Feeling the Lurve

Surprised /excited face

Sweethearts  Melanie and Rae have gone and awarded me

Thanks, ladies!!!

The rules are:
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  • Thank the blogger who awarded you
  • Mention 7 random things about you
  • List the rules
  • Pass the award on to 15 amazing blogs
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Ooo, so I have tried to think of 7 random things you may not know about me, although I think I've probably shared more than enough about myself during my blogging time!!

1: I am fascinated by the worlds religions, but subscribe to none.

2: I am addicted to chilli

3: I was once (briefly) married in black

4: I did not drink alcohol until I was 22 (I've made up for lost time!)

5: I loathe stuffed animals; they make me feel a bit violent and I have been known to punch them

6: Otters (real ones) make my eyes water cos they are so frigging cute!

7: I really can't stand rules

And in addition to that, darling
 Sue has tagged me with a Randomness 11 tag!!
Thanks baby!
The rules for this are:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in your tagger's post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers YOU tag to answer.
5. Tell the bloggers you've tagged that they're it.
6. Oh, and no stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if reading this". 

So here's another 11 random things about me......

1: I never mix my drinks; the mere thought of doing so gives me an instant hangover

2: I loved Neil Gaimans "American Gods" so much, I started reading it again as soon as I finished it

3: I'm good at spelling but shit at maths!

4: My favourite icecream flavour is mango, if I can get it.

5: I find it almost impossible to forgive, and certainly never forget

6: I do not understand why it is so important to some people that I think, act, feel and do like they do

7: I love a good Thomas Hardy type tragedy, sobbing in ecstasy is quite pleasureable!

8: On Top Gear, I fancy James May, not the more popular Richmond Hammond

9: I once wet myself whilst "singing" Bohemian Rhapsody with Justine at kareoke (I was laughing too much to sing, all I could do was one "mama... ooooooOOO" whilst huddled in a shaking ball)

10: I started learning to drive at the ripe old age of 42.
I frigging love it, but don't fret over why it took me so long. What matters is that I am doing it now!

11: You couldn't pay me to go to space

And now to answer the questions Sue set for me!

1) What was the name of your first love?
Brian Harris.
2) What was the first car you owned?

A Honda Civic
3) Who is your favourite TV character?

Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served...or maybe Mildred Roper....or maybe Patsy Stone.......hmmmmmmmm, difficult to choose just one!
4) How did you meet your partner?
We worked together! I liked the look of his arse, he liked the look of my booboids, and that was that!
5) What pisses you off the most?
What doesn't?! Ha, um, probably the dangerous combination of arrogance and ignorance
6) If you weren't living where you are now, where would you live and why?
Maybe Reefton, a small town on the West Coast, cos I've always liked it and it's small and quiet. Just like me. Ha!
7) What's your favourite drink?
Water (Really!)
8) Confess something naughty!
I am a member of the Mile High Club
9) If you could be reincarnated, who would you be and why?
A more patient, undestanding, compassionate version of myself!
10) What skill would you like to learn?
To speak another language, either French, Spanish or Italian
11) If this was your last day on the planet, how would you spend it?
Frocked up and drinking myself to oblivion with G

My 11 questions for those whom I tag are:

1) What is your favourite thing to cook?
2) Cats or dogs?
3) Have you seen any of the Wonders of the World, natural or man made?
4) What book would you most recommend I read, and why?
5) Have you any unusual talents?
6) Whose wardrobe would you like to steal?
7) A film you have watched more than 5 times?
8) Any phobias?
9) City you would most like to visit?
10) How many siblings do you have?
11) What is your favourite swear word?

As this is rather convoluted and exhausting,
I will pass the Versatile Blogger Award/tag to just these peeps:

Mary Lou
Mrs Allnut!



Misfits Vintage said...

Woohoo! Mile high! You are fabulously fascinating to me, darling and I just love learning more about you. Now, what are you WEARING? Those beads look delightful... and your fuck-off bow is perfection, as always. I have a question: reel to reel or fat vinyl?
Love you more than Patsy Stone! Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Awesome! Well done! He has got a cute wee bottom, quoit toyt! Yeah baby! :D There's pic on my blog somewhere of Joe stark bollock naked dancing in the rain!

two squirrels said...

Yay!!!! You are such a easy person to love!!! Special special lady.
Tell all, fun to read.
Love v

Trees said...

Interesting you learnt to drive at 42 - I still can't drive and get a hard time for it but I can't see the point of having a car in central Wellington!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Aaaahahahaha re the Mile High Club. I love you even more for it. xx

Melanie said...

Mildred Roper! I love Mildred!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Ha! You would be GREAT in Reefton!
Mile High - congrats! LOL!

By the way - did you get my e-mail - I got a random instant reply from Yahoo about somebody's purchase of something.. or something!

Love those new sunnies - awesome! x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I like these little questionares. We have a couple of things in common too. xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Aaaahhhhhhhhh the good ole' mile high club ... Dublin to Manchester ... the hosties didn't even know our seats were allocated until we schlepped sheepishly down the isle when it was time to land - heheeeeeeeeeee!!!!! You're a gorgeous chickie and I want you gettin' down on the Soul Train line with me when Number 3 Son invents a way to teleport us back to 1973 so I can rock the Gene Jeanie in the back seat of his Granada xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

The Grande Dame said...

Ahaaaa well done. Ditto re spelling & maths. (I could have commented on your Mile High membership but I think that's covered!) I loved your pink & green coordinates in your last post too :) x

La Dama said...

I love to know more about your sensational prosti.
loving your pretty necklace beeds.
Mile High club,lol

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...

Cheers chick :) I hope the mile high club was fun ;)

Abbly xxxx

pastcaring said...

Naughty naughty Helga! Mind you, I'd have put money on both you and Desiree being Mile High Club members, if I was a betting woman!
Wonder where Brian Harris is now, and if he still carries a torch?
With you on the spelling/maths, but James May??? No!!! Still, you could have the hots for Jeremy Clarkson, and that would be plain wrong....
PS. Gotta love an otter! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Mile High? Wowser! that is naughty...what airline? Do tell!!
What fantastic answers, I learn something new and fabulous about you every day, I swear.
James May????That's where our freaky twinniness ends. All three of those Top Gear men are freaks!!
Love you!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

bohemian rhapsody story made me laugh so hard I almost pissed! =-D LOVESIT!

Krista said...

Mile high wowza, I can barely stand to pee in those Loo's (check me out with my British slang) that's pretty GODDAMCOOLHELGA!!!!! The many layers of Helga, I love each and everyone. You are such an interesting free spirit I love who you are!

Louise said...

Oh my God, Otters. I'm totally obsessed with otters too. I'd love a pet one and I keep dropping hints lol. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

You are one fascinating gal! I was going to tag you obviously but I noticed you'd already been awarded it. Want to stalk abbly after the wibble bot thing but your link is to something rather dull and officey xxxx

La Dama said...

I love knowing more about my fave prostis!
Mile Hight!! kool!!
otters are cute.

karensomethingorother said...

that was a very interesting list! I've got so many stuffed animals in my basement and the rest of the house it's just stupid. People should just NOT give stuffed animals when a baby is born. That's just tedious.

I'm not a member of the mile high club damn it. I haven't travelled by plane with my hubbo in years though.

Sue said...

I love that you didn't learn to drive until you were 42. Just proves that we can learn things at any age really. I didn't get a drivers license until I was 21, but had been driving for years and riding motor bikes since I was 9!!! Shall get the Webster woman to show me how to do your question thingy, I am after all still a novice at the bloggering stuff!!!

Lucy Nation said...

Ha ha, I enjoyed reading these. Just found your site through Vix. Love your inspirations! xx