The prime of my purple reign

You likey the new colour in our foyer?!
I likey!
Even in the dim morning light this morning-6:30am-it glows!
I'm having a purple fest today.
Possibly inspired, subconciously, by seeing Prince when channel surfing the other night.
I don't have a lot of purple in my wardrobe.
This frock and jacket came from my beloved Vix !
I wear this frock quite a bit; the tie bit is sublime!
The freakin' awesome 60's clip on earrings are from darling Kitty !
They are just too funky!
I am now obsessed with 60's clip ons, thanks to your generous kick start to my collection, Kitty doll!
Shoes-Trade Me
Tights-opshopped, amazingly!
Lime green goes with everything, I think.
Just like leopard print and glitter do.
Remember I told you a while back that a co-workers nickname for me is Sparkle?!
I have another nickname.
It is the Laminatrix.
Due to my obsession with melting anything I can get my hands on in the laminator, which sits, rather conveniently, in eyes view just outside our office.
It makes me itch.

1 sleep until the pookies come home!
56 until we go to see Sarah !


Misfits Vintage said...

OMG most splendiferous colour combo EVER! And I ADORE your new wall colour - please advise the brand and name of colour so that I can do a wall in my house too. (Ooh I'm akl Single White Female!) That dress is divine and I adore your earrings too darling. Only 56 sleeps!!! Yay!

LoveYourPurpleBits! Sarah xxx

Ivy Black said...

Purple and green is a brilliant combo...I could eat it!xxx

Marlena said...

I love this!! <3 Those purple heels look SO good with those tights.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Purple and green such fav of mine and a touch of orange = perfection!!! That colour on your walls is super duper awesome.

Yay for pookies almost home.


Perdita said...

Purple is a great colour, so opulent. I swing between it being my favourite or aqua blue. Luckily they go together so I just wear both!

Ronnie (RR) said...

Love those colours

sacramento said...

Love the clash of colour, my dear Helguita.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You can fecking laminate me anytime in those green tights and purple shoes you jolly awesome fanny-tease!!!!! I'm salivating over the contrasting purple dress and jacket - they're jumping out and saying "ticket to CC pronto"! YAY for 60s clip-ons!!!!! xoxoxoxox

pastcaring said...

You're looking ready for action of some kind in that first photo!
LOVE the colours, wall included, love the frock, and love the fact you will soon be reunited with the kitties. (And only a leeetle bit longer to wait till you're reunited with Sarah too!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

What a fantastic colour for your wall! I love it! When I was 18 I was allowed to paint my house (a little cottage that my mum owned), the result was several fire engine red feature walls, a bright pink toilet (which it still is), a bright blue and yellow bathroom, a yellow hallway and a bright blue kitchen... safe to say that my tastes have changed a little bit but I still appreciate a good dose of colour here and there :)

Kitty said...

I'm loving the purple combo too!!! Am wearing my fave green and purple stripe trousers today myself! Will keep an eye out for more earrings for you.xx.

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

1. that wall is a fabulous colour.
2. I like that when I type "colour"
on your blog it's spelled correctly
3. I think laminating is expensive, don't get fired...

Miss Claire said...

OMG the lime green tights make me crave gelato or something deliciously summery!...and the blue walls are so lovely! I can't wait to see your house once all of the repairs are'll be amazing again! Xoxoxox Claire

Daniel said...

Your rock babz!! LOVE it! GREEN + PURPLE = ARE BFF'S

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

photots are delish! so are YOU! How can you stand clip ons? I just got a whole buch and they make me so uncomfortable! I have to convert them to peirced!

Vix said...

Hey Laminatrix that was one of the highlights when I was a wage slave, too!
That frock looks marvellous with those lime green tights. I do love a clip-on earring. The one's Desiree sent me are so comfy too, I can stand them all day unlike the 1980s pinchy version.
Loving those turquoise walls, it's looks like the Aegean in your hallway.
LOVE you!

karensomethingorother said...

"Laminatrix" made me laugh out loud. Such fun colour! You girls have such vision. I need some vision. I HAVE NO VISION! Oh wait... I'm wearing a dark pink shirt. Good enough.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Helga! You find the BEST tights ever. Op-shopped no less, I need to start poking around those bins.

I too have been wearing clip earrings recently. I discovered that a piece of mole-skin (the blister self-adhesive stuff designed for feet), works awesome to tighten up loose earrings and make them more comfortable. Just a tip...


ps - you look great in bright colors

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

You is one hawt Trollop! :D ♥

Vintage Coconut said...

Your wall color is a pretty sweet one, it is surely something I would pick too. And I like your dress a rather lot especially with those green tights.

Trees said...

Purple shoes & lime tights *Melt* AMAZING!

two squirrels said...

Lime green tights and purple shoe!!! Helga I love what you do!!!!
Yay pussy cats!!!! Home from holiday's.

Anonymous said...

Green and purple together is smashing! You look great :)

La Dama said...

I also love you in this purple frock with Kermit the frog green tights.
purple heels are dominatrix sexy laminator biatch!
adorar the color of your foyer.

Miss Peregrin said...

LOVE the colour of the foyer! And it goes so well with your outfit. Those tights & shoes are kickass.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Can't go wrong with a bit of Princely Purple, I have mad love for the little crazed pixie. And turquoise walls look amazing. Sorry to read further up that your building work is STILL ongoing, it will all be fabulously worth it in the end I'm sure!