I can see for Miles and Miles

Love catching up with old friends!
Miles and I go back a looong way!
We met up at the Speights Ale House for drinkies and dinner....
Nix bloody scored this fab frock at my-MY!-fave opshop!
And the belt!
Pangs of jealousy....
The stripes are lurex, I tell you!
See, G is blinded by her fabulousness!
Why yes, that is a little cake on my head!
It was a bit of a late night......haggard be my name today!
When was the last time you were out drinking on a school night?!


Trees said...

I love the little cake! Did you make it yourself? I would love a little cake hat:)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Gotta love catching up with old friends! A cake on your head, how perfectly sweet. I love Nix's dress yummy lurex. xxx

Hannah Dolan said...

Your right, her dress is stunning! Although, the dress your wearing is pretty spectacular, not to mention that amazing pink necklace?!
And EVERY NIGHT. like a proper lady haha!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Out drinking on a school night, it's been a while but I'll be doing it next week although I'm cheating & staying over and having the next day off, just can't do it like I used to, but I keep trying ;o)

Trashsparkle said...

You lovely happy gang of four! Love all the colours - Nix's lippy matching the purse, that matches the belt, that matches the shoes... and your fab confectionery fascinator and Big Pink Necklace and general all-round Splendidness! And G's shirt is ace - love the colour inside the collar. And you all have Lovely Eyes - is it the climate? The booze??.... x

Misfits Vintage said...

Darling, you are exquisite! I love that beautiful turquoise colour and your gorgeous frock and the head-cake and that fab pink necklace is always a fave! Miles looks like an absolute darling, G looks spunky as always and Nix's frock is delicious! What a bunch of supermodels you all are.

23 sleeps!!!!!!!!!!

Love love and love, Sarah xxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

There is nothing better than catching up with old friends! They are like family I think, sometimes you don't talk for years but when you do catch up it's like no time has passed.
Yum that food looks delicious!

pastcaring said...

I was out drinking on a school night only last week (doing the pub quiz with my girlies) but I'm so knackered in the morning after drinking that I tend to take it very steady!
You are looking scrumptious with your little cake and your fab frock and tights. And I would have been a bit envious of Nix scoring that frock too, it's lovely.
Bet you had a great night, AND I bet you looked absolutely fine next day - never less than magnificent, darling!! xxxxxxx

Kelly said...

I love that little cake!! And you look great in that shade of blue! Thats one of my fave colors!! :D

Style Sud-Est said...

I love the cake so cute Helga, you have the most interesting and fab accessories girl.
It is nice to have long time friends, Miles looks very nice
Yeah! I love Nix dress, so cool!
I have a glass of wine every night with Mr. D, but never i never more because these days I'm on narcotics, not a nice mix


Ariane xxxx

Ivy Black said...

The little cake is wonderful!
I haven't been out drinking on a school night in ages. I don't count flopped in front of the fire with a Sailor Jerry!xxxx

Krista said...

Drinking on a school night, that would be the last time I puked :) You guys look fabulous, what fun! I love that pink necklace Helga the pink and blue together is SEXY! I must say though I am in love with G's top, little bright colored stars! GORGEOUS!!!!!

Even if we only to meet for a brief time over southern fried chicken, fried green tomatoes and a cosmo I just can't wait to give you and G a big ole fashioned Kristabear hug!


Vintage Coconut said...

Love the little cake on your head!
You look rather amazing!

Hmmm I haven't drank on a school night in at least 4-5 yrs
(A long time I know)
But I partied like a Hellion from 19-25

Mimi and Tilly said...

I've been catching up on my blog reading and you look bloody lovely in all your outfits. I love the black shoes with the beig red flowers attached that you got from Vix. Did you add the flowers yourself? I love that idea but am not sure how to attach the flower brooches I've got. Wishing you all good things for 2012. Em xx

lasophia said...

I havent drunk since november and thank goodness, cause I was crawling out of bed last time I did, and my mattress was on the floor. Bad times. Look at the cake in your hair! How rad.

Anonymous said...

Helga Haggard, any relation to Merle?

delia hornbook said...

Well i have to say first that Miles is hot what a gorgeous face ;-) Nix dress is gorgeous she looks lovely. I haven't been out on a school night in months by the time i get home its PJs time for me and knackered but it could have something to do with the cold dark nights here thats my excuse ;-)) dee xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Love the little cake on your head! You are looking incredibly bright in this outfit, which makes me very happy. I can see why you were slightly jealous of Nix's dress - it is so gorgeous!

La Dama said...

Drinking and ditching on school days are the best.Oooo cake hat you say? love it.You look a happy biatch here.
Nix dress is fantastic, loving the lurex bits.
Forgot to say totally loving you in gorgeous gloves.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Feck - cake hat, necklace, fishnets, so much beautiful blue!!! G looks awesome in his starry shirt - "blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night" - what a beautiful night and Miles is quite the dish isn't he? Actually, what a fecking gorgeous pack of bright young things you make darl!!!!!! xoxoxxoxoxoxo