The Jumpsuit of Jizzmatic Proportions!

Well, our Nix was home alone last night, so we asked her over for some drinkies and a bit of holiday in heaven show and tell.
The tramp had the nerve to turn up in this scrumptiously fabularsehole jumpsuit of truly jizzmatic proportions and colour that she opshopped that very day!!!

Workin' it like a pro

It's nylon and dreamy and made my mouth water!
But enough about Nix, it's all about ME!

Here I am, frocked up for the draw in a splendid lace frock I got whilst opshopping with my lovely and perfect opshopping companion Sarah a few days ago!
Worn with:
60's hat-gift from Sarah!
Stole-Rangoon Musical Society sale
70's bling necklace-opshopped
Earrings-gift from Justine
Belt-opshopped with Sarah!

Now, I wanted to show you the evidence for my drunken faux pas when I drew the winner of my virginal giveaway!

I didn't stand a chance!
Nix cleverly abbrieviated the lovely Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia to look like Abbley Fish Bot!!!
So pleased you enjoyed the draw, anyways!
We were really quite sozzled by that point.
Drinking to get over missing my darling Sarah!
O, we had the BESTEST most AWESOMECAKE time ever!

I have a huge amount of catching up to do, and will get around to see what you lovelies have been up to in due course!
Y'all totally ROCK!
And you know what?!
The most totally rocking thing that happened while we were away is that the gorgeous Bella featured me at the top of her 40+ Fashion Bloggers list!!!
Thank you so much, darling!!!
I am ridiculously flattered!


Dashfield Vintage said...

Yay you're back! I missed all your bright, cheerful posts in my day! You both look fantastic, I love the drop back on the jumpsuit!

Georgia Rose said...

That jumpsuit = utterly amazing. Like... omg. If she ever decides to get rid of it, send it my way! What a dream. And you don't look so bad yourself, miss!

Penny-Rose said...

So good to see you again, I missed you! I am so proud of you for being the Numero uno on Bella's 40+ fashion blog!!!!!!! You are fabulous!

Sue said...

What a jumpsuit, imagine it on back-to-front with that plunging V!! Do you just wake up gorgeous?? You always look fabularse and I am lovin' your eye make up. Looking for a black or a white crini. So glad you are back and blogging, and you are most welcome to join us Sues on a suesday you can be called Hue or we shall be Shelgas!!

señora Allnut said...

love to see you're back and so fabulous as usual!!
really that jumpsuit is fantastic!! and you look uber elegant wearing black lace and pretty make up!
besos & fun

pastcaring said...

You are looking most delicious in sophisticated black lace - one needs to dress up for a big occasion like a prize draw, naturally!
LOOK at Nix, that jumpsuit is fabulous, she's rocking that fringe too!
Top of Over40s bloggers list? Tip-top at any age, darling! Lovely to have you back and posting/commenting, I've missed the trademark Helga SQUEEEEE! xxxxxxxx

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Darling!

So glad that you are back! You look so good all happy and look at that tan! You have spent somedays on the beach, don't you? Yeah,yeah i saw you on Sarah' blog! Lucky you! Freezin our butts here!

Your Nix wears that jumpsuit so well,fabulous piece!

My birthday is Feb 27, i got an early birthday gift from my Mr. D. He will take me out surely on my birthday and reminds me i want to make some suggestions as to where i want to go for my birthday.

I love your frock girl,wow! You look delisciously fabulous.


Ariane xxxxxx

Abblyfish Wibble Bartonia said...


Vix said...

Welcome home!!!! Nix looks ravishing in her sexalicious cat suit, it would have been a crime to leave the little minx home alone.
You look spectacularly beautiful, your make-up is a work of art and no-one can rock black as well as you can. You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

congrats but totally thought you were late 30s...

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

ooh that jumpsuit's gorg - how did you resist wrestling her to the ground and stealing it for yourself?

Mind you, you're looking most ladylike yourself, have been reading all about yours and sarah's op-shopping exploits. Excessive baggage on the way home?

Congrats on heading up Bella's list, lots of my faves on there.

If you head my way you'll see I've collated the VERY BEST in Valentine's gifts ;-)

Krista said...

Welcome home sweet Helga and G!!!! You are totally hot in this black lace number I love the hat from Sarah, so beautiful and your eyes look killer! Nix's jumpsuit is pretty bad ass. We've missed you sweetie!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

Finding a jumpsuit even remotely as cute as that is one of my wishes.
I just love your eyemakeup here, you look killer sexy!

Hannah said...

You look gorgeous, love the cleopatra esque eye makeup! x

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

OMG LOOK AT THAT HEADPIECE! I think I just died.

Camelia Crinoline said...

That jumpsuit is amazing and it fits Nix perfectly. I love your hat and your fabulous Sioxsie style makeup.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous jumpsuit! I love the black on you with a touch of pink.. Awesomesauce.

Perdita said...

That jumpsuit rocks hard! Suuuperb.

delia hornbook said...

Nix looks fab that jumpsuit is great fun. But you look stunning that dress is so lovely and such a nice lengh on you. Love the hint of pink with it. Hsve a lovely fun week, dee xx

Crystal Lee said...

you crack me up. your gal looks f-in amazing!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

OMG you won't believe this but I've been ranting under my breath what now turns out to be the fake but fecking hilarious "Abbeley Fish Bot" every time I've made a cuppa, had a wee, attended to The Phoenix, driven The Stylist to gym ... you get the picture. I actually think I'm going quite insane ... but I like it! Yes, I jizzed my pants over Nix's jumpsuit - so disgraceful aren't I? I am ADORING your fecking gorgeous frock and YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!! Welcome home you glorious creature of epic eye-shadowism!!! Meloveyoubiglongtime xoxoxoxoxoxo

sacramento said...

You have the best legs in the world,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Happy Valentine´s day or love day.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hi ya sexy bint! I tagged you here Hopefully you can play along, don't worry if not but being a nosey sort I would really like to hear your answer to number 8! :D ♥♥

Misfits Vintage said...

FABULOUS jumpsuit Nix! And darling, that frock and hat look even better than they did here! Oh I am quite blue without you!!! Love, Sarah xxx

Miss Peregrin said...

Oh my gosh, that jumpsuit! No wonder you were jealous, it is fabularsehole. For that matter, your frock hat & hat are pretty fecking amazing too.

La Dama said...

Aye!!! Aye!! I love you in black and you should show us your sexy bare naked stems more often.totally eyeing your black crazy hat.

La Dama said...

oh and jumpsuit Nix biatch is so gorgeous.