The First Time

Let's talk about first times.....yeaaaaah!
Before you get the wrong idea, what I actually mean is let's talk about my first time.
My first time having a

With the help of the sweetest squirrel Vanessa ,
I have not one, but 2 handbags to giveaway to one very lucious reader!
One of these handbags will have some sweet goodies inside.....
The black handbag is an unconfirmed Rex-it has no label, but all the signs have Vanessa and I convinced it is.
The tapestry handbag is from my own collection!
The goodies inside the Rex are partly contributed by Vanessa, and partly opshop finds by me.

All you have to do to be in to win is leave a comment telling me how fabulous I am.........bahahahaaaaaaa ......and it would only be polite to be a follower!

I'll throw names into a hat and draw a winner when I get back from Australia on the 11th February!

Do make sure you tune in at Misfits Vintage to see what we're all getting up to!

PS:Humpers is fine, he's on anti-biotics,but very perky and leaping around like a mad thing!
He and Pee Pee are in Pussy Prison whilst we're away!
My babies!


Vintage Coconut said...

You gave yourself away your first time????
Luscious is RIGHT Luscious LOBSTERS!

Now you do look rather sexy and citrusy in orange or is it red?! I can't bloody well tell.
Love that frock it makes me think of my first time.
(My first time I ever entered one of your giveaways)
Both bags are vintage fabulous. WHOEVER THE WINNER is.... they will be a stylish lady with those bags.

~Enjoy your trip~

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Of course your fabulous I think I tell you multiple times a week actually ha ha. Amazing giveaway. I need to get my but in gear and do one too. xxx

Max said...

There is only one handbag for me, so don't include me in the draw, but have a wonderful holiday and GIVE ME THAT DRESS!

VintageBirdGirl said...

Oh how exciting....a Helga giveaway! Yay for being so fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful time over the ditch. Us Aussies should have a public holiday in honour of Helgastock! Xx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love you more than I love handbags! Even more than I love that tapestry one!

I also love you in that dress. The print is totally fab, and the shoes & bow just cinch things!

Mrs Munster said...

Well Helga, I do think you are Ms Fabulous. I just looove your bold colour co-ordination. Have a great time on your holiday :)

sacramento said...

If I am allowed to enter,I want your bags, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I LOVE you.

Melanie said...

I am a bit in love with your shoes! I have had a penchant for red shoes since I was a wee thing. They are just lovely.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh bless you ;-)) I would love to be entered into the draw please. Glad to hear the cats are ok. I had to cancel my facebook account as i had a virus and it was getting on my nerves to be honest so i wasn't sure if you saw my last posting but just incase so you don't think im rude im leaving it here ;-)) Have a fab time with Sarah can't wait to see and read both your posts. Have a safe journey and have lots of fun. dee xxx

KittyMeow said...

OOooh I love a giveaway! Enter me please :-)

Which reminds me, I need to sort out a competition on my little blog too.

Hoping you're loving our sunny climes and you enjoy your trip :-D

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Ok I'm a giveaway virgin too. One day I'll do it for the first time.
I'm even a giveaway contestant virgin!
What exciting times!
Have a lovely trip. x

Louise said...

For a moment there I thought you were doing a Desiree and using 2 handbags.

Helga, you are the most luscious thing to ever don a beehive :-) please put me in the draw for one of those divine bags.

Mwah xx

Anonymous said...

Ha I thought the same thing as Louise! I thought you were double bagging it! The bags are so pretty! How can you possibly give them up? I am tons excited to see the hijynx and mayhem you and G get up to at Sarah's! I would like to win one of the bags if the giveaway is open to US residents :)

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You are beyond fabulousness, Helga, especially in those red shoes - just like tap shoes only with a heel - swooooon. If you're posting abroad, I'd love to win one of those gorgeous bags. Have a fabulous trip. xx

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

your are the most divine effing creature in the world!!! pick me!!

Anissa said...

ohhh la la!!!!!
me sure do likee yhose red shoes!!!!
have fun adventures over in the pond doll!!! xx

Perdita said...

OOh is it open internationally...?

(I still think you're Helgalicious even if it isn't!).

pastcaring said...

(Does that mean I get 3 entries??!!)
Oh how gorgeous you look, like a flame of hotness!
I keep looking and looking for a tapestry bag on Ebay and never find one I can afford - so I'd like a shot at winning yours, please!
For a first time, this is GOOD (and who can honestly say that...?)
Will be following your adventures in Misfit territory, my dear. xxxxxxxx

Lena said...

You lucious, glamorous thing. I love thee and regularly go mental over your amazing hair.x

Miss Magpie said...

As it's your first time I'm more than happy to tell you how wonderous you are. x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Pretty sure I caught a glimpse of pussy prison on a dodgy late night TV channel.

ooh those red shoes!!

Obviously you are totally fabulous. And you're one of the first people to take notice of my little blog and leave fantastic comments about how fab I am too. AND you're on my radar as a potential portrait subject.

Enough sucking up.

byeee xxxx

Krista said...

Ohhhhh a giveaway, I never win anything so I rarely play what a poor sport I am :) You are the sunshine love and you are fabufreckloso! Those shoes are too sweet!
Have a blast with Sarah!!!

Vix said...

You are FABULOUS and even if I don't win a fancy bag I'll still love ya!
I can't believe you can bear to part with either of those luscious bags, you are such a martyr to your fans.
Give Humpers a big snog from Polly & Stephen.
Love YOU! Vix

Courtney Martin said...

i love love love your look. so fun. i can't wait to see what you and ms misfit have planned. :)

La Papillion Bleu said...

Fabulous Frock! Fabulous Bags! Fabulous giveaway! Fabulous You!!!
Have a Fabulous holiday.

Rose&Bird said...

Well, of course you're fabularse everyday, darling, it goes without saying! Would love to go in the hat please.
Glad Humpers is ok - reckon he thought he'd get some extra attention before you went away!

TheBlackPinafore said...

oooo wawawiwa,

Georgia Rose said...

Ooooh I wanna win the tapestry one! It's adorable!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Goodies from Helga? Now, how could I pass that up. I'm with Georgia Rose - the tapestry one is calling to me.
You are loved, as always.

VainGlorySinner said...

Oh my dear handbag heaven! I can't believe you're giving away the tapestry one but it is much appreciated *drools*

Gah those red shoes are friggin adorable and quite saucy! G must kiss your feet all day when you're wearing them!

You don't really need to be told how fabulous you are as you already know just how bloody fabulous you are!

Have a grand old time with Sarah in the land of Oz and don't cause G too much harm! Looking forward to seeing the madness that will no doubt commence via Sarah's blog!

Be fabulous together in her little love shack! x

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I had a Helga moment yesterday - where I wished I could rock the 'vintage confidence' like you do. I gave you blog love in my latest post.

A giveaway?! Fun! Love both bags.


Anonymous said...

I want these bags--enough to clobber anyone else who might get them. I've been following for a year or so...

Have fun with Misfits!

Style Sud-Est said...

You are fabulous!you are the best, I love your style, your are the queen of style!

Maybe i should do a giveaway? i have so much stuff here...

Love you girl

Have a good weekend and trip!


50 and counting said...

You are my guilty pleasure. In someways, I live vicarously through you.

If only I had half the courage, stylewise.

But thanks to you and Vix, I make more of an effor on a daily basis. Makeup, nails, and an outfit, even if it is only to go for milk!

Lisa Shayla said...

Oh Helga you know I have a crush on you and peek in hoping only to peek at your booboids! Toss me in the hat and I will still keep peeking even if I dont win...sigh... Enjoy your trip doll!

FeltByRae said...

Wonderful? I don't think the word does you justice... you are utterly fabulously divine!

You inspire me to kick my wardrobe up a notch and I totally covet most of your wardrobe, but you knew that anyway!

Cazz said...

Dearest Helga,
The day i saw you flash those ducks made my life change.
When i am feeling sad about life in general i hop onto your blog and there you are.
A beam of hope in this dull dull world.

La Dama said...

Oh my a Helgita giveaway! Your giving us some Rex purses even more lovely.
You know how much I love you amor.
Your always so inspirationally insane. always manage to make me
adorar your goldy orangey frock and not too mention those red dancing shoes.

owlinalarkworld said...

Blogger prevented my from commenting/entering when I first read this post. Very sad. But in my exile from textual interaction with your blog I came to the conclusion that I should not need the lure of a giveaway to express my deep appreciation for your exemplary taste in paisley.

Misfits Vintage said...

You're where???

Anonymous said...

If you're giving it away overseas ... you are the epitome of FABULOUSNESS and we are but your slavering minions - oh yes (and you look like you are having a fabularsehole time en vacances - what spiffing company too!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

To say I love you and your style is a gross understatement. In fact I was just writing about you and your fabulosity and still it can not convery how fecking awesome you are. I want those bags! xo.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You KNOW how much I covet, covet, covet your tapestry bags and I am DYING for a Rex ... if it comes from your magical collection I think I will just pee myself!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxooxxoox

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...

Hello Helga :)

I have only recently started looking at your blog and my goodness, YOU are more than Fabulous. You are FabuAmazeballsBrilliantyFantanstic!!!You have a fab sense of humour and you always looking AMAZEBALLS! You fill me with hope and the confidence to wear the things that I wouldn't dare wear normally. I salute your awesomeness :) And also, what fab taste in bags you do have ;)

Abbly xxxx

nik said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

rojodosh said...

Hi Helga, Finally I find a blog that encourages me to dress the way I want. Your clothes are exciting and full of fun, the way dressing should be and they look good on you. In fact I tend to rein myself in, afraid to embarrass or to be embarrassed and can only admire those (like yourself) who dare to be themselves. You're the best!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hey lady - looks like you had the best time with Sarah Misfit. Your pussies will be glad to welcome you home!

Glad to help you pop your giveaway cherry - I am a follower of course x

vintage_kitten said...

I missed your dress and those those shoes are so always have gorgeous on.xx

Mary Lou said...

oh no i missed your great first giveaway :( but anyway i will tell you how fabulous you are, because of course you are ;) i love that gorgous frock and your shoes!