Splendour in the grass

I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger picnic yesterday!
The very lovely Georgia and Ayesha decreed that we should get plonked, nibble lovely treats and lie around in the grass at Little Hagley Park for the afternoon.
I got to meet Georgia's blog partner Christie, and Laurel, as well as Ayesha for the first time.
Left to right:
Christie, Laurel, Ayesha, Georgia and the always fabulous Brodie !
Ayesha is a local-and rather good looking-lass who has not blogged for some time, dammit!
I sort of gently nagged her about that!
I knew she lived near me at one point, as I saw her about a bit, and she also took pix at Avebury House, just down the road from us, but when she didn't blog again after the February earthquake last year, I was a bit worried...but she was fine, is fine and is hopefully going to start blogging again!
Laurel is actually from Wellington, but is about to re-locate to Melbourne.
She too hasn't blogged in a while, and hopefully she might take it up again as well!
Not sure about the others, but I got well plastered, loud and probably very slurry.....wouldn't want to disappoint!
Then I had to pop on down to Pomeroys, as our darling Amber is back from her trip to Europe!
So good to see her little sweet face!
Some of her girls...
Just look at the state of me!

G took me home as I was started to snooze.....such a good boy....he fed and watered me, and put me to bed.
Dearie me!
It really was a splendid way to spend a Sunday!


pastcaring said...

Well, if you can't get yourself a teensy bit tipsy while lounging fabulously in the park and meeting up with a load of pretty girlies, when the hell CAN you?!
AND you look glamorous pissed, not shiny and dishevelled with red wine stains down your frontage, so all was well.
G IS a good boy.
All Sundays should be like this!
PS. Love the frock. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

It Wasn't the grass that tickled yer arse, it woz me finger....Magic Moments..filled with booze! Singalong now!

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous ladies, gorgeous food and wonderful weather. A treat for the eyes, as your posts invariably are. Thanks, Helga.

La Dama said...

I would drank myself too, looks too peaceful.
You look hot even when your tipsy! Look at those shiny blue eyes!
Loving the green picnic frock.
Thats right!G hombre knows it all.

Krista said...

This is what I call a perfect day! Ahhhh the weather looked lovely, the nibbles delish and plenty of drink, girl talk and sunshine, I LOVE THIS!!!! You all seem to be having such a chill time. I love seeing all the peeps in your world. What a Sunday, bless G for tucking you all in he's a love, let's keep him :)


Georgia Rose said...

I was pretty tipsy by the time I left too! You should've seen me wobbling away on my bike, all that fizz goes straight to my head. It was soooo much fun, we must continue to catch up whenever I visit Chch!

Dashfield Vintage said...

That looks like so much fun! I really need to snoop around and see if there are any like minded Auckland bloggers.

Trees said...

Yah! Blogger picnic - how fun:) You ladies had an AMAZING day too. It was raining up here NON STOP yest!

two squirrels said...

Oh what a wonderful day of fun with friends!!! You all look so pretty!!! Lovely V

owlinalarkworld said...

Oh, this looks lovely.
Makes me miss blogging. Perhaps I should do an outfit post of sneakers, tee and old work shorts?

delia hornbook said...

aahhh what a lovely day and such a great idea to all meet up. Lovely photo's i can't wait for the summer so we can have picnics and lie by the river etc...oohhh im dreaming now ;-)) dee xxx

Ronnie (RR) said...

Happy New Year Helga, hope you had a wonderful time over the christmas holidays. Loving the picnic photos, especially the daisy chain head piece....its made me ache for a picnic in the woods at springtime

Camelia Crinoline said...

Yesterday was fabulous. Food, drink and vintage loving people. What more could you ask for? Amber looks so much like my brother's girlfriend, Mox, especially in that second photo. It's kinda weird.

Rose&Bird said...

Ooh, lovely - I'm longing for spring so we can start having picnics again! What a glamorous bunch you all are! Great that you have G to look after you x

Louise said...

Ah picnic, one of my favourite things to do! Alas it's too cold for picnics at the moment so I'll just look longingly at yours. Xx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Gosh how lovely, ah spring, picnics and booze some of my favourite things!

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh a picnic - how CIVILISED!!! You look as SPLENDID as always, darling and what a good lad that G is! I think a picnic or two will be in order in 25 sleeps! Love you WAY more than watermelon, Sarah xxx

señora Allnut said...

delightful picnic and so glamorous ladies!!, it seems not only funny but also fabulous!!

Vix said...

I'd have been that excited to be eating al fresco with so many lovely bloggers I'd have got sozzled, too!
I don't know what I'm more excited about, all you pretty things or the picnic.
You look fabulous pissed, thank goodness for the love of a good man like G or it could have gone very wrong.
LOVE YOU & fab to chat!

liz said...

What a lovely picnic scene--sunshine, nature and pretty women, yay! :)

Perdita said...

Grrr very jealous! I want summer and fabulous boozy picnicks with glamour and delight. Sigh.

Kelly said...

A picnic in the park~How divine! :D

Loooks like fun!!

Sue said...

Here's to Helga Von Trollied!!! Picnics in the park are always the best.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I don't remember the last time I went on a picnic I'm jealous. It looks like you wer in good company too! xx

Miss Peregrin said...

A blogger picnic? BEST IDEA EVER. Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous & it looks like you all had a great time.

vintage_kitten said...

What a cool idea and looked like fun meeting fellow bloggers.I would love to do something like that.But I feel like i'm the only blogger in my area.All that food looks good and all the girls look so nice.xx

lasophia said...

A blogger picnic? How freaking exciting. I would love to be surrounded by "my people." Looks like a cool group of people.