Sometimes I can be a real arse.
And I wonder how the hell G manages to deal with me.
He's a good boy!
After work, G took me over to my fave opshop for a little nosey.
I found a project book for Sarah and I to work on when we are at her house in less than 80 sleeps!
And a few other goodies!
A rather nice, if undateable (to me) coat, a fab polyester pussybow blouse, an addition to our glass bottle collection and the most divine book about Princess Margaret that I actually got palpitations over!
Blouse label whore details!
A little shot of the coat; the buttons are a late addition, I suspect, and they are about booboid level.
Love the lining!
Just look at this gorgeous cover!
Love what the Queen Mum is wearing!
Anyways, this is where the chimney used to be!
The builders have this afternoon lined this out, and in the future this room, the former lounge room, will be my sewing/dressing room.
And this alcove will be for storage!
I'm excited about that!
The reason I am an arse is that I was having a bit of a meep when I was boxing up stuff in my sewing/dressing room when we got home today.
It's such a big job!
I've been at it all week, but really haven't got much achieved.
It's all got to be out by Monday.
Le sigh.
Grumble grumble.
I really have nothing to complain about, however.
An entire suburb of Christchurch has been pretty much written off today.
G sent me out for the afternoon.
"Go out to Rangoon", he said!
"Visit the Squirrels", he said!
So I did.
I found the most lovely necklace and a scrumptious hat!
And having a chat with the gorgeous twosome of Vanessa and Warren, the Two Squirrels themselves, hearing about their difficulties since the quake (they lost both their vintage shops in the quakes), well......I found my perspective to be sharpened somewhat.

Frock-made by moi from an old curtain and a 50's pattern from Vix
Handbag-vintage Rex, now falling apart!

Now, our Dave K is over and we are concentrating on drinking vodka and listening to The's going to degenerate, I suspect.
Gawd, and I need to be a bit clear headed tomorrow whilst we move all the furniture out of my room!
What the hell, lets live a little!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Your outfit is perfection from top to toe.

I have hat envy again!

dinoprincesschar said...

oh i'm so jealous of hte lovely weather you seem to have in your photos at the moment- it's cold here!
and that frock is glorious!

lady liquor vintage. said...

absolutely adore that dress, i wish i could make clothes! love the bag also, gorgeous outfit.


Miss Magpie said...

Love the coat. I feel your pain with the packing. I lost the will to live the last time we moved house we are both terrible hoarders, I started to see the sence of minimalism!

Kitty said...

Shifting, packing and carrying is shit boring all the time, whether you do a little or a lot. My perspective on this is that I'm an authprity on this, coz I do it a LOT. So you are quite right to meep my dear!

Kitty said...

Such an authority that I am, apparently I cannot spell authority. Hope you can hear me poking fun at myself here! Hope you get it all done and over with soon!

pastcaring said...

Oh Wise and Magnificent Helga, 'tis true that there are always some folk who have worse shit to deal with, but nevertheless, you have permission to grumble and crumble, to meep and bleep and then go to sleep, if you want to!
Of course G is a good boy; if he weathers the occasional storm, he gets to play with YOU all the time, and that, my dear, is A WONDERFUL THING!
Dress is divine, love the tights, love the shot of you storming into that Sally Army shop liike you are on a mission. Love YOU! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Franca said...

Great stuf, I'm oddly taken with all the royalty studd, and I'm about as anti-royal as you can get!I'm sorry to hear about the suburb. good luck with the boxing.

Hannah said...

Wonderful finds, and you look fabulously colourful as usual. It's good to count our blessings when we feel like shit! x

Vix said...

Never mind being an arse, I'd love to run up and give that arse of yours a squeeze as you're wiggling into Sallies. That frock is a triumph!!!
What finds! The decanter will be perfect for dispensing drinks at soirees and the coat and green hat are making me very excited.
How cool does the Queen Mum look?
Love you!

Miss Rayne said...

Taht frock is THE BEST, you really wear yellow well.

Krista said...

For a gal stuck in total chaos you are doing amazing. Vent breathe tell us how you feel, we are here for ya girl. G is a love! I find that our guys really do know when we need a break, I'm glad he is so in tune with you.
You look beautiful and bright is this dress and I am loving the coat you picked up, YAH for retail therapy! Now go drink some vodka and try to get your mind off things, it will all be over soon.

señora Allnut said...

you look so gorgeous as usual in your mustard floral dress, love that fabric you used to make it!, and love all that stuff you've purchased, so funny!!
And I think everybody can feel a little bit overwhelmed when moving stuff or furnitures!!. Enjoy some vodka shots and get strong for moving!


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Aww Helga, I can empathise with you. Having lived in renovating chaos over the years, the mess can just get you down after a while, having the occasional hissy fit works wonders sometimes and just look what you found when your dear fella sent you out! :D ♥

Max said...

helga you look fab so I'll forgive your raid on my fave op-shop-I'm finding it hard to look at your finds tho as I'm mesmerised by the picture of sean connery in an orange posing pouch!!!!

LandGirl1980 said...

1) you have a right to flip out and flounce. This sort of thing is very stressful!

2) I have only JUST seen that photo of Sean "meat-n-two-veg-thigh-high-boots" Connery. Yeah. He'd still get it. Only if he left the boots on, mind.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Good luck with your move tomorrow (or is that today now?). Looks like you found some great things. I love those days when you come home with a real loot. I have the same bag that you have in these photos by the way. I love it... and for once it's actually quite practical!

La Dama said...

Oh Helgita,
You look scrumptious in your Springy flowery frock. me wants it.
ooooh that green headpiece.
I also hate packing and boxing shit. you found a load of goodies to keep you happy for now.
G Hombre is sweet,I dont know how Buddy handles my bad ways sometimes.

Hannah said...

I was at that op-sop just the other day!! It's a wonder we didn't bump into each other! ERRRGHH, moving sh*t for builders sucks, I know!But a semi bonus, is that if your little sewing room was as messy as mine (Which is pretty unlikely, but) then you end up finding a whole bunch of stuff you forgot you had!

Trees said...

Good luck with the move Helga - I have a tiny sewing corner and even moving that fills me with dread!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well hello sexy-orangalicious-lady
I absolutely adore that dress! DEAR LORD it is fabulous and you look divine in it. I have not found a vintage floral dress in ages. (What the Hell Canada thrift shops)

two squirrels said...

Hey sweet thank you so much for popping out!!! Had such a great time " playing hats". You really are just lovely!!
Packing is better done after a treasure hunt!!! Xxxx V

delia hornbook said...

aaahh sweetie sometimes life is a pain in the bum. I think you and everyone around you since the quake have had to deal with so much. But in time everything will come good again. You are going to have a beautiful home again and a gorgeous space all your own ;-)) You will have loads of fun when that room is finished and you are able to put your personnal things back your have to have a happy putting back clothes party ;-)) Lovely buys, have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sorry to learn about all the post quake stress (totally understand about you not being able to complete the swap, not a problem), must be an absolute nightmare. Hurrah for understanding other halves I say!

Really really taken with your shoes today x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

G is a good man he knows how to cheer you up! It looks like you really scored too. I can't wait to see that coat on. I must say you're a vision in yellow.


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh darling, perspective is all well and good but I think you are perfectly entitled to a lovely whinge from time to time - it is hard work and dull as dishwater to have to pack and lug and load... and frankly I cannot recall you ever complaining about the quake and consequences!

Now... that frock... that FROCK! I cannot tell you how I ADORE that spectacular frock! Your tights/shoes/cardi/bow combo are simply PERFECT and I cannot wait to see you in that DARLING pussybow!

That fireplace alcove is MARVELLOUS - what I wouldn't give for a lovely big storage space like that!

LOVE! Sarah xxx

PS How interesting that it's Sallies over there and Salvos over here!

vintage_kitten said...

You look so cute.I always love how you rock color.I just got excited about your princess margaret book.I am obsessed with the royal family.The good and the

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You look amazing. I say that a lot over here. Expect more of it.

I am sorting out from the move of my studio back into the back room of my apartment. Big sigh. House full of piles of vintage and not a clean counter in sight. I don't want to move anytime soon. My heart goes out to you on packing up your sewing room- keep at it and it'll be good to get it done!