Slap me 'til my cheeks glow red

Look at that sky!
And then, look at the glory that is me!
This frock had slightly voluminous sleeves that I just wasn't thrilled about.
So I whipped the buggers off.
So much better.
Goes to show that a simple adjustment can make all the difference with a frock you're not entirely comfortable with!
Even better when the frock was only a fiver to begin with!
Frock-opshopped, was probably a maxi at some point.
Shoes-garage sale
Jewellery-gifts from G!
"Fuck off" bow-made by moi
I've had such a splendid weekend, back at work today for a rest!
This is what happens when a drunk friend takes pix of a drunk me in conversation....

Um, no, I'm not packing grapefruit....

O, and I accidentally lied about there not being a full length outfit pic of what I wore to the burlesque show!
Our camera that was poked seems to be working pretty well again, mostly, and we're sort of using 2 cameras...this pic was taken on one, and the other camera came out with us to dinner...
I didn't really need the coat, it was a warm night, but that can change real quick around here!
The coat was from darling Brian ! (X)
The lovely Trashsparkle was wonderfully anticipating some sort of Helga madness frocktacular for the show, but I couldn't frigging find the frock I wanted to wear!
There is clearly more still in the garage than I realise!
I felt a little underdressed....until we arrived, and the audience really was underdressed!
I truly thought such a show would inspire fabulous frocking up...but it seems I was the only one who thought so!
O, and my new friend Anissa, she was frocked up fabulously.....but we were the only ones?!
I see I have some inspirational work on the general populace re how to be truly fabularseole!


Hannah said...

You look like an amazingly dressed 50ft tall woman in the first shot, love the orange dress for the burlesque show. x

Daniel said...

ups ! HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY HELGA ! u look so damn hot drunk ! LET'S HOOK UP ! yOu're GLORIOUS you're delicious,you're sexylicious you're HAWT ! fuckionista ! my life HELGA VON TROLLOP FOR PRESIDENT !

Trashsparkle said...

ooooh you look 50 foot tall in the blue-sky-red-and-white-Helga photo!

You look very acceptably frocked up in your lurvly maxi and peep-toes. Shame the rest of the audience hadn't Made An Effort At All. Disgraceful.

G buys you fabulous jewellery - love the turquoise pieces on this post.

oh, and Thank Yooooo for the link;) xx

LandGirl1980 said...

Best fuck off bow EVAH!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love the bow. You look marvelous x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I want that first dress!

dear olive said...

I love those conversations photos! Love the fuck off bow too. Swearing in a post wins me over every time. Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

The angle of the first photo is just too good! I keep hearing about this garage of your...I want to see pics of the stash you've got out there.

Trees said...

You need to come to Carousel Burlesque in Wellington my lovely! People dress up to the extreme, I don't think I will go again until I have a suitable costume, I have a few things in mind.

I love that first dress, its really cute and I love it more because it only cost $5 - huzzah!

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

You are truly fabularseole! ♥

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Helga, I am so glad I read your blog, you really brighten up my day!

Rosina Lee said...

smoochies!!!! love that outfit and really want that brooch! xxx

delia hornbook said...

Do you know what not many people dress up for things here either. There was a time when people dressed up even if they went to town. The teenagers do on Saturday, i feel like screaming at people sometimes for goodness sake frock up ;-)) Gorgeous outfits love the polka dots and red bow. dee xxx

two squirrels said...

That bow is the best big bow ever, you look amazing!!!!
Great dress. I love it.
Yay love to you gorgeous lady V

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm always the overdressed one, people are too lazy these days. I really like your spotty frock!!! xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh oooh oooooooohhhhh that first frock with the best fuck-off bow ever and glorious fishnets and beautiful blue sky... what a glorious pic!

And so glad to see that birthday frock in all of its glory - it's quite spectacular (and very similar to the one I wore last year to the Toothpaste Bar, oui?). And have I mentioned fifty six million times how much I FRICKIN LOOOOVE your birthday tooled bag??

Love you MORE than a tool! Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Get your bloody hot Helganess over here woman and I'll slap you silly, no worries about that HH!!!

Perdita said...

Loving the orange! And the sky. the sky!!

the fashion turd said...

mmmmmmm.....fruity! x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Fabulous!
Happy Birthday, guess i missed some posts, but was watching BBC on my Ipad!
I watched some Absolutely Fabulous, they are so funny, booze, fags, pot..and now watching from Lark Rise to Candlefod, just love period tv shows!
Love you dress and the blue skies and the way you shot the pictures!

My shoulder is still the shits, need a lot more physio..

Love, Ariane

Krista said...

Attack of the 50ft woman, I love it! You are larger than life in these pictures and I love this sweet dress especially when I can see some ruffles poking out! Drunken Helga :) Is there a blow up animal in one of those pics?:) I do believe there is!!!!

I love your long orange dress too and paired with that killer new bag you had to turn heads. 6 more months and you and G come to play. Feck yeah, I'm thrilled!

Anonymous said...

You have awesome style!!!! I love your little dress and your bows!!! Happy late birthday!!!

Mabel Time

seƱora Allnut said...

glorious outfit! always loving red and fabulous bows and how you wear both of them!
And that maxi is gorgeous!
It was really funny watching your video!!, so infectious laugh, so much prettiness!!
besos & fun

Louise said...

That first photo of you with the stunning sky behind is amazing, I love it. It's so colourful and really speaks volumes of your bright personality.

I've been to a fair few burlesque shows, and they are really hit and miss in terms of what the audience wear, sometimes they are all superglam, but mostly it's jeans and T-shirts. What's that about?


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

There is no stopping the sheer AWESOMENESS THAT IS HELGA!!!!! Oh my, yes the sleeveless frock looks so fresh and bloody gorgeous with your new jewels (love that G!!) and crowning glory!!!!! Honestly, dressing down for a burlesque show? What is wrong with people? It's a celebration of moistness people - ya gotta go with the flow!!!! xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

La Dama said...

I do love how you revamped your gorgeous polka dot frock.
Giant blow up foto is my fave, look at that beautiful sky.
Best Fuck off bow , love the netting.
You are divina in orange frock, aye its a burlesque show people dress up! I never been to one, always wanted too go Buddy is too shy to take me.

pastcaring said...

Eek, how have I missed this post? Especially since you have grown to 50ft in the process of it!
Glorious orange on glorious Helga - and with F-O bows to match! Splendid. I can't believe the audience at the burlesque show didn't take the opportunity to dress up, how silly of them. Good thing you made the effort, I'm sure it was appreciated!
Keep inspiring the (very dull) general populace with your fabularseholeness!!!! xxxxxx

Mary Lou said...

i love that very first picture you dressed in orange and white and the blue sky in the back, really fabulous darling! oh and i always kill friends who try to take fotos of drunk me haha