Muted with Trees!

I have been enjoying the company of my lovely friend Trees today!
She stopped through Christchurch for a few hours on her way to Malaysia for a cousins wedding, so I picked her up and took her out for a spot of brunch!
I took her in to see the container mall, and we found a rather splendid cafe there....I had haloumi and avocado on foccacia...nomity NOM!
Trees very politely waiting for me to take her picture before she tucks in.....
Such a sweetie!
I am excited!
We had a pose off at the Bridge of Remembrance war memorial.
It's looking a little worse for wear.
But we look fabularsehole!

But what did I wear?!
Rather muted tones....
Frock-from my beloved Vix
Belt-garage sale
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-tooled leather, gift from G
Scarf on bag-the gorgeous Amy ; it was tucked in with a divine cocktail headpiece I bought from her that I haven't shown you yet!
Isn't my headpiece fantabulous?!
It was in my prize parcel from Hannah .
Funnily enough, I happened to have matching petrol blue tights in my drawer.....
I'm bloody exhausted from so much yapping!
Talking up a storm can give me a headache, especially when I'm excited, and I most certainly have a headache now!
Gonna kick back for a while with a gin and tonic...
PS-having trouble commenting on some of your blogs today, could be the wild and woolly wind out! Gah!
Rather in the mood for some good blither!


Lisa Shayla said...

Hello doll - i've no idea what haloumi is but your booboids look fabulous! Sounds like you gals had a fantabulous day! I hate when I type a well thought out remark only to get an error. But we keep on keeping on! PS: love the eye makeup!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

WTF? Why do people keep giving you FABULOUS headpieces. Going to stalk Hannah now.

Love your mix colours today (and every day).


Kitty said...

Gorgeous hair today young lady!!!

two squirrels said...

Lots of fun!!! ladies at lunch!!!! fabulous!!!!
That head piece is just amazing, you look so so pretty miss Helga!!!! The outfit yummy yummy.

The squirrel has not touched the little parcel, one more sleep!!!!!!
Love V

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I dunno how you manage to get your tights to match so perfectly!! xx

Sue said...

You have just introduced me to two new words that I am going to slip into conversation somewhere, somehow, and sometime soon. "Fantabulous" and "Fabularsehole" !!House full of blokes and my work is full of blokes so they could fail with those two groups but I shall be using them!!! Speaking of fabulous things apart from your good self, Ab Fab is on tonight!!!

delia hornbook said...

aahhh you both look fab nothing beats a bit of girly time and lunch. Love your hairpiece its lush. dee xxx

Perdita said...

I don't think those tones are muted- more peaceful and fresh. :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

my boyfriend's parents are in Christchurch, should I tell them to stop my the rememberance bridge and the container mall. Love the sound of the container mall! You look fab! I need more headdresses in my life

Dial V for Vintage said...

Oh I looove that floral headband, it looks great on you and your hair colour!

pastcaring said...

Oh how I love a girly lunch and chin wag - can't beat it! You both look very happy.
Love the blue/green combo, and that headpiece is amazing. I don't think the colours are muted actually, I agree with Perdita that you look fresh and fabulous. Make that fabularsehole! Hahaha! xxxxxxxxxx

jess said...

I love the head piece.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi fab ladies!
Looking fantabulous you 2!
this headpiece is ,so ,so pretty maybe i could wear something similar at Izzy's wedding?

Miserable f.....montreal weather,grey, humid and sidewalks are icy ,city of Montreal are twits sometimes!


Rose&Bird said...

What a nice girly lunch! Your dinner looks yum - I will have to try and re-create it! The headpiece adds the finishing Helga-ness to a slightly understated outfit! Great posing!

Misfits Vintage said...

Well Blogger has been a bastard and not let me comment for the last two days (*shakes fist at blogger!*) but I'm here now! You can't keep us apart BLOGGER!!!

Well, your headpiece is STUNNING. Your necklaces are all divine and I am so envious that you and Trees got to hang out! I also love that pattern on your frock, darling - it's SPECTACULAR! And I love that you are using your birthday bag - you'd best not bring it here in 13 sleeps or it might go missing!

LOOOOOOOOVE!!!! Sarah xxx

Trees said...

YAH!! It was SUPER rad to see you lovely Helga. I really want to come down and spend a weekend op shopping with you sometime. I shall have to keep an eye on grab a seat. You know - we really should have done jumping photos - next time darling!!

Oh I am typing this from my hotel room in KL - wholy crap!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I love your pose off pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hannah outdid herself on the hairpiece! The link to the container mall didn't work for me, but sounds like an interesting place.

Krista said...

This is so cool I can't wait to meet you and G!!!!!! This looks like a nice lunch out you are both too cute! I love your blue headband and tights, those gray shoes make me swoon! LoveyoubunchesHelga!!!

Miss Peregrin said...

Two ultra-babes! Looks like a good time was had by you two. One of these days I'm coming to NZ to hang with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Lovely in blue! I do love the headpiece! Looks like you and Trees had a fun time and yummy food too :)