Tie a yellow ribbon

Look into my eyes.....
Do I look like I'm scared of yellow?!
You'd be right!
I'm not!
I'm not scared of any colour, dammit.
Frock and necklace-Bargainacious Champion Vix
Lace frock-the adorable Claire
Tights-the chutzpah laden Sarah
Shoes, petticoat-opshopped
Hairflower-Riccarton Market
Earrings-the glorious Kitty
G picked up this doorplate at a garage sale nearly 20 years ago.....little knowing one day it would adorn the inside of our bedroom door!
I love it, I adore Art Nouveau!
Here's an outfit from a couple of days ago.
The frock was $2, and I like it on, but don't like it now I see it photographed!
It doesn't seem so flattering!
O well!
Tights-Trade Me a few years back
Earrings-gift from G years ago
50's cocktail hat-Trade Me
I've been feeling a little flat and humourless this week; coming home yesterday to a lovely parcel of treats from darling Louise was just the ticket!
Just look at those wonderful goodies!
The furry bag will be such fun, and I'm gagging to prance about wearing the cocktail hat headbad, saucy suspender belt, and fabulous vintage necklaces!
A divine rose for my hair!
A butterfly hairband!
A sweet candle in the prettiest container!
Old horrors!
I was so excited, I went to bed with Salem's Lot, haven't read it since my late teens.....I had creepy bloody dreams all night! Deliciously scary!
Old Stephen King is quite a good writer, I recall now, if a bit dribbly at times.
I can't remember the last time I read one of his novels.......I got really fecked off with "It".
Too much dribbling crappola!
I think that may well have been the last one I read, ahem, tried to read.

Thank you, sweetheart!

On other matters, a workmate sent me the link to some shoe website.....and I've fallen in love with these Betsye Johson pretties!

Ah, torture.
I reckon if I can find something similar when opshopping, or on Trade Me, I could glue on some sequins and be fabulous!
The hunt is ON!


....sometimes I could listen to this for hours!


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I think the dress looks fine luv! :D Perhaps a darker pair of tights instead :D Says me who looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards!! :D
Luv from yer North Island Neighbour!

trashsparkle said...

I swear you must have been watching the Liver Birds* - your cap is so right with the orange dress! x

*early 70s silly sitcom. With Molly Sugden! Excellent frocks!

Louise said...

Ooh, yellow looks lovely on you, I love the dress. That door plate is gorgeous too.

I'm so pleased you like your goodies. :)


sacramento said...


Nelly said...

Pink n yellow who woulda thunk that it would look so good together,Oh I know Helga knew.xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Barges in* HELLOOO
I was pretty darn sure there was not a color you would be scared of. And *woohoo* I was right.
Smashing outfit and your accessories are BeAuTiFuL.
I liked your $2 Frock espesh with the white... but if you don't like it then I suppose that is what counts. The door plate is very fantastic mine is just a plain old knob compared to yours. =D

Perdita said...

There are few colours I'm afraid of- yellow I'll wear but with other colours - I suppose nude-y grieg-ey pastels ('ballerina' colours with grey, you know, the kind that screams 'I'm a bland slightly pretentious middle class woman with a minimalist house').

I adore those shoes. Don't give up hope on thrifting them. I once fell in love with some £100 Dune lemon-and-lime-and-gold shoes but couldn't justify the price tag for something I'd wear now and then. A year later, I found them brand new in my size, in a charity shop for £3.99. Shopping karma.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

OMG I love Betsey!

That yellow pink colour combo is fab. Your colour choices always inspire me.

Mwah, mwah.

Kitty said...

I never quite got into the Church that much, although I remember how HUGE they were in the 80s!
Parcels you haven't paid for are always the most fun!!!

Miss Claire said...

Weeehoooo! I love seeing you in the lace frock, and dayum yellow and fuscia look good together! I have a mustard coloured dress very similar to your $2 one and find it a little hard to wear too....I seem to have gotten into the habit of sticking to frocks with fitted/clinched in waists, so wearing a shift type dress throws me a bit. Either way, I think you look lovely in it! A little school girl or head master! :)


pastcaring said...

Nope, it's absolutely no surprise that there isn't a colour in the whole damn spectrum you can't do! You also do amazing combinations, which is even cleverer!

Now Perdita's nude/greige idea - how's THAT for a challenge for ya? Brights, pastels, monochrome - we know you can rock those standing on your head, but beige/grey/cream/champagne/oyster/nude blah blah non-colours... Show us how you Helgafy those, please!!

Maybe your little mustard coloured shift (which is mighty cute, actually) doesn't feel so right for you because it isn't showing those legendary hourglass curves off enough? I like it though, it IS a bit Liver Birds!

Lovely pressies, just right to boost your mood a bit.
And I so want to believe in shopping karma.... xxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

Well hello vision in pink and yellow. There is nothing mellow about your yellow! This jacket vest thing and pink necklace from VIX are two of my favorite things you ROCK! You look amazing in these colors and the package from Louise has me grinning ear to ear, WOW great stuff mamma!!!!!

The BJ shoes at the bottom have me moist, please excuse me now.

Mrs Munster said...

You've got no reason to be scared of any colour cause you look so fine in them all. I'm petrified of wearing yellow (among some other ones). Comfy in my blacks.

Vix said...

You look utterly fabulous in yellow! That first outfit is sublime and the pinafore is pretty damned hot, too. You look gorgeous in every shade you wear I bet you could even make beige look sexy.
Those shoes are making me weep with joy, if I ever find any in your size I'll nab 'em for you.
Yay for parcels of fabulousness!!!
Love you!

vintage_kitten said...

I just love yellow.it's one of those colors that make me happy.Just like pink.You look great in bth colors.Love your shoes.xx

seƱora Allnut said...

lovely yellow & fuchsia outfit, I think that bright shades are fabulously happy!
And I like your orange pinafore and your lovely stewardess style!!

Anonymous said...

Wooo you look like a tropical blossom! Super hot mama! I love your goodies and those presents are sweet too! lol OH NO NOT THE FOG!!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya I forgot to say Betsey Johnson shoes *DROOL*

La Dama said...

Im glad your not afraid of yellow, cause you can prostitute all colors and inspire us to get out the box more.
You look like a school girl in that little number.
You know your melting bad for it!
Lucky biatch getting more parcels! Your always charmingly funny even when you dont try.
Can wait to see you in your lush garterts amor.


Camelia Crinoline said...

Those Betsey Johnson shoes are gorgeous and I bet ridiculously expensive to boot. I love the yellow and pink. You look very naughty schoolgirl in the second outfit. I love the dress.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I think we should have a sequin party. We'll crank up some tunes, load up my kitchen table with craft shit and then sequin and glitter fecking everything in sight a la Sarah!!!!!!!! Then we can move on to floral headbands and hot glue gun our hands on each other's butts. You're a fecking hornbag and if we lived like Big Love you could be my 2nd wife haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Mary Lou said...

haha there is no reason to be scared of yellow it looks so great on you and oh i love this yellow and pink combo what a great match darling!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh PINK and YELLOW - what a FABULOUS combination! I adore that yellow frock and the pink lace is marvellous. And I ADORE your yellow wall!

I love the second frock but agree that it is not particularly flattering - could you nip it in at the waist a little? The colour is fabulous and I just KNOW you and your SUPERIOR sewing skills will find a way to MAKE it fabulous.

Yay for Parcels of Delight!

Love! Sarah xxx