Rhymes with...

I keep thinking "red, white and blue, smells like poo"......
How bloody juvenile!
I shouldn't be surprised, though.
It's about standard around here!

I opshopped this wee jacket a few weeks ago, as I am a total sucker for red, white  and blue....
I'm not sure about the shape of it, but I do love the stripes!
Everything else I am wearing was also opshopped, except the skull necklace (G bought it for me in Wellington) and the red bow, which was from some little shop at the local mall. (Ugh, I know)
This frock make me think of sweet Ms Trees for some reason.
(Rock on, dudette!)

I had to take Humpers to the v.e.t today.
Little bugger has been fighting, and has some nasty puncture wounds on his little right leg.
He would go and do this just before we go away.
He's had a shot and will be on anti-botics for the next few days, and will be just fine.
My baby!

Ooo, you lot have been to see some cool bands over the years!
Ms Trashsparkle totally had me squealing over having seen The Cramps, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and my all time faves, Siouxsie and the Banshees!!!



Rosina Lee said...

ohhh preeettty lady! not juvenile at all, I have been listening to the little ones at work today and their facination with saying poo's and wee's and then collapsing in a fit of giggles So POO"S AND WEE"S!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

You're rockin' the patriotic look! I'm always a little "iffy" wearing red, white and blue because it's so stereotypical pinup, but it's a great go-to color combination! =)


Trashsparkle said...

Never mind about buying your bow from a MALL - you've Helga-ised it beautifully!!!

Ouch to Humpers - and to pre-trip cat-guilt.... he'll have to be dignified and non-fighty for a bit and then he'll be right as rain.

Actually I was amazed by your post at how many bands peeps in far-flung places have managed to see... oooh, and thank you for mentioning me.....I was far too spoilt living in London (and bl**dy miss all those gigs). Wish I still had the yellow wool/lurex 60s dress I wore to the Cramps... too many house moves, too many wardrobe culls :( xx

Ronnie (RR) said...

Oh poor Humpers :( heres to a speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

Poor Humpers :(
You look great in that jacket, I've seen the necklace on you before & I love it

My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle said...

Love that jacket! And the complete outfit as well, you look great.
My Bathroom Is My Castle
My Wardrobe Is My Castle

Max said...

GREAT jacket H. OMG Sisters of Mercy, blast from my brief flirtation with goth past!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

The colours of the British flag!! :D We could stick a flagpole somewhere and wave yer in the air!! Gord save the queen! :D Lovely as usual! ♥

Misfits Vintage said...

Humpers is a fighter, not a lover! Take your medicine, mister... don't make me come over there!

I adore you in red white and blue and I LOOOVE your new jacket but I agree re the shape - perhaps a little nip in at the waist to show off your DIVINE curvaliciouness? Also I love how you are totally tied to your home in this outfit.


Love you more than red, white and/or blue! Sarah xxx

sacramento said...

Fabulous colours, Fabulous YOU, MY DEAR HEGUITA!!!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

hope your kitty gets better. nothing is sadder than a sick kitty. you are looking very cherry though. i cant wait for you to go see sarah....this is like my blogger superbowl!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I forgot to mention yesterday that amongst all the crap I did manage to see Morrissey and The Prodigy a different points in my life. Black Sabbath were also an emotional moment. Best ever were Pentangle however.

Love the jacket, the shape is a little nondescript I suppose but it's being worn by you and that means it instantly looks amazing!

Trees said...

Hells Yes!! I love that frock - totally something I would wear. The piping is especially cute. I love red, white and blue as well :)

Louise said...

I do like your red white and blue combinations, and they don't smell of poo at all. Sounds like kitteh's a scrapper lol. Hope he's ok soon. Xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lurve the jacket. Ooh, I've seen those bands you mention, too. Aaaaah, those were the days......

two squirrels said...

Hmmmm the fur babies always seem to make something happen when you are due to go away. Clever!!! I am sure they say bit me to a fur friend so I get sick. GRRRRR
Hope he is ok.
Love the jacket!!!
I am so excited for you guys!!! HOLIDAY!!!! And with Sarah. That is even more exciting.
Love v

Vintage Coconut said...

Red White and blue is so you,
Minus the Poo.
DAMN that jacket is totally cute & I love your dress. The bckground is amazingly fitting =D

Animals always seem to find away to get hurt or lost before something important.
I once had a Hedgehog who poked his eye with a wood shaving right before I was leaving to go on a week trip. I had to take the little pokey munchkin along with me.
I did!

pastcaring said...

Travels with my hedgehog? That Melanie Coconut, she crazy!
But back to you, my darling, resplendent and regal in your red, white and blue! So what does the stripey jacket look like fastened? Or with a belt? I can't tell what shape it is really, I need more pics! Loving the stripes though.
Oh Humpers Dumpers, what a silly boy! Our Charley had a terrible limp one morning and was obviously unwell, and that was all from a puncture wound on his leg (presumably from one of his big sisters....) Hope Sir Hump is doing OK.

Penny-Rose said...

Love the jacket - I have a dress very similar to it. Red white and blue always looks fabulous. Do hope your cat is okay and recovering.

Style Sud-Est said...

Awwwww! Poor kittie!
Darling i love how you took the pics!
I love the blue and the red
Lovely you are

The insurance company called me this afternoon while i was at physio. She left a message saying that she is extending until the end of Feb, if i can not go back to work at the end of feb i have to get from the doctors a detailed report.
I am going for a magnetic resonance test this week, i will know exactly what is wrong with shoulder, because it is not making any progress at all.

Lots of love and have a good time with Sarah

Ariane xxxxx

Hannah said...

That jacket is lovely, rather nautical. Poor putty cat! xx

Miss Peregrin said...

Ooo, I absolutely love the little jacket! It is so damn adorable, and the colour combo is ace. You are looking mighty fine Helga dear!

Oh no, get well soon Sir Humpers!

FeltByRae said...

Ooh, I was tempted by a very similar jacket today but I have promised myself (publicly) not to buy any more clothes until after my birthday in March and as mum was with me I had to stick to my promise.... grrr!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

The Stylist and I have been having a wonderful catch up on your blog while you're away at Helgastock and I SWEAR to god she SQUEALED at the sight of you - "It all matches perfectly!" She still pisses herself at all the cat names but we're both very concerned about Humpers. My Angus (RIP) had the same wound and spent three days under the couch feeling sorry for himself. It can be really scary when they fight for their mama!! xo