Sometimes a gal needs a Mantool Moment

Most power tools scare me, cos they're so noisy and brutal.
I certainly don't mind seeing a manly man wield them with confidence, though.
I like to think I can manage some tools with a more than a little panache.
Just don't let me brandish one that's actually going!
Except a nail gun.
I'd quite like to have a go with one of those.
It's a gun. With nails!
The possibilities are endless!
I ought to get G one.
When he gets his tool out, he means business.
As long as I have a cocktail in hand, I'm happy for him to get all manly with his tool.
Especially if there's something in it for me!
Young man!
Look at you, waving your lovely tool about!
You've done that before, haven't you?!

Frock-60's, opshopped in Sydney earlier this year with the ultimateTrolley Dolly Sarah
Tights-from Sarah!
Socks-feck knows
Necklace-the spectacular Alex


Dashfield Vintage said...

YUS! Fantastic I can't wait for your shoe post! Ha ha trust you to look glamorous even when you're using heavy machinery!

Miss Claire said...

Bahaha, Helga you power woman! I luuurve that frock and the combination of it with the tights is perfecto! Xxx

Trees said...

You make me giggle! I love that frock & tights combo - hurrah for colour!

two squirrels said...

Tee hee!!!!
You look like a fabulous " BOND" girl from the 60's!!!!
007 look out here comes Miss Helga with her gun(nail).

Vix said...

There's a porno mag I've seen here called "Chicks With Power Tools", you need to be in there, you nail gun wielding babe.
Loving the frock and the orange tights. It's so dull and drizzly here I think I'm going to keep your blog post open all day to brighten up the day.
Skype O'clock?
Love ya!

Perdita said...

Loving the short frock and power tool action. His Lordship recently got a drill with about 100 attachments. I am as bad as he is, wanting to drill everything in sight. Luckily there is plenty to do, from shelves to a new fireplace to hanging pictures etc'... but next time i'm going to don a minidress for it!

delia hornbook said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha love it ;-)) Your looking gorgeous to. dee xx

Vintage Coconut said...

LOL! OOOoohhh myyy how very Scandelous you sexy seductress.

Your outfit is delicious, Creamsicles and popsicles!

Ronnie (RR) said...

I have recently discovered man tools while converting my lorry, they are fab! although I didn't look that fabulous when I was using mine!

Louise said...

Lol, this post reminds me of the episode of Father Ted where Pat Mustard the milkman asks Mrs. Doyle if he can put his huge tool in her box, lol. Naughty Helga!!! Xx

pastcaring said...

You don't look in the least scared of that particular power tool, Helga! In fact that last pose has a Charlie's Angels look about it!
If you're going to be handling tools, you need to frocked up, don't you? Of course you do. You look bright and cheery and sexy and gorgeous. As always!
Hope the work on the house is coming along nicely, hope the kits are coping, hope YOU are coping. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I forgot about that amazing frock! The colours are fabulous!!! YOU ARE FABULOUS! (Just so you know, I have THREE drills - so that'll be one for each of us!) Is that the new carpet hiding under that drop sheet? I can't wait to see all of your fab renovations!

Love! Sarah xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I forgot about that amazing frock! The colours are fabulous!!! YOU ARE FABULOUS! (Just so you know, I have THREE drills - so that'll be one for each of us!) Is that the new carpet hiding under that drop sheet? I can't wait to see all of your fab renovations!

Love! Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

You are gorgeous Mad, hahahahhaha

Tomye said...

Super outfit! I use power tools all the time. As you probably guessed by my name, my family wanted a boy and my father taught me how to do all sorts of boy things. -T

Miss Rayne said...

Gives 'Power Dressing' a whole new meaning:)

Krista said...

All hail to the hot biatch throwing her tool around. You could happily drill anything in that amazing lil dress. Oh how I love the color and pattern and the gal who's wearing it!

Shirley Fracture said...

hello, oooh love your blog & I just became number 300. xx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Oops! Bugger I just peed me drawers! ;-D

vintage_kitten said...

You look so cute.I couldn't stop giggling about man tools while readig.hee hee.Love your tights and those boots.xx

Max said...

you make me laugh so much, love your dress hun x

La Dama said...

You can come and drill me holes anytime, especially in that fabuloso frock. great pattern and legs.
love your colorful walls amor.
Young man I want to help you!

Shewearscrazywell said...

Acckckck! you are so freaking hot! How amazing are you...when I'm doing anything that involves a drill...I'm totally decked out in carpenter jeans and a nasty look cute no matter what! I love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

moviemag46 said...

I just wish you could overcome your fear of strong color....;-) Love the outfit and LOVE the room color combo!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Helga love!

You should see Mr.D's tools! If you juge a man by its tools - well lady i am in heaven girl! Love your dress and the colors on the wall are rad! i love it, will it stay that color after the renovations?

Ariane xxxx

Vintage Curly Girly said...

I want to be just like you!!!!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

You look very dangerous and gorgeous at the same time, a lethal combination. I always love you in orange especially with that background!


Lisa Shayla said...

Oh, Helga... LOL! I just know you tried to resist being naughty but it only last a 1/2 a second before you let loose! I'm loving the room colors - so bright and cheery and of course, you're looking scrumcious!

Lena said...

Photo number 2 has just made me spill tea all over me. Best picture ever!x

Hannah said...

You are fabulous! I am quite crafty with a jigsaw I must say x

liz said...

oooaWWW Helga! seeing you in that fabulous 60s dress with orange tights and matching bow humping a power tool...I fall in love all over again! ;)