Prancing in the dark

You're a bloody supportive lot, you are!
And I'm very grateful for it!
But I just an't believe what total whores y'all are!!
Hot sexy builders?!
That thought had never crossed my mind!
Dirty, dirty girls!
Honestly, the only builders I've seen in these parts are old, hairy and paunchy!!
I will, however, let you know if I am to be proven wrong!
We were pleased with our efforts yesterday, and popped over to Justine's for a while last night.
She's got a bit of a cold, and was looking smashing in a robe.
I had a couple of wines and looked smashing in my ice skating frock that darling Jen sent me!
It has some wonderful dazzley bits on the bodice, it's like vajazzling for the booboids!
Would I call that bajazzling?!
I added a sparkley vintage brooch to emphasise this.
In addition, I am wearing a lovely necklace that sweetheart Louise sent recently.
Be bajazzled!
Waistcoat-opshopped the other day
Handbag-60'sbeauty case, Shabby Chic Market
Headpiece-lovelicious Vanessa
Coat-60's, opshopped
I must have been pulling out all the stops on my poses, cos G told me at this point that "it isn't Playboy, you know".....
But I thought is was Playboy everyday!
Here's a look at the inside of the garage!
Humpers and Pee Pee have been very helpful!
I've taken quite a bit around to Justine's garage as well!
G thinks I might have about 15 old suitcases.....I think more.....
I managed to find time to whiz over to Southshore to a friends garage sale.
That's right, I need more things to put into the room that I am trying to empty!
It's quite logical!
Rachael and her man, Graeme, are going on an adventure to Taiwan to teach English for a minimum of a year.....
She's only just decided that she must stop opshopping.
They leave on Tuesday!
They're having a leaving bash tonight.
WTF will I wear?!
Today I wore:
Frock-Sydney opshopping mission earlier this year with Sarah !!
Jacket-60's, opshopped and recently refurbished with mother of pearl buttons from Etsy
Tights-scrumptious Sarah
Hat-60's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's, opshopped
Scarf ring-60's, opshopped
Earrings-60's clip ons, divine Ms Kitty

Whilst popping more stuff over to Justine's garage today, Baby Rose out on a fine performance for me!
She's got some great moves, one of which, the "shakey shakey bottom", I taught her.
She is such a show off, just like her Mama and her Auntie Helga!
Thank goodness, we were so hoping we wouldn't have a Saffy to our Eddie and Patsy!

So, the front two rooms and the foyer are empty, the lounge is partly empty, and I've moved a bit out of my room.
OMG I have some STUFF in that room!
But it's all essential to my well being!
I think we're getting our heads around this business!
Tonight is our first night of camping in our own home!


Penny-Rose said...

Helga, it sounds like you have had a great day - I must say, you look absolutely fabulous! Love the contrast between the red and the blue in the photos of you in the park in the dark - I would never have thought those colours could go together, but they do. Hope you have a great night tonight.

Nelly said...

Promise me if you ever have a garage sale you give me enough warning to save for a ticket so I can be there lol.
Have a wonderful night HH but I know you will anyway xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Playboy should be so lucky!

I am obsessed with your headwear collection.


Georgia Rose said...

Ah, your outfits lately have been killing me! The second one especially is amazing, you're making me miss the wonderful opshopping in Sydney!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Loving your new posing!

Good luck with the camping in your own house. I can't imagine what I would do if I had to empty this place eek!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Good luck with your home repairs (whoa have I heard some tear jerking stories about peoples homes in Christchurch this week), and I hope your little fur babies are alright on their little kitty vacation. So on a different note... I was wondering whether I might be cheeky and put in a request. Every outfit post you have leaves me drooling over your fantastic shoes. I pretty imagine that you have the magical room in your house that is just filled with shoes! So my question is, would you consider doing a shoe post one day??

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

How the feck do you managed to pull together such amazing outfits in your fecking garage for god sakes?!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm? Thank god you two hornbags haven't got a Saffy on your hands - what a fecking downer that would be! Hehehe!! Your headwear is flippin' gorg-tastic and yes every post shot is a Playboy shoot! I mean, sheeeeeeyaaaaaaaaa!!! Bloody hell your tights and shoes in both outfits are simply Hump City Central!! xoxoxxooxooxxooxo

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Ahhh I love the red white and blue combo it always wins me over. It's funny how you never know how much stuff you have until you have to lug it around.


Kitty said...

See, you are Helga the humper with playboy poses like that, shee-it woman, phwoar!! Hope you handle all this hassle ok, sounds like a drag but you always make everything look so FUN!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Pull up to the bumper baby... I love that every day is Playboy day!

I ADORE both outfits - the blue shoes! The pink shoes! The hats!!! The frocks! The bags!

You are BEAUTIFUL and you're my frickin frockstar hero.

How many sleeps??

LovePlayboyPoses! Sarah xxx

Hannah said...

Oh my love those two hats! you are look lovely my dear, love the flowery dress x

Shewearscrazywell said...

Ooooh pretty pretty! I love red and blue together! You make me excited to whip out my new red tights! I also adore that flower bedecked headpiece! So sweet! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oh holy moly! I got a preview of all this sexiness in Misfit's blog. Before I say anything about your Naughty Raggedy Ann outfit I have to say I looooove that second dress and the tights AND the shoes AND the bag ANNND well you get the point! You do look so frickin gorgeous in red white and blue! I love the coat!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Old, hairy and paunchy! Feck! I'll have to put me old undies back on! Bugga! Looking gorgeous btw! ♥

pastcaring said...

I am boobazzled!
Look at all your fabulousness, Playboy-style! Your red/white/blue combo is always a winner, and you look tres elegante in your garage pics - your hats are splendid!
I think we need a video of Baby Rose and Auntie Helga doing their shakey shakey bottom dance, please!
Well done coping with all the upheaval, enjoy your party, can't wait to see what you wore. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

These poses are INSPIRED! Playboy has missed a trick here. Mount that pink hippo! (you're bound to get some filthy search keywords now)

LandGirl1980 said...

Brilliance of the highest order!

ana b. said...

Oh Helga! I think you rock. Completely. I'm overcome with the desire to wear my vintage fascinators and hats seeing you wear yours with such aplomb.

Erica Louise said...

Blue heels with red tights? LOVE IT!

Vix said...

You are freaking gorgeous! I love both outfits but the red and blue combo has to be one of my all time favourites and the poses are Playboy tastic.
I quite like the idea of camping in your own house (as long as it doesn't involve weeing in a bucket)
Love you!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lovely Helga! you look smashing! good luck with the repairs- I am sure you will look fabulous through out the repairs you are simply a brilliant Helga when it comes to put an outfit together -

Love the hat on the last post simply gorgeous.

My sick leave was extended until January! ye! ye! ye!

I have the movie Now Voyager with the Great Bette Davis recorded, will probably watch it tomorrow morning.

Love you! Ariane xxxxx

Perdita said...

bejazzling! I am so going to bejazzle myself some time soon. I have sequins, and I have boobs, so all I need is a plain top to...oh, I don't have any plain tops. Meh, off to the charity shop then...

The Brunette said...

Your photos are always so fabulous and funny. Love those blue shoes xx

IMAN said...

Maybe we can call it boob-jazzling? I don't know, but my eye definitely went to that area. Here's proof that I must wear more sparkly things around my bits. Never has a hippo looked so dirty and excited at the same time. You are so funny. One day I'll have to copy some of you poses, but I'm not brave enough. I also want to wear a bouquet on my head too.

Daniel said...

Ah JeSUS Fabulous !!!!!! You're a *Fashion Porno Star !

*New term means fashionista,stylish,fabulous,awesome,etc... !

Vintage Coconut said...

Helga rocking the red and blue!
lol @ you and that hippo.
I also love taking pics at parks... it is more fun that way.
Well you have more old suitcases than I. I think I am at 7 or 8 not including the vanity cases.

AMINTA said...

Please send me all your headpieces if you ever get tired of them!! Im in love with you and your colorful looks...
You are amazing


La Dama said...

I am enjoying this blue frock combo.
Hippo fotos are enticeing, you make a park look like pure horness. Those poses are beyond play boy material.
Second frock is freaking heltastic amor! Eyeing your flower headgear.
Love ya colorful beauty.
Good luck with house repairs and old fat men.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

you have a very very distinctive fashion identity lady, more people should have that! it makes the world so much more interesting

Krista said...

You make me wanna play with you!!! I love the shoes with the tights and the jacket and the ice skating lil number, the hat of my so much yumminess!!!
Surfing the pig is to die for but then there's you bent over the pig...O lord I'd love to get into some trouble with ya!

I love the pink dreamy outfit you wore to Southshore. Your dress, hat and shoes make we wanna squeeze you until your eyes pop out!
Have fun camping~