Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth

Just another of those crazy old sayings that have some obscure origin!
Or would it be more appropriate to say that I look like I've been sucking lemons?!
I think I have a bit, actually.
Definetly been struggling with my moods lately.
Being on the precipice of menopause doesn't help, I'm sure, but above and beyond that I just seem to have an consistently intense sense of impending doom that I just can't shake....
And it's not my 45th birthday tomorrow getting me down!
I'm fine with that.
I'm down with that!
Funnily enough, the hardest bit for me, regarding age, is just where do I fit?
Do I even need to "fit" ?!
Who knows?!

That's a rare bit of Helga dribble!

Frocking up, playing with bits of bling is a nice diversion.
It may seem frivolous, but it does help me maintain my sanity!
Some may say that I look like I am insane at times, however!
Just exactly what sanity is is certainly up for debate!

But I think I look rather classy here; ladylike, even.
All 3 brooches were opshopped at different times, and I love the sworn and battered look of the faux pearly one on the left.
G gave me the earrings, and the faux pearl necklace I opshopped a couple of weeks before Chrissy.
I love the word "faux".
(In case you were interested!)

Frock-opshopped; it's a modern frock that I tried to jazz up a bit with some vintage trim
Sunglasses, gloves and shoes-opshopped
60's handbag-gift from Justine
Cocktail headpiece-from darling Louise

22 sleeps until we're hanging with the aweseomecakes that is


Hannah Dolan said...

Impending Doom!? and it's your birthday Tomorrow?! I think its better not to ‘fit’ in anywhere. Ohhhh, Can I send you a birthday pressie? You’d have ta mail me your address? I’ll wrap it nicely and everything!  I love gift giving.And it is your birthday, the best time for gifts!

Trees said...

Helga you look fabulous! I love everything you're wearing but especially the gloves. Is G taking you out tomorrow night to celebrate.

Gillian said...

Oh your birthday's on a Friday again - that won't be helping... I'll call you. Love xxx

PepperReed said...

Oh Darling Helga! You look Glorious (and Elegant!) as per... Try to ignore that impending Doom rattling around shaking skeletons in closets; those Damn hormones will mess up this stage of life (right smack in the middle of it myself) if you don't crack the whip!!

Just think of all the Fabulousness from here onward toward the future... most Ladies of a Certain Age are just now getting to a space of freedom from societal expectations and you're already hip-deep in AwesomeSauce!

Metamorphosis can be challenging but what a glorious opportunity to grow into the next part of oneself having all of your previous experiences as a springboard (carried around in a fab Rex handbag!) and a wise and Joyful heart to sail forth with.

Much Love to you on your Birthday! I hope your year is fantastic and G treats you Splendidly on your special day. xoxoxo PR (aka Kibitzknitz)

two squirrels said...

Happy happy birthday EVE!!!!
You do look so very very elegant and so very beautiful.
Love the brooches in a collection, so pretty.
Oh sweet I understand the feeling of what's it all about anyway!!!!
All I can say is that you are an amazing lady who has given me and I am sure many many other sweet-peas happiness and kind words when we needed them.
Love you Miss Helga
Hope to see you soon, there is a special something waiting at the nest for you. Love V

Max said...

your never 45! truely, unbelievable.
I love your outfit. you look amazing as always, very breakfast at tiffs, it makes me want to take you out for tea and cakes, cause you'd behave for a bit in that get up, then you'd have a few champers and end up dressed in someone else clothes or something-ha!. I have a little something I'd like to send thee for tha birthday, re-send me your address when you get chance love. and have a wonderful birthday x

Vintage Coconut said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!

I hope you can shake that feeling of doom. I am sure it will take off soon and find a less amazing and unique person to bother. I mean really you are far to Stellar for impending doom to be messing with you.

P.s. you look super fabulous, regal and luxurious.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Happy Birthday for tommorow and I hope you can shake that feeling before your birhtday arrives.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That frock is ace - the three brooches are heaven.

I wore a dead faux around my neck today! True!

Yay for international day of the Trollop tomorrrow. Much, much love.

Oh, and you my not be on my inspiration board, but when I get stuck getting dressed, I stop and wondr WWHD (what would Helga do?) Then I pile on acessories, put on some glitzy shoes, stick something on my head and off I go.


Mary Lou said...

oh helga you look like holly golightly here!!! i can´t believe that tomorrow is your 45th birthday, but i think it also doesn´t matter you are and you will be forever supergorgous and fabulous, and to be absolutely ridiculous is better than to be absolutely boring;)

Kitty said...

Introspective Helga!! I love what you've done to the dress, and the gloves.xx.

Louise said...

I'm not used to seeing you with your hair down and wearing black, but you look gorgeous. So ladylike. I hope I'm as cool and quirky as you at 45, I'm sure your birthday will be fabulous. Xx

Miss Peregrin said...

I think you "fit" perfectly, just the way you are. You inspire me (& others I'm sure) every day to be myself, and to not be afraid to be seen. I hope you can shake the feeling of impending doom lovely.

P.S. Love the frock, and ESPECIALLY love the tights.

pastcaring said...

Very elegant and ladylike today, Helga. I love the trim you added to the frock, and the trio of brooches with the pearls are divine.
I've got some tartan tights, but they are a bit small and the pattern gets twisted when I try and pull them on, so they don't get worn. YOURS look perfect though!
Justine did you proud with that fabulous patent bag (how is she doing?)
Always love seeing your hair down and flowing.
Happy Birthday for tomorrow - I too have a gift to send but haven't done so yet, I'm rubbish. Hope the doom has receded, you fit right here, just as you are, you fit with everyone who loves and appreciates your wondrousness, and on no account must you change!! Much love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ivy Black said...

I hear you peri-menopausal sister! It's a weird one...one day you feel like you can take on the world the next day you can't be arsed. Where to fit is the question for us girls of a ceratin age..I reckon you fit fine where you are and never, ever change.
If I see you in a bit of beige fleece, I'll be over there to sort it out!!!!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

LandGirl1980 said...

*spits out tea* CRAP OFF you are 45?!?!?! I believe it NOT. I need proof.

Have a splendiferous birthday love!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow you gorgeous thing!!
Love the faux, it's fauxtastic (see what I did there!)

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love your earrings and cluster and broaches! =)


La Dama said...

You look so elegante! adorar,amar your blacl frock. You do look amazing in black. eyeing your tights and brooches.
It is your birthday mujer!
you don't look your age at all. You fit in anywhere that is gran and fabulous. I am bit of moody biatch myself.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Helga, you look marvellous! Welcome to the 45s for tomorrow, only the BEST people are 45 he he!

Trashsparkle said...

HAPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY Madame Helga of The Fabulousness!!!!!!!

Love your hair - all demure of outfit, then hair that's either Ms Whiplash, or ready for headbanging!

Have a totally divine day, full of great things.... and show us the piccies after!!! xx

Crystal Lee said...

You look stunning (for any age). I hope I am as interesting and vivacious as you are when I turn 45!
Happy almost birthday, lady!

Lisa Shayla said...

Hi darling!! I've been keeping my eye on you but when I try to leave a comment, I get locked up - hoping this goes through! I turn 45 this year too and I'm finding it Xtra hard to loose weight - I'm blaming the hormonies! I hope you have a fab day tomorrow and it's always better to LOOK marvelous than it is to FEEL mavelous and YOU LOOK MAVELOUS DARHLIN!

Krista said...

Well look at you all grown up and shit :) Your hair down is always sexy and I am loving all the fauxy pearls, G has killer taste the ear rings are elegant.

It's almost yer Burf day...yeah Burfday girl, party likes it's your burfday kay?! I hope it's whatever it needs to be for you! I hate it when you have a bad vibe hanging around like that, hopefully it will pass soon without event. I think you are beautiful honey at every age and I love your attitude and style.
Happy Birthday Hottie!

Trashsparkle said...

am I right in thinking that it actually IS Helga's birthday right now ie in NZ it's early Friday morning and therefore the actual birthday day has arrived? or is my brain more addled than I thought??? x

Perdita said...

Happy Birthday!

I also love the word 'faux' and use it a lawt.

Here's hoping the impending doom passes you by...that outfit is much too classy for doom n gloom.

Hannah said...

I struggle with my moods sometime I think its because I have my head stuck in the clouds and then get annoyed I have to deal with reality; but clothes, music and film help me escape reality ahah. You are awesome, just remember that! x

seƱora Allnut said...

dear, your lady-like style is fabulous, lovely tights and brooches, indeed!
And don't worry about some 'emotional roller coaster' (as my doctor called it), it's all about hormones!
Of course you're so gorgeous as usual and the whole world fits you as a glove and enjoys your prettiness!, yeah!
besos & fun!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Happy Birthday! You do not need to fit. Just keep being your fabulous self. You look very ladylike. I love the trim you put on the dress and those gloves are darling.

Misfits Vintage said...

I guess I missed this yesterday, what with being all floppy and grumpy and ridiculous... so sorry darling!

You look absolutely DIVINE - the brooches are especially splendid - and I never fit in anywhere either... except with YOU! We're all a bunch of Marvellous Misfits!

I am not looking forward to menopause AT ALL - I'm bonkers enough without it!

Love! Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Who needs to fit you have your own genre?? You look so classy and chic LOVE IT. xx

delia hornbook said...

I know what you mean about age but you are your own beautfull person and you fit where ever you want to be, and don't ever change. You look gorgeous today beautiful dress. Happy birthday for tomorrow. dee xxx

Anonymous said...


1. You look DIVINE with your hair down.
2. Who gives a feck about fitting?
3. Menopause - piece of piss my dear - don't let the hype scare you.

Also, I'm 55 and you are but a child I tell you lol xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Frock me you look super-gorgeous hon and I am LOVING the brooch collection - I adore battered baubles. I know where you're coming from sister, I just know it! Where do we fit at our age? I'm having a similar dilemma, but I actually think it's just boredom on my part. I've decided that I'm going to just dress like a tight-rope walker from now on in - FAUX IT!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

Kanya Aviantara said...

its amazing