The brightest star

In between bashing around the house, we have managed to have a spot of relaxation and Summery enjoyment.....I've been taking quite a few pix, and having fun with costume changes, and have already amassed quite a bit to share.
These initial pix are from Boxing day, where G and I generally bummed about and ate leftovers in the sunshine with the pookies....
Humpers doing a disappearing trick!
A teatowel blew off the line and Humpers just had to lie seductively on it.
O, this is a temporary arrangement of some of my jewellery.
I've taken to keeping some in vintage tins, as it's just spilling everywhere!
Pee Pee snugging on my black wig and some shirts on my windowsill.
Frock-70's, opshopped
Pink/green skull necklace-Krista
And then the next day I had to run a few errands.
The spotty umbrellas has been in G's family for many years; his Mama passed it on to us some years ago, and I just adore it!
I've been thrashing the handbag darling Brian gave me!
Frock-made by moi
Red fishnets-retail
Shoes-Trade Me
Flower- made with Vix' own fair hands!
Cuff-from Vix
Pink and green kitty bracelet-made by gorgeous Krista !

So pinkalicious!

Today I have been an awfully good girl; not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips!
After a drunken night last night with Justine, G and Nix, I was feeling a little toxic, and have gone so far as to have a spirulina smoothie and lots of water to soothe my guilty concscience and liver, and also lots of raspberry leaf tea for my dreadful pmt bloat!
So virtuous!
Yes, you may snigger.....
I'm sniggering myself!
Our Ralph is in town for New Year, and is currently at our friend Gillians, where we will be seeing the New Year with friends and music and booze and food and general cavorting!
I really should try for another virtuous day tomorrow in preparation!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm loving the pink theme! I'm like you jewellery coming out of my ears. Humpers and Pee Pee sure know how to make themselves comfortable.


delia hornbook said...

Bless Pee pee he looks far to comfortable on your wig and so does Humpers ;-)) Great outfits, i have to say that tin of yours has horns coming out of it unless my eyes are playing tricks ;-)) Happy new year to you both, dee xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Hairpiece Sarah? Did Sarah make this? I assumed it was vintage. I need one. Where can I get one? SARAH!

Misfits Vintage said...

Adore BOTH outfits, naturally... especially the second frock and all of the jewels and Vix's darling flower... and the handbag and the gorgeous treasures from Krista... and oh I just love EVERYTHING! Happy cavorting and take loads of pics for us please, amor!!! Love you more than a perfect pink frock! Sarah xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

I think virtue is over-rated. Get rat arsed :)

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.
Happy New year!

Miss Claire said...

Oh you pink petal! It's sooo your colour!!! Have a wonderful NYE time, I just dropped wee chomby at his bunny sitter and am off to confest for the weekend, hooroo! Xoxx

Vix said...

You ravishing creature! You look so fecking fabulous in pink, sober or boozed to the max!
Look at those kitties, like butter wouldn't melt. I hate to think what Pee Pee's thinking of astride the black wig.
Have the best New Year and take lots of photos!
Love you!!!

Perdita said...

I WISH I could eat my xmas leftovers in the sun. Sadly we are tucked up in out cardies still (not even the pretty snow of last year). Never mind!

Loving your hair down, looks so relaxed and holiday-cool.

Kelly said...

I just found your blog by way of Vix~
I am loving finding all this originality!!!

I agree with your mantra: Better to be overlooked than looked over!!

For sure!!


Vintage Coconut said...

- Positively Posh in Pink!
- lol @ Humpers and the tea towel (HOW SCANDELOUS!)
I have that tea towel in orange.
- That food looks absolutely delicious.

I have to find myself some nice tins like you have for my beaded necklaces.

Franca said...

you look fabulous in pink! Have a great new year!

Rose&Bird said...

Fabulous outfits and glorious sunshine - you're my daily injection of colour, darling! Glad you had a nice time chilling out. Am intrigued by the box in the middle - is it handmade/vintage/upcycled? Would love to know more x

sacramento said...

I am giving you a big hug, can you feel it???

Dashfield Vintage said...

Beautiful! And your cats look like they are in heaven getting to roll around on so many exciting things. Just one question... on your dresser with your jewellery on it there is a little bag with a rabbit, is that vintage?! AMAZING score if it is!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Oh you do look fab dahlink! I wish I could wear heels, I tried some on recently and had to grab Sue to hold me up! It was scary being that high up, I got a nose bleed!! ;-D Can one look fashionable in gummies? Or it that a definate no-no?

Kitty said...

Yes DO be virtuous, you are sure to have a big one on New Years, I reckon!!!! Love to you.xx.

pastcaring said...

You are just sooooo gorgeous! Pink and red and fishnets and bows and sunnies and necklaces and bags and flowers... ALL so fab, I feel faint!
Surely not, Helga????? xxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

You guys look so relaxed and chill I love it!!!!! Those pink sunnies are magnificent!!! The food, yum, the kitties too sweet, your jewelry tins I'd love to raid! You look gorgeous whether your hair is up or down and I'm so happy to see you in pink, you are pinkilicious!!!! The second frock has made both my nipples hard :)

La Dama said...

I love when you lavish in the sun while eating yummy food.
pee pee is like his owners no shame. how fabulosa you look wearing pink and red fishnets. Hot biatch! I'm gonna go steal your tins of jewelry.
luv ya