Electric Dreams

Thank frock it's Friday, although I am a little alarmed with how quickly they roll around!

Frock-late 70's, opshopped
Tights and jacket-jet setting Vix
Vinyl bag-60's, opshopped
Little hairbow-gift from Nix

I had a wild dream(s?!) last night that involved hanging out with Pink, using a rocket launcher to blow up buses, a fairground with a huge old style horse merry go round thingy, and a photoshoot with G wearing bondage gear, conducted by some flash photographer.
Blowing up the buses was awesome!
I've always fancied firing a rocket launcher, specifically at a drummer who is strapped up Tommy Lee style in a revolving cage.
Why that is such a specific fancy, I don't really know, but it makes me hysterical with laughter just thinking about it!

A procession of pookies.

G asked me this morning what I call a group of brooches.
I told him such a phenomenon was called a cluster.
He thought scrum, or maul might be better, however, as they are jostling for position.
He's quite the deep thinker, my G.

The ballerina brooch was opshopped, and has matching clip on earrings!
The round diamante one was also opshopped, and I'm pretty sure the leaf was from my lovely friend Sue.

The earrings are also from the lovely Sue!
The sunglasses were from Etsy, and the 60's necklace is from Two Squirrels.

I stopped by 2 opshops on the way home today, and picked up a wee haul.
A lovely 50's tablecloth, the sweetest girdle, a basic black cardi, and a bunch of costume jewellery.
'Cos a gal can never have too much costume jewellery, can she?!

That round number is a scarf ring.
I am a little obsessed with scarf rings.
My clip on earring collection is getting pretty massive now!

O, I bought this darling little tie rack from Dashfield Vintage recently.
I thought maybe G might like it for his ties, but I was secretly hoping I could use it for my belts!
And G kindly mounted it for me today; it holds my belts perfectly!

Anyway, I finish today with a little video dedicated to the pretty lass of Simplicity is Bliss Vintage, in reference to an exchange we had on Twitter....enjoy!


In Bloom

Why yes, I do rather like this 60's effect!!

These are kind of Vanity and Vines Part 4, the morning after....
I didn't feel too bad at this point.
By the time Jo dropped me off home I felt dreadful, and poor old Jo had to go home and prepare for her BIRTHDAY PARTY!
Yes, it was her birthday on Saturday!
I don't think she was feeling as rough as I, however.
But her car did break down after she left me, which didn't make her feel too great.
I was too hung over to go to her party that night, shame on me.
I'm too old for this sort of carry on.......old enough to know better, but young enough not to care, I suppose!

Frock-60's, Etsy (I need to fix it, it's falling apart!)
Crochet vest and vintage Oroton sunglasses-Sarah (I miss her.....haven't seen her for nearly 2 months!)
Belt-garage sale
Tights-We Love Colours
Shoes-Trade Me
Hat-60's, Camelot Costume Hire sale
Bag-60's beauty case
Earrings-Vanessa (I miss this one too.....haven't seen her for over a week!)


Vanity and Vines-Part 3

It's rather civilised to change for dinner....or in our case, late night snacks, as it took quite some time to digest our splendiferous lunch!
I suppose it doesn't help that we were also digesting large quantities of booze....

We had a platter re-run, of sorts!
I could quite happily eat like this all the time!

Jo's frock is from Stop Staring!

Blingy brooches!
The koalas I won from Arianne's giveaway recently, the round one is from Sarah and the clip thingy is from the Shabby Chic market!
My frock is early 60's and from Etsy, the shoes I opshopped in Australia, the flower on my waist was retail, the 60's earrings were opshopped and the pearls in my hair were also opshopped.

A perfect end to a perfect day!
Shame about the hangover I had on Saturday, though......!!!


Vanity and Vines-Part 2

When we arrived at Dunolly Jo had to go and schmooze with the owners for a bit, so I took the opportunity to have a little lie down and a good guzzle of water.
Then we needed a costume change, some bubbly and we had a little stroll amongst the vines!

I told Jo to pretend she was in a Fellini film.

I am wearing:
Frock-Camelot Costume Hire sale
Cape-40's, opshopped
Shoes-Trade Me
Headpiece-made by my lovely friend Claire
Faux Pearls-opshopped
Strange tatted & wood necklace-opshopped
Rosary beads-lovely Liz
Earrings-60's, opshopped
Bangle and sunnies-Sarah

On Jo:
Frock-60's, opshopped in Oamaru


Vanity and Vines-Part 1

So, we arrived in timely fashion at Pegasus Bay  on Friday afternoon, anticipating a splendid lunch........and we weren't disappointed!
Jo knows the owners and staff, so we schmoozed our way in.....

....and were seated in the most gorgeous setting with menus in hand!

The wine quickly followed.

The little cups in front of us above contained the most delicious chilled watermelon soup...OMG, it was divoon!

This is zucchini flower stuffed with marscapone and gorgonzola......I don't even like gorgonzola, but the marscapone over rode it and it was farking heavenly!

One of the husband/wife winemaker team came out to chat with Jo.

Here comes lunch!!!

A platter of the most marvellous porportions, laden with all manner of delightful, mouth watering goodies!


Then Matt (Mr Winemaker) took us off into the cavern of voluptuous winey delight so Jo could taste some new brews....if I can call new and nearly ready to bottle wine a "brew" !
He very kindly included my philistine self, and I happily guzzled my way through everything he handed me!!!
Their pinot noirs are TOO DIE FOR good, by the way!

This is my serious wine tasting face.
I, of course, swallowed everything I was given.
That's just the kind of girl I am.
Jo had to be sensible, and use the spittoon, as a) she was driving, and b) she needed to be professional!

And then we had to leave and make our way to our evenings accommodation....

I am wearing:
Frock-50's, Madame Butterfly's
Hat-60's, $1 at that Camelot Costume Hire sale I went to last week
Belt-garage sale
Tights and sunnies-crochet queen Sarah
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-60's beauty case, opshopped
Earrings-sweetie Vanessa
Necklace-70's blingtastic, opshopped!

On Jo:
Top-garage sale
Shoes-opshopped (in San Francisco)
Tights-Primark (in the UK)