Pink and Silver Cloud Dreams!

This will be my sewing/dressing room.....very soon!
The silver has come up a treat!
Nice and shimmery, and the pink is the perfect shade!
And spot the new carpet!
We're so grown up and mature and responsible!
We have actually had some Summery sunshine today, hence my bare legs and feet! I just had to rip off my white tights/black fishnets when I got home!
I've used G's phone to take todays pic, as my camera is definetly not a happy camper.....but G spotted an inexpensive one on Trade Me, that is actually brand new, never opened, and we snaffled it!
It'll do nicely.
I don't know shit about photography and flash cameras, so anything super good would be wasted on me.
And you've seen how I like to wave my camera around at gigs and parties!
(That may have something to do with the demise of my trusty little camera)

Anyways, I've had 2 lovely things happen today.....
I came home to a parcel of frock delight from my darling, wonderful Curtise !!
I love them, thank you so much sweetie!
And then I had a lovely long Skype with my gorgeous Princess Sarah !
(44 sleeps!)
We still have 1 1/2 days of work before we get a little break, and it has been the slowest week ever.
G and I are both over it.
Who's getting a nice holiday out there in blogland?!

Frock-made by moi
Necklaces-white beads, opshopped, with necklace from Shabby Chic Market and diamante necklace from the lovely Louise !
Hairbow-garage sale


Vintage Coconut said...

I love you paint job, silver sewing rooms are only the best you can have.
Cute dress! I would be freezing my buns off in a outfit like that right now. HAHA I'm in huge furry coats your rocking your bare legs!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That silver is awesome! That frock is so cute, love the flowers. Don't worry no nice holiday for me I have to work xmas eve and boxing day.... Money money money.


Mrs Munster said...

Cute paint job! I'm not getting any break from work. I'm finish work for my usual 5 days on Xmas day morning (so I might fall asleep face in my Xmas dinner. LOL) Have a relaxing time off gorgeous Helga.

trashsparkle said...

ooh la la - soooo grown up! I'd never bought carpet til last year; its like joining some sort of club of sensibleness.... your title's given me strange flashbacks of the bloke who's been busking in town with a keyboard. yesterday he was doing "electric dreams". quite badly...

roll on getting all your fabulous frocks installed in your new room! x

Misfits Vintage said...

OOOohhh pink and silver looks AMAZING! I love it! That frock is even gorgeouser that it looked on skype and look at you with bare feet... you fabulous bohemian! Love you more than nail polish! Sarah xxx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Few more days and it wll be holidays for me.

I have a dressng room and I share it with two rabbits. Sultanas everywhere!

Vix said...

Frocktastic! That dress is gorgeous and extra delicious with those bare legs. Loving those silver walls, too!
Thank goodness for snaffling a new camera at a fab price, people get so stupid at Xmas they miss all the real bargains.
Curtise's parcel looks awesome.
Hope the rest of the week flies by!
love you!

Miss Peregrin said...

Ooo, silver walls! They look amazing. I love the frock & your gorgeous bare legs.

Louise said...

Wowee, a silver dressing/ sewing room? That's the stuff that dreams are made of! I bet you cannot wait! I hope you'll use your new camera to give us a full blog tour of the room when it's all set up? 2 days to go for me... Then I'm outta here forever. Xx

Kitty said...

with a silver room you'll DEFINITELY be sewing faster!! being that in my book at least, silver has ALWAYS been the fastest colour!!

And Helga with bare legs, bizarre, you look like me now, eeeek!

Perdita said...

Love those silver walls. I'm thinking of gold for my decorating (which will occur when I ever get round to it).

Krista said...

Pretty girl in her pretty new pink and silver room, eeeek super cute!!!!! Sarah is rubbing off on you with your lil bare feet. I am loving all those prints from Curtise, can't wait to see them on you!

Here's to new carpet!!!

Ivy Black said...

A silver sewing room! How wonderful.
Soon be Friday!xxxx

two squirrels said...

The room looks amazing, great colour choice.
Our dress is fabulous on you and in the ones in the parcel look wonderful!!
Not many sleeps now till Santa comes. Love V

Daniel said...

Oh dear ! Oh Helga ! Oh boy ! You're the sunshine,fricking adore you I just love the pose and the BOW! "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN"

Anonymous said...

What a cool colour combo for your sewing room, love it.
Your dress is awesome, I'm always pulled in by things that have flashes of my favourite colours.
I hope you will be showing off some of the frocks in that parcel?

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Aw, it's dead nice to see you. I've been all offa blogger lately and you and Vix were my first two stop offs. Always guaranteed to raise a smile. The room looks swell and those dresses are acers! xx

Ofelia said...

The silver paint is fantastic! I imagine that when the sun shines it illuminates the room beautifully!
Congratulations on your package; the turquoise dress and the green and lace dress are amazing.
Have a healthy, fun and happy Christmas,

Trees said...

Hurrah for sunshine - was still a bit chilly but gloriously sunny here today and all the better as I finished up at work yesterday (decided to take an extra couple days of leave, due to being "over it").

Yah for a sewing room! One day when I grow up I want one!

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous colours, to give you extra sewing/dressing inspiration... As though you need it!
And new carpet too! Yeah, you're a grown up now. Hahahahaha!
Well done for getting the new camera, and for looking so adorable in your flowery frock and having bare legs!
PS. Pleased the parcel arrived in time for Christmas! xxxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Wow silver and pink! lucky girl! I wish we had those colors here but we are in the beige here - Mr. D's choice since i moved in - My walk in is more me, but not complaining it is a gorgeous house!

Love your outfit Helga so summery, so happy and barefooted lucky girl, we are freezing our butts here!

I went to orthopedist today, the guy looked like eor, you know the donkey in Winnie the Pooh, he even talked like eor..anyway,

he said i have a severe frozen shoulder and did not need cortisone, but more physio and rest...

Have a Merry Christmas doll and your G

Love and X-mas kisses

Ariane xxxx

La Dama said...

those silver walls look gorgeous with your sexy bare feet.
more gifts? you have been a good little Helgita.