Pragmatic, phlegmatic, and all shades in between

Our little household is in a state of chaos right now!
We have builders coming in Monday to start earthquake repairs, and whilst there isn't a massive amount of work to be done, it's enough to throw our lives upside down a bit for 4-6 weeks!
So things may be a bit vague around blogland for me, but I know y'all will bear with me!
The worst thing is that we have to put our babies, Humpers and PeePee, into a cattery.
I am not happy about this, at all, but we can't have them underfoot and potentially in danger around power tools.
There'll be floor tearing up and goodness knows what else going on.
It's the best and safest thing for them.
So this weekend, starting today, which is a public holiday here in the Canterbury provence, we are emptying out the front half of the house.
We knew this would be coming at some point, but only found out last Monday that the cost of repairs was all approved by the Earthquake Commission and that it was full steam ahead!
So do note that I am wearing sensible shoes for staggering around with furniture and boxes etc!
One way or another, we are going to try and make sure I have full access to all my clothes, etc. At some point, my whole seweing/dressing room will have to be emptied, and I'll operate out of our garage!
So this weekend I also need to get any sewing necessary to be done, done!
Such as my goods for Lakota's swap that I am partaking in!
I'm a bit panicky about that!
Frock-opshopped and altered by moi
Tights-Trade Me
Necklace-Krista !

So that was my little break, it's back to it!
Hope y'all have splendid weekends!


Anonymous said...

With all that colour it's hard to believe you are feeling the way you are. But I would be feeling much the same, I friggin' hate tradies in my home. Although I must say all kiwi tradies we have used here in Oz have been great and turn up on time. I tend to head interstate when the Big V plans renovations that's how much I hate it.

Loving your outfit, but especially the tights. Now be careful today in those sensible shoes, and all that work you have today. X

Penny-Rose said...

Oh my stars, don't you look fabulous on the green grass surrounded by daisies with you pink and yellow. Good luck with the renovations - it must feel great to know that things are going to get fixed up.

Kitty said...

UUurk, what a hassle, eh? But at least the house'll be all good afterwards, hope the cats are ok, I'm always suss on those cat/doggery places. But to counteract the boredom as always HH (can I call you that? It's for Helga the humper, tongue in both cheeks you understand!) you are looking suprememly colourful and completely resplendent.
In fact, I daresay the buildy-peeps will get the work done in double-fast time!!!!!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I know you'll miss your kitties but it's for the best. Think how great your home will be after the repairs.
Love your outfit and you! xo.

Hannah said...

WEll, I hope your builders are at least good looking. ;)

Kitty said...

cocktails indeed my friend, one more VB appt then I'm officially into the weekend wine before tomorrows 5am start for garage sales!!

Anonymous said...

You look marvy! That dress is so pretty. Glad the kitties are safe but I am sure you must miss them!

Nelly said...

You look like a rockabilly queen in that get up.I cant even get into FOF today so will post some old get up methinks,

Misfits Vintage said...

OOOooh pin and yellow again - my new favourite! You look SPECTACULAR, darling and I ADORE that polka dot frock and those fab tights and of course, your fuck off bow.

Hope your builders are gorgeous - take smoe sneaky pics for us! You kitties will be fine and I know you'll miss them. I'll send you a pic of my pussy to keep you company.

Love! Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm gonna rip those tights right off you and sprint to the cattery and love up your kittles - you'll never find me!! Gawd you look amaze-balls and I'm drooling over this whole "oops my petti's showing" malarky - feck you are looking too bloody gorgeous for the builders and you may find the work will take double the time so they can have a daily perve and frequent "smoko" breaks to work on their calluses. Heeeeeeeeeee!!!!! xoxoxooxoxoo

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah Helga looking fabulous as ever! Hope all the upheaval is worth it, it's always such a pain living through that crap isn't it, but it'll be good once it's done eh?

VainGlorySinner said...

Love, love, love, love LOOOOVE this outfit! Red polka-dot dress and sunflower yellow cardi.. beautiful! Those tights are stunning!

I hope all the repair work goes well and doesn't take any longer than expected! Poor kitties! I know it can be a pain in the ass making sure Bella is out of the way when builders come here. I generally just shut her in the bedroom with me or in her cat carrier!

We have a carpenter coming soon to put on all new skirting boards, picture rails and a door frame in zee living room so Bella will be shut away then!

Poor pussies! xxx

Anonymous said...

Lurker poking her head up to say I always looove your outfits and I feel your distress about the kitties. My Lucy has the habit of waltzing out the door when it is opened. And my landlord has the habit of coming in when I am not home. I have had to post signs to not let her out. She is an indoors only kitty, no matter how much she thinks different. And repairs can be a joy. The landlord once replaced an exterior door in January, which in the northern US is freezing. In the middle of it he went to lunch and left the opening uncovered. I was home and Lucy was secured but it was darn cold in here by the time he got the door back on. I hope you don't run into to many hassles.

dinoprincesschar said...

ah, such a pretty outfit ! :)
and i hope all goes well with the repairs.

LandGirl1980 said...

Oh my love! Poor pushkas!! I would not be happy either if I had to bung mine in a cattery - but your are right - best thing for them for the duration.

Hope it all goes as smooth as a babies bum for you!

Vix said...

The poor kittens! You and G must be missing your babies already but it's for the best! Last time we had work men in Stephen got stuck under the floorboards for hours, the little sod.
The workmen will be distracted with you looking that hot. Those tights are dazzling me with their fabulousness.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry you have to take the cats somewhere, that must be difficult I really can't imagine, I hope the time flies by.

I'm in love with this sassy sexy outfit. I love the tights paired with the sweetness of the dress and slip you are always looking fabulous! Those shoes are making me wanna bite your lil toes. YOUR ARE HOT!!!!!!

Good luck with all the craziness in the next month, you will be missed but we'll take what we can get for sure.

RETRO REVA said...

Helga my hero!
I can't tell ya how many times I come here to get my identity back!
(That sounds weird) but it's so easy here in the uS to become "herdanized" -I just made that word up-
Well yu know........
Hugs always,

two squirrels said...

Oh a house with out pussy-cats is so empty!!! You will have to have kitty visits to see your babies.
Love the colour combination. Very very pretty!!!!!
Happiness to you on a long weekend. Love V

delia hornbook said...

It will be a relief to get the house repaired i am sure and its great you have been helped out with funds to do so. I hope it all runs smoothly. The cats will be fine i am sure a little holiday is good for the soul ;-) You look gorgeous and fun as always love the pink and yellow today. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Hope all the building work goes well! Don't you be distracting all them fit, sweaty builders wiv all yer gorgeousness! (Photos of aforementioned fit, sweaty builders would be appreciated! But only in a supervisory capacity you understand!)

pastcaring said...

Having work done on the house is a big old pain in the arse but will of course be worth it in the end.
Poor kitties, they will miss you but you will miss them more.
On the up side, how bloody fabulous do you look in that pink/yellow combo, and those amazing tights? Totally gorgeous! Can just imagine you rolling amongst the daisies looking hot hot hot!
Keep ya pecker up, babe!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Magpie said...

How chilled and glam do you look?

Loving all the daisies in the lawn. I adore daisies

Louise said...

So often when i see your photos the word 'badoing' pops into my head, it's the cleavage lol. You look beautiful, poor little kitties. They no you love them though. Hope its not too harrowing for you or them. Xx

Marina Ramos said...

You really Rock! Love your blog!

La Dama said...

Aww poor kitties but it is for their own good. builders will be gone before you know it.
loving your polka dot dress and divina tights and fuck me bow.
enjoy your weekend with wine.
repair besotes

Tomye said...

Pinktastic! Poor kitties and poor you, G will have to step up with snuggle time. -T

Trees said...

I hope all the repairs happen without too much drama - good to hear the EQC has approved your repairs.

I do love pink & yellow together, but those dreamy tights are just the icing on the cake!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

You look so fabulous! Those shoes, those awesome colours! Good luck with all the building and moving stuff going on, great news about the Commission paying up xxxxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Poor Pee Pee and Humpers I'm sure they will forgive you! Have fun with the renovations I hope it goes smoothly and quickly. Why must you tease me with your awesome tights????


Hannah said...

good luck with all the renovating, very sensible yet glam shoes you are wearing, I have been wearing good ol' brogues for my furniture moving xx