I want yoooooo to show me the way

Yeah, a nice big blast of Peter Frampton on the way to work this morning!
But this isn't what I wore to work today!
This is what I wore yesterday to a family (G's) afternoon tea.

Frock-Rangoon Musical Society sale on Saturday!
Long waistcoat-60's/70's, opshopped
(Last time I wore this, some of you asked if I had tried it with something short....I love this idea, but haven't done so yet!)
Shoes-70's, gifted years ago
Tooled leather bag-70's, birthday gift from G

Peter Frampton, I understand, was most successful with his live album than with any other album he put out!
I'm quite intrigued by that.
Does anyone even put live albums out anymore?
I can't think of the last one I came across, it may have been the All About Eve re-union tour album, "Fairy Light Nights" I and II.
Kiss "Alive" is one of the my fave live albums. O, and Rammstein's live one; that's not too long ago.
I don't have as much interest in going to a live band anymore, international ones particularly. In NZ they rarely come down to the South Island, and going to the North Island is rather costly. G went up with Cousin Phil to see Black Sabbath (with Dio) a few years back, but they are his fave ever band, so that was fair enough.
That said, we have had the good fortune to have some great bands down here.
We saw Portishead at the town hall (sadly coming down since the quakes; a rare example of good 70's architecture) some years ago, and Sonic Youth the same year. They played at a wonderful theatre which is also gone. At the same theatre-The Theatre Royal-I also attempted to see The Violent Femmes.
By "attempted" I mean I went, with my bff Gillian, but we imbibed a rather large quantity of homemade alcohol and I lasted only one song before coming to in the toilets and finding the theatre empty!
O, the shame.
I also went to the B52's at the town hall.
I took a friends daughter to Transvision Vamp there too.
We went to Iron Maiden a couple of years back; can't remember who else I've seen over the years.
The only band I have gone up to the North Island to see was The Mission, in late 1990. That was a great weekend!
Being from Sydney, on the other hand, I got to see quite a lot of live acts.
Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Shriekback, The Damned, Public Image Limited, Simple Minds are just some I can think of.
Simple Minds were freakin' brillant; they played 2 nights and I went to both....Jim Kerr (aka the biggest cock in rock, apparently) winked at me!
I'm sure that was mostly becasue I had my tits practically hanging out, but still....

Do you go to live bands much anymore?
What cool bands have you seen in the past?!
Tell Helga all!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

The last concerts I went to were The Eagles (my aunt had a spare ticket) and Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac so far has been the best concert I've ever been to. I've been to a couple of other but not bands. xxxxxx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Last concert I attempted to go to was Robbie Williams Escapolgy concert at Knebworth in the UK, on the hottest day of the year with 250,000 people there! I had a massive panic attack just seeing all this people, got over heated, had palpatations and had to get the hell out of there before it all started! I had to walk 5 miles before I got to place that Joe could easily come and pick me up! Enjoyed other RW concerts before that though, he's a hell of an entertainer! Fave concert of all time was seeing Pink Floyd perform the wall at Earls Court in London, it was fecking awesome, never seen anything like since! So good I went twice! I was a bit of a heavy metal girl back then :D

Vicky said...

I didnt realise that the Town Hall had to come down....I sang in the school choir there in the 70's LOL

Dear Pearl Vintage said...

one of the best concerts i ever went to was the style council in London back in the eighties when I was 17 still have the diary from then, reads something like this went and saw paul weller omg omg omg, hilarious and the wiggles when my youngest was a babe the blue wiggle was cleo bachelor of the year that year so it was win win. Love the frocks, that green Lurex is absolutely divine!! think I need to join the Rangoon Musical Society x

Kitty said...

So many of Henry Rollins, both singing and spoken word, that I've lost count. David Bowie Glass Spider tour in 1984, eurythmics, REM (total shite), Skunk Anansie (beyond awesome, stunned the hell out of me), Duran Duran (of course), can't remember any more atm, it was all a long time ago for me!!

Trashsparkle said...

oooh, you got a wink off jim!!! one of their early gigs was my "disaster" and not due to alcohol - they came on really late, after the venue played grace jones' album about 15 times; me and my friend had to leg it for the last train halfway through... gutted!
over the years I've seen bauhaus, PIL, the cramps, sisters of mercy, early pre-stadium U2, a big handful of early smiths ones..... the strangest one was the fall, the banshees and psychic tv on one bill. my first EVER gig was be bop deluxe... flashy, mysterious electro lurve gods that they were ;)

Sue said...

Peter Frampton Live, was the first album I owned, had the hots for him in a big way!!! Being just a little ol' NZ gal my concerts were pretty much local bands. Have always had a thing for the NZ bands,and there were some awesome ones back in my day. This will make you laugh, my big live concert in NZ was in Auckland when I was at High School and it was Bob Marley and the Whalers. Yeah man, pass the smoke!!!

delia hornbook said...

Morning your looking gorgeous as ever great colour combintions. I don't get to see much live its never really been my bag. I did see Paul Weller once, Glas vagus just before they took off. And i saw Eric Clapton at a private new years eve AA party a few years ago. And well i was heavy into Robbie Williams at one point and did see him twice now he was amazing. Have a great week, dee xx

sacramento said...

Good morning gorgeous.
I want your sandals, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Trees said...

It seems that now a lot of good bands are skipping Wellington too - I think we just don't have any good venues for large scale concerts - it sucks. When "Rock to Wellington" was on a few years ago I saw Lordi, Alice Cooper & KISS - that was pretty epic. Also travelled to Auckland to see my favourite band EVER - The Cure. We also travelled to Auckland to see Sonic Youth. I saw Smashing Pumpkins in Wellington maybe 3 years ago, but was most unimpressed - Billy Corgan is kind of a douche. I guess we are lucky to have a lot of good NZ music so I try not to get too hung up on the fact not many big international bands come to Wellington *sad face*. I used to go to the BDO EVERY year from about 16 until my late 20's - but then it got REALLY lame, sad to see it's cancelled now though, but that festival really lost its way. I love the fabric on that long frock - so pretty!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Looking fab today Helga!

I used to go and see bands every weekend, they were of the nu punk/metal/ska variety and generally I thought they sucked but was hanging out with my friends and trying to pull. Haven't seen anything since Vintage Festival 2010, which was great fun. Seen a lot of folk groups and for the intimacy and intensity nothing beats them

Rose&Bird said...

Great outfit of course!
I don't get out much these days at all, but I've seen a few bands over the years. The Levellers (twice), Idlewild, Keane, Coldplay (when they first made it big), various bands at Reading and Glastonbury festivals. Marilyn Manson at Reading(2001)was quite an eye-opener - not a fan of his music, but he put on a bloody good show. Seem to remember he spent most of the set on stilts!

Misfits Vintage said...

I have seen so many that I created a blog page dedicated to the artists I've seen!

However, YOU are my favourite rockstar! Smoking hot, super talented, fiery, uber stylish and SPECTACULARLY INSANELY FABULOUS you are once twice three times a lady, every woman and my heart is full of love and desire for you!

Also, that frock combo is divine!

Love you more than KATE BUSH! Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love going to gigs but it's been too long since I saw anyone. I've seen Aerosmith, Massive Attack, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi (I know, I'm the coolest)...last music one was Tim Minchin I think (music plus comedy)

Muse had a live album out a couple of years ago...

Ronnie (RR) said...

Transvision Vamp, that takes me back, my friend was a roadie for them lol! He said she always wore the same pink lipstick as me, made by Charlie x

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

oh great post! I so miss seeing live music and spent my late teens and 20s going every weekend pretty much...my first boyfriend was in a band. sigh. I also saw Shreikback! I was 15 and my friend puked in the loo just before they came on...maybe nerves from being under age but prob' the booze. I am most jealous of your Iron Maiden show...last 2 I went to here was the Big 4 (Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeath and Slayer) and The Sword with Kyuss! brilliant. Would love to see someone play at home in February!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I don't go see live music often anymore but that last two shows I saw, rocked. I saw X play last month, and the venue was full of old farts like me, who hadn't gone out in a while.

A month before that I saw a local band called the Nibblers play, old school jump blues band I think, and they were perfect to drink with the girl to.

Miss Magpie said...

I used to write for a local music paper, I was pretty shit as a journalist but I got to go and see lots of bands!(72 in 9 months was my record) All rock/metal because that was my thing.
One of the best gigs was Guns and Roses/ Faster Pussycat/ The Quireboys mind you that was most definitely for the luscious audience rather than the bands! hehe. I was at the last night of the old Marquee Club on Wardour Street before they pulled it down now that truely was a night to remember........

pastcaring said...

Looking gorgeous, Helga - blue and green, always a winning combination!
Don't really go and see much music now, sad old git that I am...
Like Em, I loved seeing Fleetwood Mac, have seen Richard Thompson a lot and always enjoy him (son Teddy was good too), loved a very sweaty Big Audio Dynamite gig way back, and was pleased I got to see Robert Palmer.
Makes me wanna go and see some more music! xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I've been to see quite a lot of live performances over the course of my life time and I'm under the impression that this is how a lot of performers are obliged to make their living today. I know my youngest daughter goes to a lot of smaller venues for up and coming musicians.

Krista said...

Sweet Helga looking fab as always. I hope peepee gets better quick! You guys are going to have so much fun playing at Sarahs :)

I love concerts! Chris has been to hundreds me not so much. Some fav's for sure are The Cramps, X, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Katatonia, Helmet, Slayer, Dead Can Dance, System of a Down, Beastie Boys, Perfect Circle and Tori Amos these are some of my favs!

Nothing beats the energy from a show, nothing, ok maybe sex and killer pizza!

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Gosh Helga, you've hit a major spot for me... I was one of NY's early punks from the CBGB crowd, and I also worked in clubs all over the city. I was always the band waitress, so got to hang out with damn near everyone. I also worked in "the" boutiques everyone would hit when in town, so got to dress and style them. The roster is pretty much every punk/ goth/ metal band from the late 70's to early 90's, and loads have remained friends! So let your imagination run wild... Love the outfit, the colours look so scrumptious together!

Style Sud-Est said...

I like so much those 2 colors together so pretty!

Ok live bands! I have seen Bryan Adams free, i had sort of a boyfriend who got me backstage, such a good show!
Both of my kids worked for show ticket outlet so i got to see for free lots of local bands, musicals and the Pet Shop Boys!

Lots of love Darling

Ariane xxxxxx

Mrs Munster said...

I've been to few bigger concerts but rather go to a local place, which is not that massive (I don't like the crowds much). We usually go to see those awesome "sleze rock" bands, which don't have that much fan base, so it's pretty much guaranteed there is always easy access to a front row to this mama :)
The most memorable bands I've seen are The Cult, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Sisters of Mercy, Faster Pussycat and I looove going to see Quireboys and my all time fav Motorhead (luckily you can see them easily and at least once a year!)
And I'm going to see Misfits next week!!!

p.s Lovely looking outfit Helga. Love the colour co-ordination!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh feck I would have had my ever-shrinking tits out for Jim too - he's gaw-jus!!! Actually no, they're def no my best asset - maybe some no-knicker high kicks? Fecking awesome double maxi action - oh the inspiration!!!!!! xoxoxo

annemineli said...