Bustin' Out

I really do not understand why anyone would pay to have ginormous booboids!

With all my clothes being out in the garage, I am trying to be organised each night, and select my clothes for the next day so I don't have to rummage around in the dim morning light for something to wear.
Sometimes it backfires.
Like this frock.
The girls are outta control!
I forgot just how booboid enhancing this frock is, and said to G, "shit, this really isn't appropriate for the workplace"
But he reminded me that we've had bimbos at work in the past, exposing their booboids right down to the nipples, and that it really wasn't too bad....
So I went with it.
But I felt like I had a prow like the Queen Mary all bloody day.
They just don't quite fit into this particular frock!
It's just a bit problematic in general!
Tights and fabulous shoes-the divinity that is Vix
Petticoat and fabulous hat-the sexacious Desiree
Necklace-Shabby Chic market
Earrings-gift from lovely friend!

O, here's a close up of the necklace and thingy I bought on Sunday at the Shabby Chic market.
A fine example of how mixed my taste is; I like the necklace 'cos it looks a bit tribal, and I like the thingy 'cos it looks 20's ish.
I call it a thingy 'cos I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I think it is a sort of hairclip??
Whatever, it's blingy and I like it and I will make it work!
It's a blingy thingy!


Ronnie (RR) said...

I'm totally with you on the "flubber-dubbers" as I call them, I've had two breast reductions and I'm still a DD fitting...argghhh hate the things! Anyway I don't think the dress looked too tight across the chest area, but as photoed from below looking up it might have been a different story for anyone taller than 5ft4" like me....am sure you carried it off thro. Good luck with the hair clip.

Miss Peregrin said...

Well, I think your "prow" looks lovely! ;) And those tights! Best tights ever.

sacramento said...

You are fabulous, and so are your booboids, heheehheheehe.
Good morning dear friend

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Desiree is a goddess. That hat!

two squirrels said...

Miss Helga you gorgeous thing!!
Love the tights.
Ok I think your cute wee sparkle clip is a fur clip, that is why they have the munchie wee teeth to hold a fur wrap in place. Love V

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Big tits are defo overrated in my view,, from one who is about twice your size!. At least yours are nice and pert, not pendulous like mine LOL!!
You look smashing.
And many people have admired that ship's almighty prow.

Anonymous said...

Thingie is a dress clip (or any clothing that needs a bit of bling clip) or shoe clip - they usually come in pairs - ooo-er. I'd be worried about it ripping my hair out - but you could clip it to the centre of a FO bow??

Prow is great.

Debra said...

Yes, give the girls their due! They must enjoy being trotted out now and again, taking in the sights, etc. Your clip is indeed a "fur" clip or a dress clip. They were usually found in pairs & oft adorned the neckline of a 30's or 40's frock. I have a set which also fasten together on a metal base to form a larger brooch. Fabulous!

Miss Rayne said...

Great outfit, you've just gotta let the girls have their day every now and then.

Perdita said...

Tell me about the 'work appropriate' thing. Clothes that look fine on others are SO not appropriate for me.

I had to wear a cardie in July because a favourite dress kept bustin open at the top button. Bra everywhere!

pastcaring said...

You look adorable in that frock, love it with the cardi and hat, and the tights from Vix are awesome!
Yes, I would be worried about that clip getting snaggled up in your hair, it's definitely meant for clothes.
Boobs... ladies with none want more, ladies with plenty want less. I think yours are magnifiques, but I know what you mean about squeezing them into clothes. Anything with buttons down the front is impossible on me, it always gapes or pops open.
Oh just get the girls out for a proper airing, Helga, you know how we love the cleavage! xxxxxxxxxx

Louise said...

Helga, is your blingy thingy a scarf clip? It could be... Or could it be a serviette clip for posh laydeeesss to clip the serviette to their pretty frock when dining? Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I agree - I think it's a fabulous
scarf clip.

Your girls are stupendously gorgeous - that ship pic made me spit my milo on the monitor! I adore this outfit - the frock/tights/hat/shoes are all perfection!

Love! Sarah xxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hello Helga!

I missed a few pics! I adore everything! I love the pink hat with la voilette- i would like to find one for Izzy's wedding, i have this pretty Vintage lace dress and this is the kind of hat i need - As for your boobies! you made me laugh with the Queen Mary!
Be happy with the boobies some women pay to get them, yours seems to be in pretty good shape!

I have minimal boobies, but does not bother me, i wish i had a bit more the vintage dresses would fit better!

The kitty transition is not easy, Leo the new cat is still not happy, it will take time. Thank god we have a basement, Leo is fine there for the moment.

Looking fabulous Helga!

Ariane xxxx

Vix said...

"PROW" what a marvellous word, I'm going to try and slip it into a conversation sometime this week.
Your booboids are magnificent, I image there wasn't a lot of work done in the office that day. The cardi shows the girls off fabulously.
I wouldn't mind a bit more just so my frocks didn't gape around the armpits.
Hoorah for vintage bling.
Love you!

Vintage Coconut said...

Well my only recommendation is that you keep away from small children in that dress. Your booboids could be a hazerdous in the way of smothering. Now G on the other hand I think can handle his own.

Regardless of your outfit woes... You look HOT! The hat goes PERRRRRFECT with the dress & Cardi. I love it!

Ivy Black said...

You look fab and as hot as a really hot thing that's on fire. Those tights are dazzling.xxx

LandGirl1980 said...

Oh my holy NIPPLES!!! (yes. they are holy. FACT) Those tights are AB-FAB!

Tomye said...

How did any of the fellas get any work done all day? It sucks when your top is too sizes bigger than the caboose. It is so hard to find dresses that fit both places. I am forever pinning my blouses shut so I don't pop open! -T

Tomye said...

PS. I am thinking that your "thingy" may be a decorative shoe clip.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

The saying that anything more than a handful is a waste, is just a vicious rumour spread about by small breasted women!! I bought a new bra yesterday funnily enough! It's a dual purpose over the shoulder boulder holder, in that it makes a great hammock for two people!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh feck me, if I bumped into you in the street I would just have to have a head to toe close up inspection of EVERY SINGLE item you are wearing. I would likely be arrested but my defence would be the shoes and tights made me do it!! I love old blingy thingies and ethnic thingies all mixed up in a great horny mash-up, you amazing woman!! SO glad you wear the hat - it is YOU!!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxxoxoxox

Kitty said...

I'm with you on the boob thing, those flat-chested girls don't know how good they've got it!!!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

LMFAO oooomg HELGA! That boat reference is bloody spot on!

La Dama said...

What a spectacular rack amor!
Looking so You proudly show your amigas to the world. the boat comment ahahaha,lol
gorgeous hat and vintagey necklace, I would of fought you for it.
I would like to donate my breastest ,but Buddy has banned my from having surgery. I am a short girl, so even worst.