Vino and fooling in the sun

Here's how we spent our Saturday afternoon!
A wine and food festival in Hagley Park!
I think half of Christchurch was there!
We watched a local fave band, The Eastern
Bumped into Liz, Ely, Jeannie and Matt!
I tried to look fabulous in a 70's halterneck, which I wore because of it's high neckline.
The sun is rather evil in NZ!
Damn thing kept twisting round, though.
Vinyl bag-opshopped
Then we watched Paul Ubana Jones
And the wonderful Hollie Smith , who has pipes to die for!
Barry M toes!
Thank you, Vix !
Waiting to go into Jo's seminar!
And then it was time to toddle over to Dave K's for a potluck dinner.
I was slightly worse for wear after a long day in the sun, drinking wine....
I showered and dressed up at Dave's, having dropped everything off in the morning, as it was easier to go straight to his after the festival.
I bloody forgot to pop in a necklace and a hair ornament, but was thrilled to give those amaaaaazing shoes and collar thingy that my beloved Vix sent a wee spin!
What followed was a little more wine, and a lovely meal consisting of vegan lasagne, dahl (from me),some kind of frittata and I can't remember what else!
A splendid way to finish off a fabulous day!


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

OOh yer sexy beast! lol Sun?? Bloody pissing down up 'ere in Hamilton! :(

Dashfield Vintage said...

What a perfect summers day! man you're lucky, up here we have had nothing but rain and wind... getting a little bit sick of it now. You have however inspired me to go and drink a glass of wine now. Love the black lacy number by the way.

Max said...

that does look a great day, I hope your going to tell us what you learned about matching wine and music! love the cardi, and G's shirt in particular x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I trying to work your hat out. Is it vintage? Nonetheless, I am mental about those feathers.

Loving the shoe clips(?) or the floral shoes.

Your other half's shirt is AMAZING. The print! I love it.

two squirrels said...

Oh guys what a fabulous day for wee drinkies In the sun!!! Mr G great shirt!
Miss Helga that black dress is truly spectular!!! Love love the orange rose shoes. V

Kerry said...

Oh my god that sunshine looks so amazing, we had it up here in Wellington yesterday but all has officially turned to shit for the next week apparently.

Your beaded evening dress (or top and skirt?) is to die for! That neckline and the beaded front are completely gorgeous. I love how you did your hair too :-)

Misfits Vintage said...

What a GORGEOUS day! Jo and Liz both look divine - and you look so summery and delightful, darling! Your evening outfit is SPECTACULAR - I love that lacy collar and those rosy shoes are exquisite! Paul has a KILLER fro and G's shoes is quite marvellous!

Love! Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww what a bunch.
I like and, want your husband´s shirt.
Such a lot of fun!!!

Daniel said...

Your tongue ! yUMM ! yA SEXY MAMMA!

I do imagine us dancing to this music!

Daniel said...

+ G is a very lucky man

Vintage Sweetheart said...

What a splendid way to spend a Saturday! That hat pretty darn cool as are those shoes the lovely Vix sent your way.


Tomye said...

Bravo! I think that Christchurch needs some fun and cheer with all it has been through. You look gorgeous in that black evening dress. -T

lady liquor vintage. said...

How amazing is your hat?! Love you in that black beaded dress too.


vintage_kitten said...

What a fun look cute in both outfits.xx

pinktutu72 said...

Don't you think Barry M should pay Vix for as much advertisement it gets from her?? You look super sexy in that black dress!

Krista said...

Food, wine, friends, music all under glorious sunny skies what I call a perfect day too! You guys all look so happy and care-free having a blast! Love the pic of G laying there with his wine, so content! I love your sexy evening outfit the collar is hot and the flowers on the shoes are pretty stinking cute!

Vix said...

Insanely jealous of that marvellous festival, it gets to have you and G as guests!!!
Love that frock and G's shirt and that feathery hat is just amazing. I rather like your red headed friend's pretty dreads, too.
That beaded cape does wonders for your booboids and I'm so glad I can admire those shoes without crippling myself.
Love you!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Helga, where are you i miss your comments! love your hat, feathers right? and what was the pattern on G's shirt, he looked cool - you both look cool - Montreal has festivals all summer long, one after the other, so much fun - Hit the St-Vincent de Paul's charity shop sales, came out with plenty, plenty of stuff, Izzy is a mean shopper!

Ariane xxxxxx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, you spoil us - two outfits of gorgeousness, G's rocking shirt, wine, sunshine, friends, music... I'm jealous!
You look fabulous in your purple halterneck and hat, but I am IN LOVE with your evening attire. The beaded capelet thingy and shoes from Vix are spectacular. But the boobage is THE BEST! Love that last photo, you Bacchanalian goddess you!!! xxxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

Ooh loving the black ensemble, and I want to steal your fella's shirt x

La Dama said...

Such a lovely bunch, g man looking all suave as usual.
I hate halters, they make my breastest look bigger.
You look hot in your cool ass feather hat.
You look exquiste in your night gala black frock, smokey make up rocks.
Shoe flowers clips.. How pretty.
Luv ya