Hellooooo 2012!

Um, I have to confess that I did not actually see the New Year in!
Not due to lack of fabulousness or anything, but I simply couldn't be arsed!
We had the most splendid late afternoon evening, hanging out with wonderful peoples, eating yumcious nibbleys and then a bbq, sharing bubbles, then jamming into the night.....but I was tired and didn't feel like getting plastered.....so I went to beddy bye-bye land!
But not before doing some prancing around!
Frock-60's lurex!, opshopped
Coat-50s, gift from lovely friend
Flowers in hair-one made by moi, the other from my gorgeous Sarah
Necklaces-long one from London 1989, the diamante one from darling Louise
Sandals-school fair

Yes, it was a little cool, hence the coat!
I was actually dreadfully slack when it came to taking pix, but did get this lovely shot of Nix....
....and a sexy shot of Justine!
Didn't manage to get one of Gillian, our fabulous hostess, who was looking rather splendid!
Justine and I managed to get her tent up, despite being slightly inebriated.
I really didnt think I had a clue how to put up a tent, but it was surprisingly easy!
And we had a little swingtime!
Ah, I do wonder if it's simply the obligation to party up and have a jolly time that makes me tired?!
Never mind, there's always time for frolics!
We've got friends from Brisbane in town to catch up with, friends around town I want to try and catch up with, and we're back to work on Wednesday!
How will I fit it all in?!
And what will I wear?!
Happy Nuevo/New/Nouveau Year, darlings!


Trees said...

Happy New Years Helga! It's a touch cold here too, what's with that? Summer come back!!

Kitty said...

Putting up a tent in amxi, now there's something that only Helga could do!! I had an early one last night too.xx.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah Helga you and me both, I guess we're quite contrary, I also couldn't be arsed and didn't want to get drunk, weird huh?! Happy New Year to you, you look fabulous nonetheless!

sacramento said...

Happy 2012, my gorgeous, tylish and always efortlessly CHIC friend.

Ivy Black said...

Happy New Year you wonder of nature you!xxxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Happy New Year my dear!!!!! I envy your early night, wish I had done the same! Ha ha I love the pictures of you putting the tent up in all your finery! So here's to another great year. x

Dial V for Vintage said...

Happy Happy New Year! :)

Louise said...

Happy New Year you most fabulous lady. Xx

Perdita said...

Have a frocktastic new year! We had a quiet one in front of Jools (a bit of a UK phenomenon- he basically rounds up famous musicians and kisses their butt all NYE, lots of good music) so are going to have our oarty day/night today, sans queues and inflated prices!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You're the best-dressed at every party!

Happy New Year, sweetpea.


Vix said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pitching a tent in your finery rocks my world.
I stayed up far too late, drank far too much and danced like a nutter, no change from any other night really just with champagne and fireworks.
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vix said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pitching a tent in your finery rocks my world.
I stayed up far too late, drank far too much and danced like a nutter, no change from any other night really just with champagne and fireworks.
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Style Sud-Est said...

Happy 2012 to you and G
Your dress is a wonderful shade of blue
A girl has to stylish to put up a tent
Could never put a tent up , would loose my patience quick
We had a quiet New Year's eve
But fun!
Looking forward to see more of you
Lots of love

Ariane xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Prosit Neujahr! Happy new year :-)

Rose&Bird said...

Happy New Year daarling! Didn't intend to see in the new year, but got woken up by World War Three at midnight! Here's to more frocks and fabulousness x

trashsparkle said...

oooh, you nearly fooled me there - could have sworn the flamingos looked a bit REAL in that first pic, and I fancied I could see strings/flamingo leads coming from your hands. but plastic ones are fantastic too!

Happy New Year Madame Helga of Fabulousness! x

La Dama said...

You look gorgeously bonita in blue gala frock!
love that foto of you putting up a tent.
I want Justines's black howdy sombreto!
Buddy knocked out early but i still kept going. he had been partying since early.
Happy 2012 amor!
luv ya

Mrs Munster said...

Happy New Year. Fabulous shade of blue. Looks adorable.

Theeny said...

you are such a wise lady, going to bed early and all...i stayed up until 7am and well right now i feel like a serial killer infected with the flu...anyways, happy 2012!!

PepperReed said...

Happy New Year!! 2012 will be extra fabulous with you in it!

Hannah said...

Happy New Year gorgeous, loving the blue dress, I was in bed before midnight but I do have a crappy cold ahah x

Kelly-Marie said...

Thank you for your lovely words Helga! Happy New year to you and didn't you look fabulous too. Your night sounds absolutely perfect, I really wish I had done the same and had an early night as today was pretty much wasted in bed. :D Hope 2012 is treating you well.
Kelly-Marie xx

pastcaring said...

Well hellooooo and Happy New Year to you Helga, looking most resplendent in that fabulous blue frock!
Putting up a tent when pissed? I am impressed!
And which of Helga's naughty secrets were you whispering to that innocent flamingo to make him blush?
I know what you mean, sometimes the timing isn't right and you can't raise your game for the occasion. But I'm sure you are having a ball with your friends, don't think about work just yet...

Krista said...

Is there any color you can't rock! All you ladies are looking rather gorgeous! What were you doing out there? I always love the variety of your pictures you so make me want to visit Christchurch, it looks beautiful! I had a chill New Years but that's just what I needed, to be still for a while and reflect :) Now I'm ready to charge forward and kick the shit outta this year.

Vintage Coconut said...

That is seriously one of my FAVORITES of your coats. I just love it on you!!And you look immensly sexy.

Camping is tons of fun I love it, but I am also scared of bears. Which is why I need to find myself a cute little trailer that we can pull behind our vehicle and camp WHENEVER we want. =D

lasophia said...

Happy New year to you too my darling Helgita. Beddie bye is where we would have preferred to be as well but we had company. Caught up on my rest this morning. You're a stunner in blue!

vintage_kitten said...

Happy New Year gorgeous.love that dress and that coat.*Droool*.I went to bed right after midnight.lol.I had tea and cake first though.lol.xx

Anonymous said...

Hubby was the party pooper at our house! I rang in the new year on Twitter. A sad state of affairs.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oohh that blue maxi is the PERFECT choice for camping and the coat is always a favourite, amor!

THIS is going on a tshirt:
"Not due to lack of fabulousness or anything"

Those flamingoes are delightful and I can't wait to swing with you, Mrs Slocomb!

Love you more than flamingoes! Sarah xxx

owlinalarkworld said...

Not sure, but I think something groovy happened to your hair.