The one where Beastwars rock off my panties!

Aka, what a frigging fantasmo night we had!
I went for a kind of Esther Williams meets Carry On Nurse look.
My beloved Vix sent me this marvellous 60's swimsuit, that I decided was perfect for the evening, considering the wet weather!
I had to take out the pointy bits, as they weren't so pointy anymore, and rather than look like I was packing some real heat, it looked a bit like I was packing bruised mangoes.
Worn with my vintage nurses cape, splendiferous floral headband and clip on earrings from sexacious Desiree, some red fishnets, 50's gloves from a junk shop in Greta Valley, shoes from a garage sale, opshopped white beads and a diamante necklace from darling Louise, I felt rather fabulous!
Justine looks like an elongated version of Sandy in the finale of Grease meets Rosie the Riveter!!!
We met up with Amy at the venue and proceeded to have a fricking drunken humdinger of a night!
Amy and Kelly!
James here is the bass player for  Beastwars .
We've just caught up again this last year after about 20 years-we'd had a bit of a fling before G and I got it on, and he wandered off into the abyss for a while.

He's now a respectable (ha!never!!) married man and father of 2!
And you know all about me.

It's quite nice to hang out again.

He was pondering whether he should continue to rock out leaning back like some archdeacon of bass-tiality, or if he should perhaps be hunching over like a demented pony rider whilst playing.
I persuaded him to continue with the former.
He commented that my blog seems to be a lot about clothes.
It is.
I would probably describe Beastwars as relentless.
I boogied my arse off in the back corner, so am a bit sore today, as well as a fine hangover.
They were totally fantabularsole rocktastic!
Listen to them on bandcamp , you will not regret it!*

*That'll be several drinks you owe me, James boy!


Daniel said...


Daniel said...


Daniel said...


Tomye said...

There is nothing like getting wild and crazy with the girls! Blue does suit you Madame. -T

Shewearscrazywell said...

How awesome are you! It looks like you had quite the blast!!! I love that your blog is about style...not just clothes! And have the best style ever. I love ya! Your absolutely Ah-maz-zing in these photos!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Vintage Coconut said...

*hehe* I loved the (It was wet so I wore my swimsuit.)

*Looks like a rather FUN-TASTIC NIGHT*

Hannah said...

you look awesome love that you are rocking a swimsuit and that headband is gorgeous! x

Trees said...

I love that you wore a vintage swimsuit & nurses cape to a gig - FABULOUS!!

Looks like a rad night - been SO long since I had a girls night out!

one denim bird said...

Helga darling you are a freakin rockin Super Hero in that be-dazzling outfit!

And by joves arnt your girlfriends delish! Looks like you had a most fantabulously awesome-oh-sa time on your girls night out!

Sending festive love across the ditch!


Miss Peregrin said...

BABES! You all look amazing, and that vintage swimsuit is just fabulous. I'll have to go & check out Beastwars - if they're as good as you say, then I'm sure I'll love them.

Krista said...

Booze, bitches and BOOBS....rock-n-roll em yer' oh opps. What a killer night out drinking and dancing and bumping and grinding.You could give Tanya Harding a run for her money in that sweet lil suit Vix sent ya!

Lisa Shayla said...

Oh my Helga! Your title lured me in with a promise of a pantie peek and I was rewarded with so much more. Bravo! And it was all done without nary a run in the stockings!

Misfits Vintage said...


Hoenstly, I cannot get ENOUGH of your in this INCREDIBLE ENSEMBLE, Mrs Slocombe would be GREEN with envy!

Your hair looks exqusite... the swimmers and cape and FISHNETS and Desiree's fabulous floral crown - FUCK ME YOU LOOK AMAZING!

I need a lie down - this outfit has done me in... you're just... too... fabulous...

LoveMyFriendTheSueprhero! Sarah xxx

AMINTA said...

Looking so hot Helga!!! :D

Mary Lou said...

helga you look like a hotter version of wonderwoman ;) and i´ve never seen your tattos before.haha your fotos are always so much fun, really enjoy your blog hot wonderwoman;)
love and kiss,mary

Vix said...

For feck's sake, that swimsuit's even more fabulous on you than I ever imagined. Good God woman, you look frigging amazing!!!!
That headband takes the biscuit.
Love you!!!

La Dama said...

You can be my super hero nurse anytime!
I love all the manhandleing going on.
I am perving all over your sexy legs.
Floral headband envy.
Luv ya

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

HOLY FECKING GLORY BE!!!!!! Now I can see everyone's blogs I'm have goddam daytime wet dreams over your super sassy deadly assassin gorgeousness!!!! You should be ON my swimsuit, yes on it!!!! Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... we could make a female deadly assassin movie a-la John Waters/Russ Meyer and you MUST appear as you are here. FARKING, FARKIN, FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh glory hallelujah that you are a real, living, beautiful creature of inspiration and rightfully wearing your coronation crown. I'll bet you were the cause of some heat-packing pants on the night you glorious creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

You're looking sexay! James is a cutie, where do you find all these sexy men!?

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Holy Moly that outfit is inspired! It's pretty wet here but if I wore my swimsuit my bosoms would pretty soon be frozen solid. I love the little titbit that rock types consult with you on their stage moves - perhaps it's a viable business? Stage-awareness and style, I think it could be for you!