Electric Dreams

Thank frock it's Friday, although I am a little alarmed with how quickly they roll around!

Frock-late 70's, opshopped
Tights and jacket-jet setting Vix
Vinyl bag-60's, opshopped
Little hairbow-gift from Nix

I had a wild dream(s?!) last night that involved hanging out with Pink, using a rocket launcher to blow up buses, a fairground with a huge old style horse merry go round thingy, and a photoshoot with G wearing bondage gear, conducted by some flash photographer.
Blowing up the buses was awesome!
I've always fancied firing a rocket launcher, specifically at a drummer who is strapped up Tommy Lee style in a revolving cage.
Why that is such a specific fancy, I don't really know, but it makes me hysterical with laughter just thinking about it!

A procession of pookies.

G asked me this morning what I call a group of brooches.
I told him such a phenomenon was called a cluster.
He thought scrum, or maul might be better, however, as they are jostling for position.
He's quite the deep thinker, my G.

The ballerina brooch was opshopped, and has matching clip on earrings!
The round diamante one was also opshopped, and I'm pretty sure the leaf was from my lovely friend Sue.

The earrings are also from the lovely Sue!
The sunglasses were from Etsy, and the 60's necklace is from Two Squirrels.

I stopped by 2 opshops on the way home today, and picked up a wee haul.
A lovely 50's tablecloth, the sweetest girdle, a basic black cardi, and a bunch of costume jewellery.
'Cos a gal can never have too much costume jewellery, can she?!

That round number is a scarf ring.
I am a little obsessed with scarf rings.
My clip on earring collection is getting pretty massive now!

O, I bought this darling little tie rack from Dashfield Vintage recently.
I thought maybe G might like it for his ties, but I was secretly hoping I could use it for my belts!
And G kindly mounted it for me today; it holds my belts perfectly!

Anyway, I finish today with a little video dedicated to the pretty lass of Simplicity is Bliss Vintage, in reference to an exchange we had on Twitter....enjoy!



one denim bird said...

I have one word to say to you Helga....

Anonymous said...

These Friday frocks always show up on my Thursday. That's quite the dream you had...

MistressCatgirl said...

You truly are an inspiration my dear. I love all your tights! You find such awesome patterns and rock them.

The Grande Dame said...

Well now I need a new bike helmet just so I can decorate it! You are an inspiration indeed, that is the perfect little video for a Friday! Frock on! x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Pinky Tuscadero!!!! How cute are those polka dots!!! And a girl can NEVER have too much costume jewellery. That video cracked me up. I would LOVE to see you cycling past in Christchurch. You are the best. Xx

Sara said...

That video just made my life. You are the bees knees. XO

Ronnie (RR) said...

Where do I start???? Firstly your hair looks lovely today, your 60s bag is amazing!The only way to wear a brooch is in a group, so loving that too. Your cat procession was brilliant, well timed.That 50s table cloth is so utterly gorgeous, and as for your amazing video, I would love to drive by you everyday and see you cycling in style. Your helmet was the cherry on the cake, simply utterly wonderful, and so very you :) x

Sue said...

Frocktacular indeed!! You would have to be the most styliest cyclist ever to hit the streets in this god dam beautiful country of ours!!! I love pink it is such a girlie girl colour and you just wear pink in the best possible way. LOTS!!! Hope you have a frocktacular fabularsehole weekend sweet Helga!! ♥

Eva Ana Kazić said...

Your tights <3

Hannah said...

You're a genius how does your bouffant stay in place after wearing a helmet?! Can never have too much costume jewellery, you will be swimming in your collection soon aha xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love that jewellery and the table cloth!!! You can keep the girdle but! lol

Totally froctacular.

Louise said...

It's good to have a bit of a secret destructive urge I think, I'd love to push the plunger on demolishing a tower block. Lol. I love your blonde streak, its very Lily Munster :-) have a great weekend. Xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I can see you laughing hysterically blowing things up, it makes sense. Your bike helmet is to die for!! And your how outfit makes me fancy a peach melba or a fruit salad (the little sweets)

I want a girdle!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I cant stop giggling about yoru video! I love it! the little bell and everything! HAHAHAH! Your dreams are just as fabulous as you are in real life!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*gasps* The dress! The jacket! Leave them to me in your will.

Those stockings rock, need me a pair.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

PS Lol at Pookie procession. Pookie fashion shoot (Pookies in accessories?) would be much admired and talked about. :D

Daniel said...

walk walk fashion baby fuck that track Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch c-razy



pastcaring said...

You have got to be the most stylish frocktacular cyclist EVER!
I wonder what Freud would make of your wild and wonderful dream... what does your unconscious say about you, Helga?!
You look gorgeous in pretty pink polka dots, especially with the addition of that beautiful jacket and tights.
And oh my Lord, that ballerina brooch is just too lovely for words... And there are earrings too? I think maul or scrum are too blokey and macho to refer to brooches, don't you? Cluster is good. Or lustre. A radiance? A pinnacle? A delight? I'll stop now before I go and look in my thesaurus and really go for it...
Gorgeous op-shop goodies, that tablecloth is a beauty. And a gal can NEVER have too much costume jewellery. What a ridiculous suggestion! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

liz said...

I'd wear those stockings in a hot second, missy. Cluster/scrum/maul...I'll take it all! Maybe I need to have a "Frock Friday" as well! :)

Vix said...

Best and most super cyclist in the world ever! You put my wobbly antics to shame!
What scores, love that sexy lil'corset, all that bling and the sweet tablecloth.
You look beautiful, I'd forgotten that jacket but remember being insanely jealously when it didn't fit me. That pink spotty frock is a beaut and I love that white hair piece, too.
I blame all that cheese at the vineyard for those insane dreams.
Love you!

karensomethingorother said...

DAMN IT I WANT ME A BIKE! You even have a bell on it! How stylish ARE you, woman? Loved your artwork outfit today.

Krista said...

I love your helmet!!!! OMG if I saw you riding down the street I would follow you and say we simply must spend the rest of the day together! Your look PINKTASTIC!!!! These tights are a fav of mine and you know I am digging all your newly acquired lovelies!!! Your dream made me smile I wish I was in it because I wanna shoot rockets at buses too :)
Have a wonderful weekend my dear! I am also digging the white bit in your hair.

señora Allnut said...

completely overwhelming fabulousness!, delightful pink outfit, lovely polka dot frock and absolutely killer accessories!
And I'm admiring your great elegance to take your helmet off without messing your hair!
besos & fun

Vintage Coconut said...

Omg was your dream ever magnificent! *hahaha* You must have quite the imagination Helga.
You looks super amazing in your frock! Love your jewelry and your brooch cluster. *haha*
When you were on yoru bike riding up the road I almost screamed "OH NOOOOO SHES ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD" Then I realized.... thankfully you were not. The last thing we need is a car bumping you and knocking one of the flowers from your helmet. *eheehe*

Trees said...

Helga - you are amazing. You always make me giggle, as does G - scrum of brooches - I like it a lot:D

La Dama said...

You the most stylish bike riding biatch I ever did see.You can ring my bell anytime amor.
Your looking very classy in pink lady like polka do frock. love bunches of shiny brooches. G Hombre does always have a way with words.
Your dreams are full of childish joys.
I think it is the begining of some new adventures for you and G Hombre.

La Dama said...

Oh your fab bike vid distracted me, I forgot to say..I love your white cute garter and your pink bubble gum heels. Oh yes a girl could never have too many shiny things.

Squared said...

very cute tights and glasses!! Very inspiring!! Let's follow each other darling :D

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I love the way you adorned yer helmet luv! ;) Looking spectacular in pink missus! :D

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I tried commenting a million times last night but blogger was being a lil bitch!!! You look fabulous in this pink and orange combo!!! And that helmet oh goodness you are one of a kind. xxxxxxxx

Kitty said...

Frocktacular indeed, lovely, but i doubt that anyone ELSE could do it with such style!!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Helga, you are a joy to the world! Even though I became a follower a while ago, I've been scared to comment because your fabulousness is overwhelming. I know I'm being silly... You are indeed frocktacular on your bike!

When I saw your girdle I laughed because I thought the jewels were inlaid in the girdle like studs! How fabulous would that be? Practical? Who cares?...

Anyway, hello, you are an inspiration always.

Miss Peregrin said...

Thank frock for Fridays! I love seeing your amazing outfits, and this one does not disappoint. Pink! Yellow! Polka dots! Florals! Fabulousness! I must admit, I also stole The Boyfriends tie rack to use for storing my belts.

La Papillion Bleu said...

I was lucky enough to see you cycling along Wrights Rd in all your frocktacular and helmeted glory on Friday Morning - a wonderful sight to behold!