Feels like a touch of Victoria

The night before New Year we went out for drinkies and Thai with our lovely friend Ralph!
He came down for a few days with his friend (dammit) Nonlanlah, and has gone back today.
I don't expect he got a good nights sleep, as we had a frigging swarm of quakes from about midnight on, in the 4's and 5's, even losing power for an hour or so around 6am. Bloody kept waking us and the kittehs up.
It's just not bloody funny anymore!
Anyway, I'm not sure how it happened, but I managed to create a hair do that to me was reminiscent of Queen Victoria!
I really like it, and I felt ever so noble.
Frock-60's, Retropolitan
Coat-70's, gift from Justine
Tights-We Love Colours
Shoes-Trade Me
Around my neck:60's beads, opshopped, and skull necklace bought for me by G in Wellington earlier this year
Earrings-bought for me by G off Etsy
Brooches-gorgeous Tamsin Cooper embroidered one from my fabulous sister, pink diamante, not sure, and the large diamante one was an opshop score.
Mugshot at the Speights Ale House
Then we went on to the former site of the Carlton Mill Hotel; it came down after the quakes and a large bar made up of a trailer, or containers (not sure) has been set up.
It's surprisingly nice!
One at a time, Ralphie!
Then over the road to Keo Thai for some nosh!
Fark, I love Thai food!!!
I think this particular Thai restaurant might be our new favourite.
Our usual favourite has not re opened since the February quake, dammit.
It's a bloody tragedy for some business owners, but an amazing amount have got themselves back up and running again in different suburbs around town!
The bugger is that we used to be a short distance from the centre of town, and all the lovely retaurants and bars there.....now, the survivors have moved to suburbs outside the city centre, mostly on the other side of the city centre from where we are!
Some suburbs, such as Addington, have a whole new lease of life, which is rather exciting, as they were quite run down and neglected.


Trees said...

Very Regal hair my lovely! I love the look on G's face with his meal - hilarious!!

Sorry to hear about the earthquakes making you crazy - enough is enough!!

Less than 19 days till our brunch:D

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Bummer about the horrible quakes! Loving the regal look. That embroided brooch is AMAZING! That last photo is a winner. xx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Tres regal. i hope you behaved accordingly.
I want thai food NOW!!! Food porn.
Honestly, I don't know how you chchians don't go nuts. Or leave town.
Hope it settles down. x

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Ralphie that I last saw dressed as a woman? Amazing transformation. Every time I hear of tremors in your area I think of and worry on your behalf.

two squirrels said...

Hey Miss Helga I am with you!!!!! That is enough mother earth, you really need to take something for the shakes.
So so sick of it.
Love your hair, very regal.
That food looks so so yummy!!
I miss being part of the city, it's just sucks having a shop in your backyard.
Love to you guys V
Happy new year

Kitty said...

Terribly regal hair my dear!! Maybe you should have a wand or cane or suchlike to match it?!

Hannah Dolan said...

Woihho for addington! Can't wait till that new bar place opens up, then I can get thrashed and walk home every weekend. Taxi's are just frigging expensive. Adore your hair, if mine was striaght and not like wire I would attempt something similar! ahhh-well.
Much love!~ xo

Rose&Bird said...

Great hair and love the coat! What was going through G's mind when his food arrived?!

Great that people are bouncing back after the quakes and that new areas are opening up, but obviously very sad for businesses that can't re-start.

Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh no you poor things. This earthquake business really needs to stop! I have been meaning to book my flight down to Christchurch for a couple of weeks now... but every time I hear the ground has been moving again I delay it!
On a brighter note I love your Victorian inspired outfit! Especially the hair do. x

Louise said...

Oh Helga, not more quakes! Why don't you just come and live here in the UK... We could do with your fabulousness over here. Xx

trashsparkle said...

Bugger to the quakes - no wonder you had to go to bed early NYE if your sleep was getting disturbed by all that going on. Got fingers and toes crossed they stop...

Bravo to the re-starts, and to new discoveries.

With your new va va voom dressing room, you should dedicate an area for your jewellery and call it the Skullery. That would be awesomely Victorian...

Love the hair - I've got a big Old Royalty Crush right now as I picked up a book in a charity shop before Christmas full of pics of Queen Mary, various Georges... and the UK's going release a load of stamps for the Jubilee of OLD KINGS. I think a wall on my landing will do nicely for a wee homage display. Along with the Jamie Reid poster I have, of course;) x

Franca said...

I was going to say, the hair looks different! great though, and way better than queen vic!

hope the earthquakes stop soon for you! Some of our friends are on their biennial mega trip home to NZ and all their facebook updates are about earthquakes. scary biscuits!

Vix said...

AMAZING hair and way sexier than old grumpy chops, Queen Vic. That frock is awesome with those tights, too.
I love G's excited face, I don't blame him, that food looks delish.
Boo to crappy earthquakes upsetting your sleep and the poor kitties.
Love you!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh frickin freaky fabulouso - your hair is quite DIVINE darling! I would love to see a sort of fuck-off-tiara-bow combo type affair tucked into this spectacular tower of hair!

Your frock is exquisite - the fabric! - and the brooches!!! And ooh la la I quite fncy G with a bit of gggrrrrr on his face!

So glad you had such a lovely time darling - eat up as you'll be getting vegemite sandwiches and milo over here in the middle of nowhere!

Not too many sleeps now, amor! Love you AND your hairy boyfriend! Sarah xxx

Shewearscrazywell said...

Oh my I doooo love that hair do! It looks so nice and smooooth! The clothes are sooooo rockin! I just love your style. Everyone, as always, looks fabulous. The food did look super yum! Happy New Year, Sweetie. The earthquake dealio is serious...stay safe..you have my love! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Mrs Munster said...

Gosh, I didn't almost recognise you with you fad darker shade make-up. Looks lush on you Helga!

sacramento said...

My always gorgeous friend. The New year seems to be going fantastic.

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous Queen Helga!XXXX

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I'm loving that look on you! So sorry about all the quakes, wtf...

Krista said...

So sorry about the continued rumblings it really isn't funny at all. You, however, no matter what is going on always look so divine! The hair is spectacular and tall and red and gorgeous! G is looking handsome and your friends look happy! The food is making me drool and when you come here for a visit I will take you to my favorite Thai place :)

Hannah said...

Oh my the hair the food all looks so darn tasty! x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Booooo* To those stupid quakes.
They mars well just end already darnit!
I adore your fabulously green frock. And your hair is simply wonderous.
Hello to G, Ralph and Nonlanlah (Pretty name)

*EEEoooo* The food looks delicious. And makes my tummy scream. "I'M HUNGRY!" *lol*

pastcaring said...

Your Majestic Majesty!
You look fit-to-burst with gorgeousness. Or maybe with Thai food, hahaha! The food looks almost as scrumptious as you. Love the print on your frock, adore the brooches, sorry that you've been troubled by quakes again, but admiring your hardy resilience. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS. Your man G is a star, by the way. He makes me laugh almost as much as you do!

lady liquor vintage. said...

How amazing do you look, your hair looks bloody gorgeous like that!


vintage_kitten said...

Your look so cute.love the dress and coat.Oooh your necklaces are cute too.I love thai food.Haven't had it in ages.Mmmmm coconut rice is my favorite when i have some.

Miss Peregrin said...

Gosh, enough is enough with the quakes already! I hope you guys & the kittehs are all doing ok.

Your hair certainly does look very regal. It suits you! If there was a vote for Queen, you'd be a shoo-in. Love the gorgeous frock!

Lena said...