you just couldn't see! You weren't man enough to satisfy me." Oooh I've got super-huge goosebumps all over my arms at the sight of the Hairspray poster and the memory of the divine Divine! Gawd I loved her so much and I'm so glad that John Waters still lives in Baltimore. See, we can be a total wack-jobs in the 'burbs!!! Your hair, your hair, my darling Helga your hair!!! You should be in a John Waters movie, I can see you playing a crack-pot serial killer like in Serial Mom but better dressed of course, I'll be your boy-girl sidekick with stick-on side burns and a pair of football socks down me daks!!!!!!!! Feck I must stop drinking all this ethanol - haaaaaaaaaaaaaa - kidding(!) xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

Ivy Black said...

Better than Mary P by far, love!
Lovely to meet fellow bloggers I think.
I love Lee Pace...he's rather gorgeous. Check him out in The Fall.
As for Hairspray, John Walters is an international treasure and one of the best film makers ever!

sacramento said...

Always gorgeous, my dear friend.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

this post has so much goodness! ARGH! You made my fecking day! You are looking for a Turban? I like these! She makes them with spikes on them!

I'm Alex said...

I still haven't seen Miss Pettigrew. I love the book SO much that I just can't bring myself to do it incase it's a massive disappointment. I need to get over this don't I? It looks brilliant.

Oh and how fricking jealous am I of your hair? Not fair!

pastcaring said...

You look gorgeous in your black'n'white with those naughty red pins, not to mention the naughty glass of red!
Good for you meeting up with the blogging ladies - you don't strike me as someone who would have too many fears about meeting new people. And I bet they all ADORED you!
Ahh, Hairspray - haven't seen it in years, but great film.
PS. Is that actress Shirley Henderson? Have seen her in lots of stuff, tho not Harry Potter.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Whaaa so much fabulousness to comment on!

Yes Moaning Myrtle!

You look fabulous as ever!

I'm not nervous with new people either, I hate wasting and opportunity to meet new fabulous people!


seƱora Allnut said...

whouuuu, black&white plaid with red tights and pretty hairstyle!!, such a delightful outfit!! and always love watching you partying anywhere!, so nice to met some blogger ladies!
And now I want to watch both films, specially Hairspray, because I've not watched it for ages and I need to remember all that stuff!.
besos & films

Krista said...

Looking lovely in the rain with your hair perfection going on! This dress is so sweet on you and there you go again with your cute strapy shoes, me love!!!!

I love that you are up for whatever! Life is way too short to let fear in.
IloveyoumissHelga! and John Waters too :)

Louise said...

Your hair is fab. I'm all about the meeting new people too, and blogging and social network is great for that. That first film looks great. I love Hairspray, and I remember that Divine song too. Lol. xx

Max said...

great to see you today love!
A good hair day generally turns out to be a great day overall don't you think?!
I refused to see the newer pride and prejudice too. colin is the only darcy for me. Haven't read/seen miss pettigrew. must look that up x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

you are fantastic on SOOOO many levels. let me just keep my comment focused on one: you/mary poppins = supercalifragiliskexpalldoshus! xo.

Vintage Coconut said...

Your hair! That outfit!All the red accents.. *WOO WOOO WHISTLE*

How very odd...
I had never seen nor heard of Mrs. Pettigrew lives for a day until I saw some screen shots of the movie while googling (vanities in movies) "Eeep they have become an obsession of mine" That is when I found out about the movie and watched it on Sunday night. "I loved it" Great minds think alike.

Hannah said...

that looks like such fun!!
I was going to come to that coffe on wednessday!! But I was too hung over from race day! ;)
HAHA! Your hair looks fab!

tartankiwi said...

Was lovely to meet you today and your hair truly did look AMAZING!

two squirrels said...

Even before I read that you were having a great hair day, I thought man miss Helga's hair is just fabulous today.
I have to say you have the most perfect pins!!!! The red tights wow!!!

Kitty said...

Okkay so I'm way behind again!- BUT I totally freaking love this outfit on you. As an old gay clubgoer I remember 'you think you're a man' very well, I love all John Waters movies too, check them out if you haven't already.xx.

liz said...

I'll encourage any/all John Waters film fests--he's my favorite director! And turbans--yes! Always a good idea!

La Dama said...

You look better than Mary Poppins.
loving your tart dress,look at your fabuloso hair!
I hate that my hair is perfect when I have nowhere to go.
I wish we blog amigas could meet up one day. I am shy guy when it comes to meetings, maybe take my tequila with me.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Fab Helga, i am like you i am not afraid of meeting new people lucky you a bloggers meeting, none like this here and if it is a very select, snobbish group, too bad they are missing something not knowing me! Hairspray, God! i love this movie, i do love John T and about the other movie i will check it out, i will ask Mr D. to download it! you look great Madame Helga

Love you

Ariane xxxx

Luna Tiger said...

You are much more funny than Mary Poppins !

Anonymous said...

I had meant to say to you how rocking out your hair was and I didn't so I'm glad you knew! LOvely to see you and the costumes in that film look EQUISITE! Look forward to the next catch up!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love your style! Great blog.

strawberry freckleface

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Your hair IS fabulous! I love the little bow perched in it! The Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley was just awful. Blech. My cousin and I used to watch Hairspray all the time! We even held a tape recorder up to the T.V. when it was on so we could record our favorite parts, haha.