Rattle your dags!

Have any of you gorgeous things noticed that I wear an inordinate amount of red, white and blue?!
Todays frock is a 70's maxi that I picked up at a theatre sale in Rangoon last year. It had had the zip ripped out, and the ends of the sleeves looked like cuffs or something had been ripped off.
I've literally taken out the middle, as it was a bit small, and reconstructed it!
It's quite fun, and as I received 3 compliments whilst out today, I think it was a successful conversion!
One comment was from a slightly demented man in the Sallies, one compliment was from an older man in the supermarket, and the third compliment was from a young man (young man!! ) on my way back to the car!
How jolly splendid!
Crikey, rein those things in, woman!
Fiddle dee te dee, two pookies!
Hairbow-made it myself
Handbag-60's beauty case (am I more beautiful carrying it?! Of course!)
White beads and sunglasses-opshop
Red necklace-gift from G
The recently married sexpot, Desiree , gave me these fabulous 60's clip on earrings!
My skirt blew up around my neck several times in the strong wind we have today.
I just flapped my arms about and shrieked in what I hope was a becoming fashion.
Thank goodness I had on a lovely girdle over my tights (to hold the damn things up!), darlings, or my modesty would have been all shot to hell!
And at my age (at your age, young man!) modesty is as rare as finding a virgin in Australia!
(or so I'm told!)
At the Sallies, whilst fending off demented admirers left and right, I picked up some light Summer reading, a spectacular maxi (it's a little big! WOW!), some fishnets, a girdle and a funky little retro saucepan.
And then I came home to find my leopard tights had blown into these cacti!
They were clutching onto those tights for dear life!
O no!
I did manage to unsnag them successfully, thank goodness.
Ooo, a quick little peek at the new maxi!
It has wings!


Dashfield Vintage said...

Cute!! And how clever you are to have been able to fix the dress up again. I am always WAY too lazy... you should see my 'repairs' rack, it's becoming a bit of a joke!

Miss Claire said...

Ohhh, I LOVE the mint green colour of your new frock! Can't wait to see it on you when you make it fit all nice! Helga, bringing in the young boys! They're the best kind :) hehehe! You do wear a lot of red/blue/white, you saucy sailor girl! Xoxoxox Claire

Trees said...

I honestly think this is my most favourite dress - EVER!!! You look so great, it even makes young men's hearts a flutter!

Can't wait to see more of this lime green maxi:)

Louise said...

Ooh wow, that is one super dooper Margot maxi, I do love a Margot maxi. Funny, I always seem to get attention from older gents too. Ooh, young man... I used to love that Harry Enfield sketch. Have a great weekend you ravishing sauce bottle. Xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Dolly
Darn Helga look at you all Hotty Totty in your blue frock, white tights & red bag. That trim on the v neck is so absolutely sweet!
*CATCHES BREATH... looks like kitty escaped unharmed*

YOUNG MAN video made me *lmao*
Your clip ons from Des are desirable.*
*Eaak now the tights got attacked*
That green dress a beauty *mmm limey*

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*screams* BOTH cats inthe one shot. *pat,pat, pat,pat, pat, pat*

Nelly said...

Wings? Did someone say maxi and wings lol and I see green too a wonderful dress indeed.

Libertad said...

Helga, that look is AMAZING!! And with red shoes, my favurite ones... omg omg omg!!!

Kitty said...

Jeez I just left a comment on Nellys blog about dresses with wings, I'll be sounding like a pad advert any minute!
The green is gorgeous on you.xx.

Vintage Seen said...

you can't beat the red white and blue baby! good look lady!

Krista said...

Holy shit woman you looking FRIGGIN FAB in this blue number! Your figure is BANGIN BABE!!!!!!! Loving the boob shots, made my Friday so much betta!!!!!!!The neckline is adorable the sleeves all of it, YUM!!! Ah the kitties getting some love from mama whilst laying in the sun, the life of a cat. I'm jealous constantly!!!

Judy Blume, now that takes me back to high school. I remember reading a steamy scene in one of her books and thinking wow that just turned me on. How funny, I'm sure it was super tame, takes a lot more to turn me on now....ok maybe not.

Have a killer weekend!

Vix said...

I ADORE that frock, it looks very costume-y and theatrical, almost Heidi-like. I can picture you skipping through the edelweiss with G in Leiderhosen.
Clever bunny, fixing the bodice so beautifully.
The kitties look adorable basking in the sunshine and what scores!! That maxi, Judy Blume - that takes me back!
Have a fab weekend!
love you!

seƱora Allnut said...

fabulous color combo, and fabulous dress, it fits you like a dream!!
I'm loving your so matchy accessories and sunnies!!
besos & primary colors!!

pastcaring said...

I am so in awe of all those with seamstress-y skills, mine are so ultra basic, I'm ashamed...
You did a great job remaking that delightful frock, and you are working it! Boobs ahoy!
Tights and cactus - yikes, bad combination!
Green maxi - oh so adorable, can't wait to see if adjusted to fit those gorgeous curves to perfection! A dress with wings is ALWAYS a winner!

dinoprincesschar said...

love the red white and blue combination - it always makes me think nautical, which is a trend i love every year! :)

Tomye said...

Oh Helga, you have inspired me. I passed up a Hawaiian print dress at Goodwill last night because it was a bit small. I am going back after work and hope it is still there and see how I can re-work it to fit. You are a treasure! -T

Dial V for Vintage said...

Those men were absolutely right to give you compliments because you look great! :)

Penny Dreadful said...

Bwahaha, this had me hooting with laughter YOUNG MAN! Your little furry munchkins are looking very relaxed there (ooh furry munchkins, young man!) xx

La Dama said...

You look simplemente bellisima!
I love the neckline, cause you are showing us your goods.
Your waist is even more divine in this frock, no wonder you had all those men lusting at you.
Youngman i wantbtomhel you, hahaayyy
I want your red bag. Look at kittys following you around, so cute.
Glad your leopard tights were saved.

La Dama said...

I meant to say young man i want to help you!
Stupid ipad,lol
Have a great weekend

Pearl Westwood said...

Smashing outfit! It always bafles me when I find things that have been randomly hacked up, wonder what their previous owner was trying to do. The amount of shirts Ive found with one or both cuffs hacked off really bothers me, is there some loon out there with a cuff fetish??

Anonymous said...

Holy boobles! I want to know how you always look so gorgeous!? Do you just roll out of bed looking like such a sexkitty? I want to see more of that green dress you look effing AAAmazing in that color!

two squirrels said...

Red white and blue the boys love you!!!!
You are just so fabulous, love the dress!!! V

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Good god you look amazing! Seeing you make a gem of that dress makes me wish I wanted to learn to sew- ah the frocks I could save!

Rose&Bird said...

It's great that you were able to fix up the dress to fit. The colours are very patriotic - gives me an idea!

The green maxi is lovely - it's always nice to find vintage that's a little bit too big!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are the refashioning Queen!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe the amazing job you did on getting that fecking gorgeous frock to accommodate your spectacular boobage - arrrrgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! You had every man in sniffing distance trying to contain their poles - gawd help their beating hearts and sweaty palms!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Winda Tiodang said...

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Misfits Vintage said...

YIKES! Your reconstruction of that blue frock is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! It's spectacular on you and does your delightful cleavage splendid justice!

I also wear a lot of red white and blue - though I try NOT to, I can't seem to help myself!

LOVE your new sage green maxi - can't wait to see you fab it up, Helga style.

Love! Sarah xxx

Katryoshka said...

Hi, I just happened to be drifting around blogland trying to find some inspiration to life my hangover when I found your world. Absolutly love your style and attitude so had to say hi........HI!
Kat x