Must be obsessed with pink bits

This wall is actually just a few bits of wood now!
I'm behind the program!
And seemingly having more than a firtation with a glorious pink theme!!!
Can't remember what I was doing or where I was's  a few days ago.
I barely know what day it is lately-just the way I like it!
I've had this old frock for years; someones handmade delight.
I love finding old handmade frocks, they're just that bit more special!
I'm really into my hair.
It behaved all perfect like!
Bet I couldn't get it this good again if I tried!
My G has been working hard!
He went out for a jam with the boys last night; I have no idea how he found the energy!
I've been helping him clear all this up and take it off to the docs, not heels!
Miracles do happen!
It's so exciting to see the the new lounge slowly taking shape!
I've been prancing in and out, getting him to take outfit pics and generally being a pain!
It's the least I can do to hump and haul with him to get this cleaned up!

The brightest star

In between bashing around the house, we have managed to have a spot of relaxation and Summery enjoyment.....I've been taking quite a few pix, and having fun with costume changes, and have already amassed quite a bit to share.
These initial pix are from Boxing day, where G and I generally bummed about and ate leftovers in the sunshine with the pookies....
Humpers doing a disappearing trick!
A teatowel blew off the line and Humpers just had to lie seductively on it.
O, this is a temporary arrangement of some of my jewellery.
I've taken to keeping some in vintage tins, as it's just spilling everywhere!
Pee Pee snugging on my black wig and some shirts on my windowsill.
Frock-70's, opshopped
Pink/green skull necklace-Krista
And then the next day I had to run a few errands.
The spotty umbrellas has been in G's family for many years; his Mama passed it on to us some years ago, and I just adore it!
I've been thrashing the handbag darling Brian gave me!
Frock-made by moi
Red fishnets-retail
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower- made with Vix' own fair hands!
Cuff-from Vix
Pink and green kitty bracelet-made by gorgeous Krista !

So pinkalicious!

Today I have been an awfully good girl; not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips!
After a drunken night last night with Justine, G and Nix, I was feeling a little toxic, and have gone so far as to have a spirulina smoothie and lots of water to soothe my guilty concscience and liver, and also lots of raspberry leaf tea for my dreadful pmt bloat!
So virtuous!
Yes, you may snigger.....
I'm sniggering myself!
Our Ralph is in town for New Year, and is currently at our friend Gillians, where we will be seeing the New Year with friends and music and booze and food and general cavorting!
I really should try for another virtuous day tomorrow in preparation!

Hammer Time

Yep, tis the season to get out ones hammer after a few bubblys and smack a hole in the wall!
Makes me feel so butch!
I'd been over the road at our neighbour Whina's watching some flax weaving and chatting about Japanese swords with Whina's hubby for a couple of hours.
I think the sword talk got me frisky.
G graciously handed me the hammer on my return, as he's ripped off the other side of the wall now.....and I got to make the break through bash!
G has been beavering away in the most manly fashion, working on getting that wall's proved to be a bigger mission than we initially expected.
Why o why is that always the way?!
Under the jib board in my room G found the original exterior of the house!
And there had been a fire at some point in its history, hence the dark patch!
On the left is what we think may have been the original back door, only the surround doesn't seem as old as the rest, so either it got reframed, or was actually added later.
Our house was built in 1924, I think.
G found some newspaper in the cavity which dates the last bit of work done to 1985.
I wish he'd found some 1922 newspaper!
I wore a 70's caftan-esque opshopped frock with lashings of heavy jewellery and some wedges I got off Trade Me.
A girl needs to be comfy when weilding a hammer.
And then we popped off down the road to stock up on vodka and listen to our liquor store lady have a bit of a political rant.
We then spent the evening watching Kill Bill Vol I and II; haven't watched it in a while, I freaking LOVE it!
I'm pretty sure Tarantino is the second coming.

A matchy matchy made in heaven too far?

Is it just a little ridiculous to match the walls of one's house?!
I think not!
Bugger it, if it's worth doing at all, it's worth overdoing, darlings!
The frock is one of the 3 delicious frocks my darling Curtise sent me, and she must have known that we were having our foyer painted to match this one!!!
We are starting to move a few things back into the house....hurrah!
(no, I don't know what is in these suitcases either!)
I popped on my floral fabulous headband from the sexacious Desiree , as moving furniture around is no excuse not to look splendid!
Can't wait to have the house back to normal...well, new normal!
Whilst we have a few days off we are going to start prepping the wall between the dining/my sewing room to come out, and also start ripping the band room apart!
That's the plan, anyways!
I also hope to get my machines set up a bit so I can do a few alterations and start thinking about what frock I want to make first!
O, gawd, and then I'll be having to wonder which case holds the particular fabric I want to use!
Thank goodness it's cocktail season!

Pleasant times

Ah, the sun shone, the booze flowed, the food was consumed, the bicycles were ridden......
We've been sharing some wonderful meals and drinkies with G's Mama and one of his brothers on Xmas Day, and on Xmas Eve we were over at Si and Nix''s been rather lovely!
Post lunch snooze!
Frock-60's,Two Squirrels
Cocktail hat-gift from my fabulous friend Liz
Shoes-Trade Me
And Saturday night....
Frock-my wonderful Curtise
Slip underneath-the sexacious Desiree
Handbag-my lovely friend Brian
Shoes-Trade Me
Bow-made myself
Jacket-60's, opshopped
I am really into layering lots of necklaces right now.
I'll just go with it.
Thank you all for your wonderful words of support and staggering admiration of my shoes collection!
Y'all freakin' ROCK and I want to take you all into a lovely meadow and make tender love to each and every one of you!
I do hope you've all been very good!