Must be obsessed with pink bits

This wall is actually just a few bits of wood now!
I'm behind the program!
And seemingly having more than a firtation with a glorious pink theme!!!
Can't remember what I was doing or where I was's  a few days ago.
I barely know what day it is lately-just the way I like it!
I've had this old frock for years; someones handmade delight.
I love finding old handmade frocks, they're just that bit more special!
I'm really into my hair.
It behaved all perfect like!
Bet I couldn't get it this good again if I tried!
My G has been working hard!
He went out for a jam with the boys last night; I have no idea how he found the energy!
I've been helping him clear all this up and take it off to the docs, not heels!
Miracles do happen!
It's so exciting to see the the new lounge slowly taking shape!
I've been prancing in and out, getting him to take outfit pics and generally being a pain!
It's the least I can do to hump and haul with him to get this cleaned up!


Trees said...

I love it when I find a handmade vintage dress - its so perfect:)

Looks like G has been working really hard - can't wait and see what your house looks like when you're finished.

KittyMeow said...

Oooooh pretty shoes! Love that shade of pink (and I used to hate it)....Where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking? :-)

Max said...

Love the dress Helga, whats the design on it, has it got birds of paradise on it? I love the background colour and it looks so silky. Your lounge is going to be massive by the looks of it, bigger drinkies cabinet and a karaoke corner?!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that dress is divine - and your bosom is so exquisitely pillow-esque! I cannot wait to rest my cheek upon your peachy peaches, amor! I adore your hair like this - please show me how you do it - and those shoes with bows are fabbo! Your living room will be AMAZING when it's done! Love!!! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Your hair, your booboids, your frock, the's all too much! G has been a busy boy, what a sweetheart. The house is going to look amazing, which is only right for a fabulous creature like yourself.
Love You!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm a big fan of the handmade vintage frock too! Can't get much more original than that! G has been working hard, I can't wait to see the end result.


sacramento said...

I love, and WANT your dress, but above all the pink in your soul, my dear friend.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

If you ever wake up one morning and all your hair accessories are missing... you will need to come to Australia to retrieve them.

trashsparkle said...

Pink, great frocks, well behaved and very cool hairdo, mess and destruction, room re-inventions.... some of my favourite things!

I've a)got a bad memory or b)didn't know in the first place - but which rooms are being knocked together? Am easily confused these days - you might have to scribble us a floorplan! x

Krista said...

Boobalicious and pink I have died and gone to HEAVEN!!!! So much color in your posts they always make me smile and I am happy to hear the lounge is coming together, there will be merry music making soon enough love! I love the turquoise dress and with pink is perfection...I could look at you all dam day! Your beautiful blue eyes have me mesmerized.

Luna Tiger said...

I love the colors the walls are in harmony with your outfit !

Louise said...

Between that dress, and that hair there's just so much perfect going on. I love it. Have a wonderful New Year darling Helga... sending much love from me and the Hubby to you and the G-meister. xx

La Dama said...

handmade frocks are the best!your dress pattern looks familiar to me.
you hair is looking rather perfect, love how your hair color looks burgundy matching your lippy.
Happy New Year!

mode. said...

love your shoes! just found your lovely blog. and your kitty is quite handsome!
<3 mode.

vintage_kitten said...

You look so that dress and those shoes are so cute.Love your hair.I have times my hair does perfect and then the next time I do the same thing and it won't do what it did before.Especially the darn victory rolls.You are gorgeous gorgeous.xx

two squirrels said...

Oh I just love a made with love frock, they always have a charming feel.
Those boys in our lives, always handy!!! Love them.
Sending you a big happy new years kiss.
Love Vanessa

Mary Lou said...

oh i love how you did your hair here and when i see this pictures i´m obsessed with pink too! fabulous frock. i wish you a very very happy and fabulous new year and all your projects realized perfectly;)
big kiss,mary

pastcaring said...

The hair, the hair! It's perfection!!!
You are always wonderfully pretty in pink, and this dress is no exception - especially with those sexy shoes to matchy-match!
Well done to you and G for working so hard on your house, looking forward to seeing it all done and dusted and fabulous. A fabulous couple require a fabulous abode, right?
Happy New Year to you both! xxxxxx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Did you know there is a song called 'Show us yer pink bits'? Well it's 'Show us yer tits, show us ya pink bits!' Google it! ;D I would like to say that I have no idea how I knew there was a song called that, but I just did okay!! I think someone might have sung it to me once, I've always loved a bit of romance! ♥

shazza said...

I love your hair!