Down a dark desert highway

Got The Eagles on the brain today.
Bloody sticks like something really sticky!
As long as it isn't any crap that bloody Mick Hukface warbles away on, I don't really care!
This was Saturday's outfit.
It's quite ladylike.
I seem to be having a ladylike week.
Frock-70's crimplene from a thrift store in Utah some years ago
Handbag-60's, my mate Brian
Tights-Trade Me
Hair decoration-the amazing Jen
Earrings-60's, opshopped
Necklace-60's, Two Squirrels
I, Helga, am quite guilty of not brushing my hair and then sleeping on it so my big bun gets bigger and rather unwieldy!
I really can't be arsed today.
It's party season, dammit, and I wanna party!
I really fancy an afternoon in a bar, getting quietly sozzled on margaritas!
I think that may be my Summer cocktail of choice!
In Winter I like a whisky mac.....mmmm, all warm, syrupy and gingery!
But I need zingy lime juice and tangy tequila today!


Dashfield Vintage said...

Yet another beautiful dress! Your wardrobe must be every girls dream! Mmmm yes I do love the Eagles, always crank it up if they come on the radio in the car.

delia hornbook said...

Well i think you should head on down to the pub we only live once ;-)) gorgeous outfit, loving the bag and earings especialy. Have a great week, dee xx

Kitty said...

OMG is your whole house shabby shit now??!! Imagine if you left it like that!!

Only kidding ;)

sacramento said...

I need your gorgeous dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Helguita I also WANT your bag.
Soooooooooooooooo gorgeous.

Perdita said...

Adore that floral dress. Outragious and yet slightly Victorian in pattern- superb.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Thta dress is gorge. Love, love, love. And the bag is divine. How big is your wardrobe, lady?

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I ADORE your fab floral frock,amor - and that bag is SPECTACULAR! Love your messy-sexy-bed-hair. And I love your light switch. I do!

Love when you sing to me! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Lovely frock, beautiful bag, and AMAZING hair decoration!
Oh a bit of afternoon drinking is just wonderful, isn't it? Yes, a margarita would go down very nicely!
PS. How's the work progressing on the house? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Your bed head hair's making me rather frisky and as for that ladylike frock and stockings...wowser.
I wish I could join you for an afternoon margarita but that slave-driver I live with is making me do the accounts...grrrr!
Love you!

Pearl Westwood said...

Some days are just Tequilla kind of days and theres nothing that can change that!

two squirrels said...

Miss Helga you gorgeous Lady!!! Pretty pretty dress. The beads look lovely.
Oh I wish festive drinks were hangover free, only feeling ok today after a few drinks on Thursday night.
Love to you sweet!!!! V

Ivy Black said...

Beautiful frock and white tights are rather lush!xxxxxx

Bonnie said...

Helga, you do look quite lovely in pink! Come on over for a few grande margaritas anytime.

xo, Bonnie

Shewearscrazywell said...

I love that you don't always brush the ol' hair! OOOh thank you ever so much for your sweet support on my hair growing adventure! I too cannot wait to have it long and not brush it...hee hee :). I love this dress but I really love the shoes you paired up with it. Adorbs!!!!! Hearts...and Wishes that I could have a drinkie with you! Love, janna lynn

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I've got the Eagles on me brain now! Ta muchly! I can't stand that Hick F*cknall either! ;) Yer lookin' the bees knees Helga petal!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the ladylike look on you tis gorgeous! That bag is rather lovely. I wish my hair looked like that when I don't brush it, mine always looks shit!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooooh lady-like frocks against the sanded wall ... love the special FX there and sooooooooooooooo lusting after your necklace, earrings and bag. THE FECKING FROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Sing away my lovely!! xoxoxoxo

Krista said...

This dress is sublime and those shoes make me squeal!!!! The purse too you are all girl this week!!!! I agree tis the season for boozing it up and leaving work early! Let's get festive!!!!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Love, your positively glowing!! xxx

La Dama said...

I want all your lady like frocks and i always have bed hair.
That rose bag is divina, lusting at your shoes and tights.
One day we will have some big ass margaritas! Making me crave margaritas now. Tis the sason to be jolly off pur heads.