So,you wanna change the world?

Ooo, I was just given one of those little Ferraro Rocher choccies, the ones with Nutella in the middle.....mmmm
I don't have a big sweet tooth, but sometimes I get the taste for it, go hard and then can't stand the thought of sweets for ages.
I'm really more of a savoury girl.
I like nuts.
Hazelnuts, walnuts, pinenuts, peanuts, name the nut, I probably like it.
Just thought you might like to know!
Macadamias, brazil nuts.....yeah!
I'm thinking of hazlenuts probably because I'm planning to make my hazelnut/orzo/feta salad on Friday, when our Brisbane friends rock round for a bout of frivolity.
I am putting together a grocery shopping list; one of my favourite things to do!
I like to write my ideal list, get excited, and then realise I need to write my necessary list.
I'm a shocker when it comes to food shopping, I love to hoard, and to have oodles of delicious things just idling in the cupboard and fridge waiting for their moment in the spotlight and my belly...
I'm quite happy doing groceries, and especially love going to my favourite specialty shops, like the Meditteranean Warehouse, or an Asian supermarket, as well as the local butchers and green grocers.
Our local fishmonger came down in the February quake, so we are currently going to one not too far from our work.
I always buy above and beyond what is on my list; food is my only real extravagence......
A girl has to have some luxury in her life!
O, look at G's handiwork!
It's coming along!
The builder comes in early February, when we are away at Sarah's (29 sleeps!), to tidy it up and put in a supporting beam and whatever else is necassary!
Not sure when we'll get the carpet down, hopefully March.
It's looking so good!
I'm going to be stripping the slirting back to bare wood and painting all window frames the same indigo as the french doors.

Frock-a suspected former maxi, ealry 70's, opshopped
Jacket-60's, opshopped (there was a frock, but it's too damaged to repair)
Boots-70's? Opshopped in Timaru
Handbga-70's, opshopped
Around neck:
Faux pearls, opshopped
Bluey green pendant-from the sexacious Desiree
Cat pendant-opshopped
Sunglasses and headpiece-vintage, from the gorgeous Sarah !


Krista said...

I'm a nut girl too, love them and your salad has me drooling as do you in this bit of brightness! I also love going to the grocery store, making my list and trying new recipes is always a good time. I have been trying to simply what I make but still keep it fun, healthy and full of flavor. Last for dinner I made a simple Mexican rice with peppers, corn and onions served along side some grilled brussels sprouts, simple yet tasty and quite filling.

G is doing a killer job on the house, men at work, gotta love that! I always love looking at how colorful your place is makes me wanna dance and twirl and eat and drink and well just play!


Crystal Lee said...

I like how your house matches your incredible outfit. That is an awesome 60s jacket too! Best of luck getting your house in order.

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Wowee, look at your house! Amazing! I love food shopping too. I like having a good old poke about and like picking about wee delis and stuff. Yum!

two squirrels said...

I am one of these make a list and leave it at home people.
The house is looking great, well done G!!!
Not long till Miss Helga's birthday!!! V

Louise said...

I love pistachios, but I made the connection between eating nuts and gettng migraines and had to give them up... gutted. Does G stand for Genius because he's done great work there? It's all coming along very nicely. xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Hazlenuts are delicious*
Your house has to be the brightest and cheeriest in the world! If it isn't.... then it has to be pretty damned close. *lol*

I really like that frock it's darn cute!

Vix said...

Jon loves to spend money on food but I reign him in and look at what's in the cupboards first then there's more cash left for booze!
Nuts? Oh yeah! I LOVE chilli cashews the most.
G's done a splendid job on the house, it looks massive, what a star he is.
You look fab in your revamped maxi and those amazing boots.
We need lots of action photos from the weekend.
Love you!

Rose&Bird said...

I love nuts too (although not big on peanuts), and I'm just the same with chocolate - eat next to none for weeks then gobble loads after just one sniff!

Your house is so lovely and colourful, wish I could pluck up the courage to go for brighter colours although our house can be a bit dark, especially in the winter. G has been a busy boy. Hope you haven't discovered anything scary - critters or structural!

PS Have you changed your hair colour - it looks darker?

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I really need to be best friends with Sarah - I LOVE your headpieces.

Hannah said...

Love the jacket and dress, it has only been recently that I have taken to nuts, fricking love pine nuts and pistachios FYI aha x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Mmmmm nuts.... Nope, it's chocolate all the way for me thats for sure. Like you, I'm a great stocker upper of food. I can't help it . I like to see a kitchen cupboard full of lovely food. Love the bag btw.

Trees said...

I have been trying to stop eating quite so many sweets lately so I've been eating almonds and finding I actually quite like them:)

LOVE that frock with those tights!

Also you guys house is looking great - I can't wait to see when its all done:)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Why am I not surprised that you're a 'nut' girl!! ;-D ♥

Lily said...

Argh, yes, we also have fines for not wearing a helMUTT. This is annoying indeed. I actually think Australian fines might be more. $90 sounds familiar.

I think the helMUTT law is a rort. Sure there might be less head injuries but there's probably also a shitload more morbid obesity coz no one rides bikes anymore because they can't be bothered with the whole helmet rigmarole. This is my expert doctor's opinion ;)

Your outfit is AMAZING. I especially love your headband. I actually feel you should wear that shade of orange more because it is SPECTACULAR on you. I also love your house. The paint job is so YOU!

Lily said...

Oh! I thought you might find this amusing:

LandGirl1980 said...

I'll tell you what. I shall eat the outer yumness and the nutella goodness of the Ferreo Rocher and suck clean the nut. I shall then give you said nut. Deal? I am basically saying that I would suck nuts for you. I realise this.

Moving on.

I have bag and bow envy.

the fashion turd said...

happy new yeaaar from The Fashion Turd...may it be colourful and camp! x x x

Miss Peregrin said...

I love nuts too - my faves are cashews and macadamias. Yum! I also love your outfit today (as I do everyday). It's a shame that the frock that goes with the jacket is unrecoverable though.

pastcaring said...

Loving the bright colours and the excellent combination - you have the best tights collection!
Fab dress, amazing headpiece, cute jacket. In fact, you just look wonderful!
Your house will be so fantastic when everything is finished, looking forward to seeing the end results. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I love your stitched handbag - that's exactly what I'm looking for for my upcoming trip to Santa Fe. It's this whole Navajo indian theme down there - so I've been a bit perplexed on what to wear.

Your place is going to be amazing - I bet you can't wait to have it finished.


Miss Simmonds Says said...

love that head piece, love it all, but especially that!

contrary kiwi said...

Ahh I wish I was a nut girl. Being a vegetarian means it'd be extra awesome. Unfortunately they just aren't my thing. I will have to work on it though.

Your house is looking exciting! I can't wait to see the end result.

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Helga dear!
I am a nut girl as well! Love almonds, lots of calcium!
But i have a sweet tooth but do not eat too much of it, but do bake a lot!
Your place is coming along great! I love all the colors, that would never happened here, Mr. D prefers neutral colors, but i try slowly to inject colors in the place
So you like my closet? It was done before i got here.
It is an Ikea's closet,very clever Ikea when it comes to storage.

Lots of love


Misfits Vintage said...

I'm nuts for nuts too - especially macadamias (MMMmmm!!) and cashews. I shall stock up!

Now the important things... that BAG is exquisite, that frock is KILLER and I don't think I have ever seen you in flat boots before - I love them! I also love your hair like this and wowza, what an amazing job G is doing... does he feel like doing some renovations in 29 sleeps?? HA!

Love you more than boots! Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy new year! I'm more about crisps myself, but the husband is a big chocoholic girlie so we mainly have that in the house.

The house is looking good - I like the bright window-frames, they're like lego!

La Dama said...

I love this mysterious look!
Gorgeous boots and headpiece.
That bag is divine, you can fit in all kinds of delights.
Also adore that you hoard foods you enjoy.
Loving the side fotos of you pondering about nuts.
I also love all kinds of nuts and sweets myself.