Hammer Time

Yep, tis the season to get out ones hammer after a few bubblys and smack a hole in the wall!
Makes me feel so butch!
I'd been over the road at our neighbour Whina's watching some flax weaving and chatting about Japanese swords with Whina's hubby for a couple of hours.
I think the sword talk got me frisky.
G graciously handed me the hammer on my return, as he's ripped off the other side of the wall now.....and I got to make the break through bash!
G has been beavering away in the most manly fashion, working on getting that wall down.....it's proved to be a bigger mission than we initially expected.
Why o why is that always the way?!
Under the jib board in my room G found the original exterior of the house!
And there had been a fire at some point in its history, hence the dark patch!
On the left is what we think may have been the original back door, only the surround doesn't seem as old as the rest, so either it got reframed, or was actually added later.
Our house was built in 1924, I think.
G found some newspaper in the cavity which dates the last bit of work done to 1985.
I wish he'd found some 1922 newspaper!
I wore a 70's caftan-esque opshopped frock with lashings of heavy jewellery and some wedges I got off Trade Me.
A girl needs to be comfy when weilding a hammer.
And then we popped off down the road to stock up on vodka and listen to our liquor store lady have a bit of a political rant.
We then spent the evening watching Kill Bill Vol I and II; haven't watched it in a while, I freaking LOVE it!
I'm pretty sure Tarantino is the second coming.


Kitty said...

Yikes, it's beavers all round this Chritmas, innit? Only saying, as I've been doing plenty of man-type furniture work too. But of course I could never look as glam as you my darling!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Of course you have to look glam to knock down a wall! It's cool what you find inside walls shame the newspaper wasn't older! That dress is kind of hypnotizing I love it.


Theeny said...

!!! dark lipstick !! AND the skull necklace

pastcaring said...

The obvious outfit for knocking down a wall! One must remain stylish even when engaging in manly pursuits!
I love your frock, the print is fabulous.
It's so true that any work done on a house will end up more complicated, more time-consuming and more expensive than first expected. It seems to be the law. Good to see you and G are cracking on with it though.
Oh G and his beavering... He's the MAN! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sacramento said...

You are so glamourous for hammering, dear Helga.
Always love.

two squirrels said...

Hello Miss Helga!!!!
oh oh you looked so fantastic on Christmas day!!! That head piece with the blue cocktail dress was just fabulous. Looks like you had a lovely day. Snooze pics great.
Knock knock on wood in that amazing 70's kaftan, wow!!!
You go girl!!!!
Love V

Anonymous said...

If you're going to knock down a wall, you might as well do it in style. I love the colours in the caftan.

Vix said...

Can't touch you for stylish and fabulous DIY attire! I fricking love that frock and your lashings of jewellery and heels but flax weaving and swords? Do you live in a mediaeval village or something????
SKYPE? Yes! I have no idea what day it is, it's total madness.
Love you!

trashsparkle said...

eeeeeek! I've been on too many of those Spot The Hazard courses - electric flexes, your toes.... good job the vodka helped you keep a tight grip on that hammer! So much fun knocking yer house about isn't it - apart from dirty grotty dust up one's nostrils and in one's hair!!! x

Anonymous said...

Hammered with Helga is the new Frocking Friday - you know it.

Style Sud-Est said...

A girl must remain glamorous no matter the situation and you nail it down great! Fabulous frock to knock down a wall!

Love Tarantino! is the greatest ! did you see Inglorious Bastards with Brad Pitt?

Lots of love dearest


LandGirl1980 said...

No one, but no one, could make hammer time look as glam as you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole - a kaftan is always appropriate for EVERY occasion! I LOVE that pic of you peeking through the wall - and all of the history you can see in that wall framework... how exciting! Your jewels are spectacular darling and I need a skype too! Love!!! Sarah xxx

Mrs Munster said...

Must be quite therapeutic to smash a wall. Your the most glam DIY gal I've ever seen. After hammer time - hammered time as reward :)

Krista said...

I wanna smash with you!!!!! I have never seen such a hot piece of ass smashing walls!!!!!! What a trip to see the bones of the place and the fire and so on. You look gorgeous in this kaftan and as always what pretty eyes you have my dear.

Scarlett said...

Only you could look so blooming amazing knocking a wall down - love it! Have a fabulous new year chickadee :o) Scarlett x

Louise said...

Now Now Miss Helga... knocking down walls in open toe shoes, what a Health and Safety nightmare. You look some glamorous, however, that I think we can let you off. Much love. xx

La Dama said...

Amor you look spectacular smashing the wall in glorious dress.
Your eyes are looking so blue ,loving your eye make up and dark lippy.
Could never get enough of kill bill.
Luv ya

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Well you must be the first coming then coz you are rocking my day - actually, you're rattling the cage in your gorgeously wild frock and awesome necklaces - love the skull necklace, pretty sure that's the one G gave you? How weird is that? I've been feeling a Kill Bill fest coming on too!! xoxoxoxoxo