Giveth me the horn, she does

Fark, who isn't raving about this sexy bint at the moment?!
I don't usually like to jump on band wagons, nor regurgiate what's going around on the net, ( it's all about me, remember?! bahahaaa ) but I saw the video of her Grammy performance about 1/2 hour ago and it gave me the chills!
Jeez, I'd love to have  voice like that, with all that incredible power!
Totally digging her makeup, hair and frocks in these two pics, too.
I'm totally crushing!

Imagine Adele and Nigella Lawson tussling in a paddle pool full of mayonnaise!

Otherwise, I have little to say today, other than to show you my pookies getting all nosey over the piles of insulation that went under and into the roof of our house yesterday, whilst I sat around nursing a migraine....

And the delicious bowl of comforting mushroom risotto I made for was a chilly, grey day and I was feeling poorly.....I suspect it's withdrawals from the splendiferousness that is Sarah !
Le sigh.



Anonymous said...

Oh I love Adele! Imagine Karl Lagerfeld calling her too fat :P what a dumbass. I think she's gorgeous! That mushroom risotto looks almost as yummy as Adele!
I read some books that mention giving you the horn I didnt know people actually say it!

Max said...

absolutely no idea whom she is, but agree, she is gorg. as is risotto x

Sue said...

Adele is one great singer alright, and very comfy in her own skin, should be admired for not conforming to being a lollipop!!! Saw an interview with her on a pommy talk show and she is hilarious, wicked accent. Hope you are feeling much better Miss Helga!!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I know NOTHING of Adele, but I was under the impression she was a "big girl". I saw that picand almost died - she is perfect, I would kill to look that gorgeous.

LOL at the building inspectors (Humpers and Pee Pee).

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh it's nice to hear a quality voice amidst the shite that dominates the music scene these days...
Nice looking risotto! Yumness.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Feel better soon ♥ Adele is just fantabularse! D

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I don't normally comment on 'celebrities' either but I agree not only had she got an amazing voice but she looks fab! mmmm mushroom risotto

Hope you're feeling back to normal self today!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Naaaaaaaaaaaah, you gimme the horn baby ... she's just a Helga copy-cat even if she does the most fecking awesome pair of tonsils and back-combing skillz. Je suis adore le pussy pics:)). Keep nomming that risotto love, can't have you flaking out from exhaustion - sleep, stroke pussies, read, sing, eat, sleep some more. xoxoxoxooxoxox

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I hope you feel better lovely!! I'm not big into artists but Adele's voice is beyond amazing. xx

Ivy Black said...

Oh yeah...she's fabulous alright. She's bloody gorgeous, very funny, sings like a dream and has a filthy laugh. Get the CD's if you don't have 'em...superb. As are you.xxxx

Louise said...

I totally agree, Adele rocks. She's really nice too, I've seen her in interviews, very down to earth. Xx

PepperReed said...

Adele + Nigella? OMGawd! I'd go for pudding tho' over the mayo... Adele is pretty fab; I love her style and her voice, too. Sorry you're under the weather and hope you're back to Fabulousness soon!

pastcaring said...

Oh darling, munch some yummy risotto, and I hope you feel better soon.
I think Adele's voice is incredible, and she looks great.
Wonderful shot of the pookies exploring. I bet they are delighted to have you and G back home.
Aah, don't be too sad at missing Sarah. Sending you a HUGE Valentine's snog - that'll perk you up! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vix said...

Your poor head, let me come over and massage it better!
Loving those kitties exploring and the look of that delish risotto, you'd give old Nigella a run for her money any day of the week, in culinary talents and sexy bintiness.
Adele? Great voice, gorgeous and a laugh as rough as a badger's arse. I must the only person in the Uk who hasn't got her album.

Krista said...

Ah honey I hope your head and heart feel better soon. Adele is such a refreshing voice in a cookie cutter industry, love her style too. She reminds me of you :) The picture of the kitties is great I bet they were having a blast!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

She's really funny too, and has a filthy Babs Windsor-esque laugh. I want to be mates with her x

Style Sud-Est said...

Adele is great, she is big here, such a voice!
Hope you feel better soon dearest!
Izzy has been intreviewed at montreal fashion week, it is on her blog, all in french tough!
She is starting to get more freebies from local designers and several companies. I think things will change for her soon, i might do some events with her! Wiil see

Lots of love

Ariane xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh her hair, makeup and frock are SPECTACULAR! YUM risotto... why didn't we make risotto??? LOVE! Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Adele gives me the horn too! She is gorgeous, and her voice just blows me away. Your risotto looks just as good as she does though!

La Dama said...

Adele is gorgeous and what a voice on that MaMa.