A matchy matchy made in heaven too far?

Is it just a little ridiculous to match the walls of one's house?!
I think not!
Bugger it, if it's worth doing at all, it's worth overdoing, darlings!
The frock is one of the 3 delicious frocks my darling Curtise sent me, and she must have known that we were having our foyer painted to match this one!!!
We are starting to move a few things back into the house....hurrah!
(no, I don't know what is in these suitcases either!)
I popped on my floral fabulous headband from the sexacious Desiree , as moving furniture around is no excuse not to look splendid!
Can't wait to have the house back to normal...well, new normal!
Whilst we have a few days off we are going to start prepping the wall between the dining/my sewing room to come out, and also start ripping the band room apart!
That's the plan, anyways!
I also hope to get my machines set up a bit so I can do a few alterations and start thinking about what frock I want to make first!
O, gawd, and then I'll be having to wonder which case holds the particular fabric I want to use!
Thank goodness it's cocktail season!


Shewearscrazywell said...

I just absolutely love it when you wear those flower crowns! :) I just think you look so pretty in them...specially with your long flowing locks! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I want a guided tour when it's all done, cos I is nosey like that! Hahaha! Looking gorge as usual! Uploading a short video on my blog as I type, it's of a touching mother & son bonding moment! lmao! ;D

Trees said...

I love the colour and there is no such thing as being too matchy-matchy;)

Rae said...

You look adorable - and that is one of my faourite colours

And no matching the walls is not odd... when I go to my mum's I insist she makes my tea in a mug that matches my outfit (her mugs are all different colours so when I make tea for the family you can imagine how long it takes me to match the mug to eveyone's outfit!)

Rose&Bird said...

Fantastic - love the bright colours you've chosen for outfit and walls. Perfect camoflage if needed! Those floral headpieces do suit you and may I just say how young you look in the second picture?!

Have fun smashing and hope you find the fabric x

Bonnie said...

Blue is my favorite color and I love the outfit.

xo, Bonnie

La Dama said...

Nothing wrong with matching to the walls. You look like a sea goddess amor. cant wait to the whole house when it is finished.
I want a vid when it your casita is all done.
luv ya

Louise said...

I love that colour on your walls, it's lovely. I hope you both had a great Christmas. Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Are you kidding me... I frickin LOOOVE every colour you've chosen for your house and all of the beautiful timber! That frocktacular frock is another treasure from darling Curtise: The Frock Mistress!

I love your hair down - you look so twinkly eyed and naughty beautiful!

Love your naughty!Sarah xxx

Vix said...

The colour of the wall and that divine frock Curtise sent you are both beautiful! I always say to paint your house in colours you wear and know suit you that way you know you look fabulous at all times.
Have you got a no-shoes rule now you've got a new carpet? You have such pretty feet, I feel the need to stroke them...phwoar!
Love you!

Hannah said...

Co-ordinating with the walls love it, you look divine even whilst moving furniture! x

Anonymous said...

Hair-down Helga - you look yum!
Totally regal darling - and remember - they only ever match you sweetie, and not the other way around :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

The hair piece makes the outfit. It looks glamorous - kind of like a fusion of virgin bridal meets Hawaii.

Great furniture pieces too - can't wait to seeing the new sewing room.

pastcaring said...

Well, naturally I have special powers so I know JUST what colour you're painting your walls, love! It is always an excellent idea to match one's frock to the decor, there is no such thing as a matchy match too far. But you knew that!
Looking especially beautiful in these photos, Helga - is it the turquoise /white colour combo, is it the heavenly headress, is it the hair a-flowing, the bare legs, or the abundance of cocktails? Whatever the reason, you look GORGEOUS!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krista said...

Ah the turquoise is fabulous! Loving the room your toes and your dress, it's looks super comfy too. Can't wait to see your house reborn!!!! I love all the color you have on the walls, it makes me happy!

Penny-Rose said...

I love the colour of the walls - it looks amazing with the wood skirting and bits round the doors (I forget what that bit is called!) Are you doing the painting yourselves? I can't help wondering what you might wear when prepping...I am imagining Rosie the Riverter...is that distasteful. She has awesome biceps and I could not help noticing you do too! Thank you for following my blog and keeping me going, there have been some tough moments. Looking forward to seeing the house in its new glory, and more of you in 2012. xx

LandGirl1980 said...

Who cares whats IN the suitcases?! They look fab!