On your back, Thai style

Since I've been awol the last couple of days, I thought I ought to treat you to an around town Friday Froctacular post!
Our post work Friday started out in serious fashion.
We need a new mattress.
Our existing one is well past it's use by date.
This one is juuuuust right!
We both like a firm work bench, and had no trouble selecting a splendid mattress for a reasonable price.
G was talking away to the shop dude here, and said "why are you taking my picture?!"
"Because I'm a blogger.
That's what bloggers do."
This isn't the one we chose, but it was quite comfy and I was tempted to have a pre lunch snooze.
Then we toddled off into the central city for the first time since the February quake.
It was rather sobering (and I hadn't had a drink yet), as there isn't much of it left.
The central building was hotel, and was in a considerable slump.
It'll be good when it's gone, as then they can open up the bit of town around it.
This is Cashel Mall, now a container mall!
We liked it!
It's funky, and they've done it very neatly and colourfully!
We were hoping to find a bar, but no joy.
I am usually far too lazy to go to the annual world buskers festival, but these lovely ladies are tempting me!
They look right up my alley!
I really like this old building, and wonder if they are holding it up until it gets demoed, or until they can repair it.
Knowing the frenzied "pull it down" fever we've had, it'll come down allright!
The Old Provincial Chambers
And then it was time for a languid boozy Thai lunch at the Kum Pun.
Just pour me a frigging glass!

Earrings and necklace-60's, opshopped
Frock-Rangoon Musical Society sale
Waistcoat-Trade Me
Shoes-Sydney, a few years back
G got his Superfro T in Thailand some years ago.
We were pretty impressed with our carved carrot duck!
And saw Paradise quacklets on the way home!


two squirrels said...

You amazing green beam of gorgeousness!!!!
Oh my wee tummy is a rumbling at all that yummy food!!!
Hmmmm the rash that is Wilson's car-parking is still spreading in the city I see.
Happy and completely fabulous weekend to you and Mr G. Love V

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I LOVE this look around Christchurch - thank you, darling! I also LOOOVE that fab frock - did you sing all day long? - and the gorgeous hair flower and your shoes and necklace! You look absolutely DIVINE and I adore G's superfro tshirt. The shipping container city is quite gorgeous isn't it? I would love to see more - are they permanent?

Love! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Firstly thanks for your lovely comments on my post.. Grief is certainly the price we pay for love.

Secondly I love that operatic frock! That's a smashing green. I will one day join the friday frock sisters!

Much love and have a great weekend! xx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Ooo that food looks fantastic. I have to say I'm kind of impressed by how good the containers look as shops! They seem like they add a bit of life and quirkiness to an otherwise very sombre looking city centre. It's almost like post apocalyptic or something isn't it!

Louise said...

I so want a carved carrot duck! That is a talent. It's such ashame that so many lovely buildings have gone, I guess there's a big building programme in NZ for the foreseeable. I know they have been advertising here in the UK for surveyors to go over.

I love your frock, and G's T-shirt is excellent.


Kerry said...

Helga, you are without a doubt the BEST blog discovery I have had in months! Not only are you a fellow Kiwi, but you are also completely fabulous in every way.

Thank you for sharing your little bit of Christchurch. I had only visited twice before the earthquakes hit and really loved the city during my brief trips. I am so sure it will rise up again even more vibrant than before.

Franca said...

Oh no, so much damage! I hope the manage to save the old buildings! The thai food looks delicious! Thai is my fave type of food, sadly we don't have many thai places in Edinburgh, they're either not very good or v expensive.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Looking gorg as ever! Such a shame about those lovely old buildings :o(

one denim bird said...

You two are rockin again. Thanks so much for Le Tour of "Container Mall" ... what an ingenious idea!!!

I agree with Miss Dashfiled Vintage - they do add a quirky touch to the city!

Have a splendid weekend petals!

Dee x

Vintage Coconut said...

*How fabulous*
(I hope they don't get their carrot ducks from that same pond the others are swimming in.)
"Gawd I love when your dressed to the 9s in green. Absolutely divine.
Mattress shopping looks rather fun too."

Perdita said...

You have a restaurant called 'kum pun'?? I can think of plenty, but then I have a verrryyy smutty brain. Sniggers.

Kitty said...

Wow, your city looks barren-so sad., but what they've done with the containers looks amazing!! Way better than it sounded when I first heard about it!!

Miss Claire said...

Ohhh! A new beeeeed! I want one. I sleep on a sofa bed, and while it's a pretty damn good one I do miss my bed a lot! Wow, the container shopping centre is a great idea...it really brightens up a quite terrible tragedy. Looks like a yummy lunch (besides the meat, haha!) and lotsa wine...Love you in green and musical notes! Xooxoxox Claire

Shewearscrazywell said...

That food looked super yum! I think you look so beyond gorg in that green! How pretty are you!!!! G doesn't look bad either in his awesome tshirt. Those pictures of your city make me so thankful, again, that you both are okay. I remember being so worried with news reports. I felt so powerless so far away. I do love you so! Hearts, Janna Lynn

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous in green, darling! Love the pics of you lounging around on the beds - a firm work bench indeed!
Those containers look great, what a clever idea, and lunch looks splendid - love Thai, though we don't get a carrot duck at the restaurant we go to, might have to request one!
Have a wonderful weekend! xxxxxxx

Fabrizia said...

Such a great post, I enjoyed it so much! Really nice photos!

Last day to enter the Fox House giveaway on my blog!
Take a look and maybe follow?: Cosa mi metto???

Krista said...

Cool tour of the city, wow thanks for sharing. So bright and beautiful even with all the construction and mess from the quake. I love the container mall, those things are super cute! Your lunch out looks amazing, do you also eat the eye balls, I hear they are delicious but I am too squeamish to give them a try, a sweet Asian friend of mine says they are the best part and they fight over them in her house.

You look sexy in that green dress and matching tights and G also looks adorable, I wanna braid his hair when you visit!


Vix said...

Wow! Christchurch as a container city still looks a million times better than Walsall!
Looking divinely minxy in green. I'd love to run over and dive on top of you whilst you're testing out that mattress.
G's tee is the business.
Loving the carrot duck and that no quakes are gonna stop the busking!
Love you more than Blaxploitation and big breasted women! Thank you, you bad, bad girl.

Miss Rayne said...

Love your musical frock, and very impressed by the container mall, it looks really stylish, what a good idea.

Tomye said...

I am lovin' this outfit sista! It is very sad about your town, but I am glad that the merchants are not deterred by the quake. So, I must know...what is a Buskers Festival? -T

Daniel said...


Anonymous said...

Look at all that green, now you know everyone's after your lucky charms!
I love the frock and of course the tights are fab. G's looking pretty sexy too!

LandGirl1980 said...

You have sun and carved funk-tastic carrots. Awesome.

Hannah said...

You beautiful leprechaun! that dress is badass, and I want to stick my face in that food aha x

La Dama said...

Green dress is spectacular, eyeing your green rose.
Love your mattress pose and your reply to shop owner.
G man fro t shirt is the coolest.
So sad about the buildings but looks cool to hang out at the restaurant.
I am impressed with carved duck carrot.