Rhymes with...

I keep thinking "red, white and blue, smells like poo"......
How bloody juvenile!
I shouldn't be surprised, though.
It's about standard around here!

I opshopped this wee jacket a few weeks ago, as I am a total sucker for red, white  and blue....
I'm not sure about the shape of it, but I do love the stripes!
Everything else I am wearing was also opshopped, except the skull necklace (G bought it for me in Wellington) and the red bow, which was from some little shop at the local mall. (Ugh, I know)
This frock make me think of sweet Ms Trees for some reason.
(Rock on, dudette!)

I had to take Humpers to the v.e.t today.
Little bugger has been fighting, and has some nasty puncture wounds on his little right leg.
He would go and do this just before we go away.
He's had a shot and will be on anti-botics for the next few days, and will be just fine.
My baby!

Ooo, you lot have been to see some cool bands over the years!
Ms Trashsparkle totally had me squealing over having seen The Cramps, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and my all time faves, Siouxsie and the Banshees!!!


I want yoooooo to show me the way

Yeah, a nice big blast of Peter Frampton on the way to work this morning!
But this isn't what I wore to work today!
This is what I wore yesterday to a family (G's) afternoon tea.

Frock-Rangoon Musical Society sale on Saturday!
Long waistcoat-60's/70's, opshopped
(Last time I wore this, some of you asked if I had tried it with something short....I love this idea, but haven't done so yet!)
Shoes-70's, gifted years ago
Tooled leather bag-70's, birthday gift from G

Peter Frampton, I understand, was most successful with his live album than with any other album he put out!
I'm quite intrigued by that.
Does anyone even put live albums out anymore?
I can't think of the last one I came across, it may have been the All About Eve re-union tour album, "Fairy Light Nights" I and II.
Kiss "Alive" is one of the my fave live albums. O, and Rammstein's live one; that's not too long ago.
I don't have as much interest in going to a live band anymore, international ones particularly. In NZ they rarely come down to the South Island, and going to the North Island is rather costly. G went up with Cousin Phil to see Black Sabbath (with Dio) a few years back, but they are his fave ever band, so that was fair enough.
That said, we have had the good fortune to have some great bands down here.
We saw Portishead at the town hall (sadly coming down since the quakes; a rare example of good 70's architecture) some years ago, and Sonic Youth the same year. They played at a wonderful theatre which is also gone. At the same theatre-The Theatre Royal-I also attempted to see The Violent Femmes.
By "attempted" I mean I went, with my bff Gillian, but we imbibed a rather large quantity of homemade alcohol and I lasted only one song before coming to in the toilets and finding the theatre empty!
O, the shame.
I also went to the B52's at the town hall.
I took a friends daughter to Transvision Vamp there too.
We went to Iron Maiden a couple of years back; can't remember who else I've seen over the years.
The only band I have gone up to the North Island to see was The Mission, in late 1990. That was a great weekend!
Being from Sydney, on the other hand, I got to see quite a lot of live acts.
Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Shriekback, The Damned, Public Image Limited, Simple Minds are just some I can think of.
Simple Minds were freakin' brillant; they played 2 nights and I went to both....Jim Kerr (aka the biggest cock in rock, apparently) winked at me!
I'm sure that was mostly becasue I had my tits practically hanging out, but still....

Do you go to live bands much anymore?
What cool bands have you seen in the past?!
Tell Helga all!

It's a Lurex Sensation

The green lurex frock I scored yesterday at the Rangoon Musical Society sale!!
It was $10.
I also got a faux fur stole for a tenner, everything else I picked up was $8 or less/piece!
Perfect for a relaxed bbq and band practice!
Nix was channelling some meow!
I'm totally digging her new fringe, it emphasises her pretty eyes!
(Fringe=bangs, if you're American or Canadian!)
My delicious feathery cocktail hat is from Wildfell Hall Vintage .
(That gal has a great eye for vintage!)
60's grape earrings and faux pearls were opshopped, and the pendant is from my beloved Vix , who must be home shortly from her Indian sabbatical!
I don't play an instrument; unless some furtive stabbing at the keyboard and bashing a tambourine count!
I love watching these kids at work.
Currently we are without a drummer, so were are doing a little song reworking and casting out feelers for a new one...
It's nice to just be chilled out about it for now, though.

Truly Splendid!

Yeaaaaah, 2 posts in one day!!!
I figure you lucious critters deserve a double dose of Helga today!
I was up and at it early today!
On the road out to Rangoon by 8:10am!!
Jaysus, I hear you say, WTF was the hurry?!
The Rangiora Musical Society was having a wardrobe sale, that's what!
And what do we say to that?!
The last one I went to, must have been 2010, was brillant and I came home with loads of goodies!
So when the irritatingly good looking Max told me there was one happening today, I was pretty much foaming at the mouth.
Ring a ding ding!
From, left to right:
 Vix , Sue ,Vix and Kitty 
And yay, Vanessa was also foaming at the mouth to get there!!!
We were talking to a sweet old lady out in the carpark; she was a tailoress by trade, and the 50's were her era.....our ears pricked up.....and she has all these 50's patterns....and 50's frocks......and.......argh!
I swear, we would have licked her shoes to have a chance at a gander at her goodies.
Not her goodies, you dirty tramps, her goodies!
Anyway, I got her to take a pic of us, and she promptly cut off the top of my head....ha!
Nice shadow there, too!
Hey, if she's gonna take a pic for me, I'm not complaining!
There were some fabulous garments just waiting for us!
And surprisingly few other shoppers!
We don't think it was advertised all that well.
That's just....such a shame.....ha ha haaaaaaaa!
Max and her darling little Claude, who has the most succulent lips!
I strongly recommend that child be locked up when she reaches her teens, those lips are far too tempting!
Here is my loot.
The greeny blue lurex number (centre) fits like a wet dream and I am going to wear it to band practice tonight.....thank you, Vanessa!
(She ever so sweetly passed it my way. I do love her generous spirit, one of the most genuine peeps I have ever met!)
Pretty much everything I picked up is a raging success, and the few that weren't I will be able to do something glorious with, I'm sure!
Ah, the excitement has worn me out all over again....I'm too old for all this excitement!
And, best of all, I have a little bit of excitement sorted for you lot, with the help of Vanessa, for when I am away in Australia with Sarah in 6 sleeps!
But you will just have to wait until next Friday to find out about that.....
60's Frock-Vix
60's Hat-Desiree
60's clip on earrings-Kitty

The Girl Who Wore Two Frocks on a Friday

Gawd, I was just soooo knackered last night.
I loaded these pix and couldn't find any words at all.....so I decided to save them for today!
You may have guessed by the title of the post that G and I went to see "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" yesterday.
Despite not having read the books, nor having seen the original film!
We thought it was farking awesome!
And frankly, Daniel Craig is a rather tasty morsel of manhood!
So I wore this frock that I opshopped yesterday on the way home from an appointment!
It's made of a lurex striped lightweight cottony fabric, perfect for Summery sunshine, I thought. And I love the teal blue colour, which just happens to go perfectly with the amazing headpiece I won from the gorgeous Hannah recently!
I also wore:
60's jacket-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
70's bling necklace-opshopped
Pendant-the sexacious Desiree
Earrings (I bloody lost one on the way home)-the lovely Sue 
Handbag-the sweeties Vanessa and Warren !

Obviously, that was not my only frock of the day...
I wore this frock to work in the morning!
I do love a costume change!
It just seems so civilised, like dressing for dinner.
Frock-garage sale
Tights, red beads and faux pearls-Sue
Chain necklace-my beloved Vix
Faux pearl earrings-opshopped
Boots-retail, many moons ago
Handbag-G's Mama!

Ah, Friday's are a bit of a frock feast, really!
Gagging to see what my fellow frock freaks wore!

Spectacular, Spectacular, no words in the vernacular!

Booboids ahoy!
It was a frigging great gig last last night.
As our lovely Amber would say, it was "totally tits"!
I'm feeling pretty old and haggard today though; it didn't finish until 12:30am, and G and I get up at 5:45am for work...
Dressing up in the middle of the weekwas fabularsehole fun though!
I felt rather risque, school night and all!
I would have felt completely perfect if I could have found our top hat.....no idea where it is at the moment though, so I popped on this baby cocktail head piece from my sweetie Louise !
Tails-G's, vintage
Frock-from darling Curtise, remodelled
Tights-the chutzpah laden Sarah
Boots-Trade Me
Green earrings-The Stylist
Hoop earrings-can't remember, had 'em forever
Brooches-the ballerina one and the round diamante one were opshopped, and the other was from the splendid Sue!
G's Mama gave me her Rex handbag for my birthday; she got it for her 21st birthday from her parents!
I now have two immaculate black Rex handbags, very similar, but significantly different!
Cocktail rings from, left to right:
Sarah, Vix (so is my eyeshadow!) Sue (just seen) and Kitty!
Funnily enough, Amber and I were wearing the same colours.....

Where are the smelling salts when you need them?!

Yesterday we came home to find that not only had the plumber come to secure our hot water tank so it doesn't keep scooting around during earthquakes, but there had been the delivery of not one, but two parcels of exquisite delight!!!
The top parcel was from the sexacious Desiree and included some fabulous earrings from The Stylist, as well as 2,(count 'em!) divine 60's hats amongst other swoony delights!
The other parcel was from my new friend Sue !!!
And it appears that the splendidly amusing other Sue had a hand in it!
All manner of delicious goodies were lurking in that parcel, see?!
All together now:

I was surprisingly speechless when I opened the parcels, and probably looked like some gormless fool, with my gob hanging open....

I felt decidedly faint and needed a drink....but I'd run out of vodka!!!
O no!
But all was not lost, for I had had the foresight to buy 2 bottles when I was last at the bottle store, and so had one "that I had prepared earlier".
Thank goodness for that!

Ha, yes, I am wearing the same frock I wore when I did my Helga hair video....it's a fave that darling Kitty sent me a while back!
It is unusual for me to wear the same frock twice in one week, but it does happen occasionally!
No, actually, it happens hardly ever.
WTF was wrong with me that I wore the same frock twice in one week is beyond me.
By the time you read this, I'll be out the door in my fabulously transformed green frock to see The Dresden Dolls !

A little light transformation!

Darling Curtise sent me some splendid frocks a wee while back, and much as I love this one, it's too small, and not around my booboids for a change!
I thought about it, and then I decided to take it apart and reconstruct it so I could be fabularsehole in it!
 What did I do?
I took out the zip and then cut it in half!
Then I cut the bottom in half again,split the panels,stiched it all togther, gathered it,added a green satin ruffle and restitched it back on to the bodice!
Then put the zip back in, added some green satin around the neckline, took off the sleeves and tidied them up!
I'm quite pleased with it, and now I can wear it!
I'm going to wear it to see The Dresden Dolls tomorrow night!!!
Looking forward to it like a lizard digs sunshine!
Here is a fab interview with the splendiferous Ms Amanda fucking Palmer !

Helga does hair!

Thought you may be interested in how easy it is to do my hair!
The padding thingy I use is a pair of opshopped tights bundled up and glued onto a hair clip!
I used to be obsessed with bumpits, but this is way better, and I can wear my bike helmet painlessly over it!
No teasing/backcombing either-truly painless!


A head full of holes

Well, not holes exactly....
More like a jackhammer trying to create a few holes!
We went over to our mate Dave K's last night, for some drunken shannigans....and crawled home at about 3am!
I do love an occasional knees up with good company and lashings of vodka....
Of course, I had to glam myself up a smidge.
Frock-formerly a 70's tastic maxi, opshopped many moons ago
Jacket-60's, opshopped
Headpiece-60's, from Madame Butterfly's
Shoes-school fair ($5!) They're a little tight on me, and would actually fit our Nix better (she's 1/2 size smaller) but I refuse to give them up!
The rings are from Vix , Sarah and Kitty !
The earrings are from the lovely Vanessa-I bloody lost one whilst dancing like a drunken idiot, dammit. Hopefully Dave will spot it!
Dancing like a drunken idiot.
I suspect I'm not the only one with a sore head today....

Tinker, Tailor, Pussybow, Wine

We were thinking of going to Kaikoura today....
but we went to the movies instead!
'Twas jolly good, it was.
I'm going to hang out with my lovely G and the pookies tonight, drink some wine, eat some garlic prawns, maybe watch a dvd....
And think about another film I'd like to go see.....

Muted with Trees!

I have been enjoying the company of my lovely friend Trees today!
She stopped through Christchurch for a few hours on her way to Malaysia for a cousins wedding, so I picked her up and took her out for a spot of brunch!
I took her in to see the container mall, and we found a rather splendid cafe there....I had haloumi and avocado on foccacia...nomity NOM!
Trees very politely waiting for me to take her picture before she tucks in.....
Such a sweetie!
I am excited!
We had a pose off at the Bridge of Remembrance war memorial.
It's looking a little worse for wear.
But we look fabularsehole!

But what did I wear?!
Rather muted tones....
Frock-from my beloved Vix
Belt-garage sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-tooled leather, gift from G
Scarf on bag-the gorgeous Amy ; it was tucked in with a divine cocktail headpiece I bought from her that I haven't shown you yet!
Isn't my headpiece fantabulous?!
It was in my prize parcel from Hannah .
Funnily enough, I happened to have matching petrol blue tights in my drawer.....
I'm bloody exhausted from so much yapping!
Talking up a storm can give me a headache, especially when I'm excited, and I most certainly have a headache now!
Gonna kick back for a while with a gin and tonic...
PS-having trouble commenting on some of your blogs today, could be the wild and woolly wind out! Gah!
Rather in the mood for some good blither!