"Funky Style", apparently!

After work today, I went for an eye exam.
I have been plagued by headaches lately, and it has been 4-5 years since I got my glasses....
I only need them for driving, and find them useful for TV and the cinema, for extra clarity......but there was a chance my eyes had deteriorated more than I realised.....

But they haven't changed much at all, hurrah!
The optomestrist told me I have "funky style" about the time he was shoving icky yellow eyedrops into my eyes so he could then stick some scary thing practically into them.....
Ha, is there anybody who does feel comfortable about anything close to their eyes?!
I think not.
As for "funky style", it could be worse!

It proved to be an expensive Frock Friday for me, as I booked a ticket to go to Brisbane in May (one of my sisters is getting married) and then I had to shell out $600+ for my eye exam and some new glasses.....bugger!
The new frames are pretty cool! You'll see them in a week or so.
My eyes are totally worth it, as is my sisters wedding, but I'm concerned about the dollars because G and I are going to the States in June for 5 weeks!

It's all go this year!

Just look at all this chocolate brown matchy-matchiness!

Frock, brooch, lurex(!) crochet hairbow and vintage Oroton sunglasses-my delicious Sarah
Cardi-Trade Me
Tights and shoes-opshopped
Heavily vinyl 60's or maybe 70's handbag-opshopped
Beads-60's, opshopped
Pendant-the sexacious Desiree
Rosary beads-sweetheart Liz 

Aha, Cousin Phil has just dropped in; we are all going to Cousin Manny's wedding tomorrow, we have to organise ourselves!

Anyway, this slightly soft porn pic is for the frigging hilarious and exceptionally sweet shitarse cool Daniel ...
'Cos he's farking AWESOME!
Love ya, babay!

Grrrrrrrr, this is my late 60's fairly pointy brassiere.....I do have a very pointy one; it'll put your eyes out!
But this isn't that one!
I was getting myself ready for bed last night, and thought I wasn't looking half bad as I undid my hair etc....
So what does a blogger chickie do?!
Get her camera out.
I knew Daniel would appreciate my 45 year old booboids, as does G.
'Cos he knows what's good for him.

PS: It doesn't seem to be my eyes causing the headaches.
I do have occasional headache phases, always have had...
The body is a strange and wondrous thing.


Misfits Vintage said...

Fuck me, I'm so excited about EVERYTHING in this fabulous post! You look AMAZING in that frock - I knew you would of course! And you are going to be in Bris in May (DETAILS DETAILS!!! IF I DRIVE UP THERE CAN I HAVE A DAY WITH YOU???) and holy guacamole... you in your underwear makes me go full les. You know that, you temptress! I think you're setting a very fine example though and I do wonder if we should all post pics of ourselves in our bras this week... just because we also know what's good for us! Love you more than lingerie! Sarah xxx

one denim bird said...

This chicky babe wears spectacles too! My prescription hasnt changed in 25 yrs. Oh sounds like you and G have lots of fun adventures planned this year!

You are spectacular in your 60's pointy brassiere ma luv!
(Daniel's gunna be creamin his knees!!!)

Trees said...

Blimey! Smoking hot pic lady!! I love you got told you have "funky style" :) As I am a public servant the dress code tends to be black and bland - but I where whatever I want and get some hilarious comments - One time someone saw me it a nautical inspired outfit and shouted out "You're a sailor! That's cool!". I do feel for you on the eye front! I shelled out $100 this week for an appointment and assorted goo and next week its the new glasses which is another $700 - but I'd rather pay more and have super rad frames then have the same frames as everyone else. Can't wait to see your new frames, I am sure they are fabulous!! Also about the headaches, I have had similar things happen to me - I will have headaches all the time for like two months and become convinced its my glasses or something and then its gone. Bodies are super weird.

Miss Peregrin said...

OH MY GOSH, when in May are you going to be in Brisbane? The Boyfriend & I are planning a trip to Brissie at the end of May, and if I could finally get to meet you (& Sarah by the sounds of things), that would make my trip very cool.

You are looking mighty spectacular, especially in your slightly soft porn pic. Rawr!

Trashsparkle said...

OMG! Sarah saying everyone should post pics of ourselves in our bras this week..... hysterical! You look superbly upholstered - and I'm sure young Daniel is indeed a very happy bunny right now ;)

What's with all these WEDDINGS, missus? Fab chance for extra frocking up... and travel!

Was the optomotrist dude an old fogey? "Funky style" - bless him! One of my more seriously-minded (aka austic spectrum, tell-it-how-it-is) students told me my style was "zany and youthful" t'other day. Yes, I do tend to dress like a 9 year old who got ready in the dark I suppose... ;) xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the matchyness of the brown so pretty!! 5 weeks in the US?? What parts are you seeing?? A very exciting year for you two. xx

Perdita said...

OOh brown and aqua. There's a cunning colour combo I am keen as pie to try!

Melanie said...

That dress is beautiful! I love the colours x

I have a problem with people near my eyes too. I have managed to anger many eye specialists by wincing and pulling away when they try to get too close!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I don't even know where to start, lots of excitement, lots of great pics and feel your pain I now need reading glasses! My OH also thinks 45 year old booboids are fab!

Sue said...

I used to feel like I was going to giggle when the opto guy was getting up close and personal with my eyes, but somehow I managed to contain myself!! Speaking of containment, the bra is gorge and you look heavenly not porny!! So shall we do as Sarah suggested, and all put up photos of us in our bras???
Have fun at the wedding, and take loads of photos of you having a fine old time, and share, share, share!!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I used to only need glasses for driving, reading & television. *AHHH* Those were the days... Then my appointment last Feb I was told...I NEED to wear them almost all the time. (eaasshhhhh) But then I decided to give contacts a try and now I wear them 50/50 and I am happy. I like glasses... but not EVERYDAY.

Anyhow now that you know my life story I will move on...
I love that dress! Your shoes are gorgeous that bag is awesome and you look SEX-A-Liscious in that bra *wooo wooow oooooo wooooo*

I can't wait to see your new glasses and it sounds like you and G man are going to have a exciting year.

Annie said...

That's a very fetching ensemble Helga, and I think "funky style" is a cool compliment.

Your eyes are definitely worth whatever it costs, though it doesn't help when everything comes in at the same time. Sod's law!

Nelly said...

All i remember other than that booboid shot is ..... Brissie in May??? How long for I am a coming down Sarahs a coming up and the Brissie girls already there can we all please meet up please, please please HH please???

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Loving the dress. Loving the booboids. If you drop off the perch before me, can I have your hair accessories?


Miss Simmonds Says said...

blimey! Great bra! I'm after something pointy but not got anything yet.

In love all that chocolate brown, really nice! x

PepperReed said...

Hawt!! Naughty Lady in her knickers! I hope your headaches abate... they're NO Fun at all. But yes, eyes are important... they keep you Looking Fabulous! ;^)

Vix said...

YOUR body is a wondrous thing, indeed! You look so freaking hot I'm drooling over the keyboard.
That frock and bag are sen-frigging-sational. Funky style is the best thing to have, sure beats frumpy style which is something you'd never be.
Weddings, eyes, when does it ever end? Does this mean another Helgastock? How exciting.
Love you!

pastcaring said...

I could have SWORN I left a comment here earlier today - where the bloody hell has it gone? I came back to have another perve at your bra, and my comment is nowhere to be seen!
Anyway - loving the sexy hair undone, come-to-bed-eyes, look at my bra photo, hot hot hot!
Gorgeous frock from Sarah, and I am most impressed with the matchy matchness!
You ARE going to be busy, but all good stuff - weddings and blogger meet-ups and US trips, oh my!
Have a fabulous weekend, love!
PS. Bra photos? Hmmm, would have to choose carefully! What will Vix do, we know about her penchant for ignoring the existence of underwear?!! xxxxxxxxxx

LandGirl1980 said...

HAWT as always.

Send me your shoes IMMEDIATELY (preferably with you in them)

Hannah said...

Hah funky style, that sounds like a compliment, love that dress and co-ordinating shoes and handbag what a gal you are. I have a super pointy bra it distracts anything and everyone, you look gorgeous xxx

Daniel said...

HOLY SHIAAAAAAAAAAAT ! *LUV$* YUM! SMOKIN'! HOLY MARY! HOT HOT ! BONER! FABULOUS! FUCKIONISTA! STAR ! SEX! BOOBS! CUM! LOVE YOU ! G is so DAMN LUCKY he better give you lots of alcohol to drink ! YOUR EYES ARE also PIERCING ! Love you more than platform shoes! YOu look like sex ! love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you Luv yo' $ !

Daniel said...

+ I wanna go to the states with yo' !

Daniel said...

+ I love you

La Dama said...

Aye!! so many wonderful news amor.
loving the brown matchy shoes and bag frock,
You look very saucy in your pointy gold bra. You look like a 70's wet dream biatch.
What parts of the states are you going to?
luv ya

vintage_kitten said...

You look so cute.Just love your dress and those shoes are perfect.Thas great about your eyes.Can't wait to see the new frames.Love the bra.It's a pretty color too.Wish you could come visit when you come to the states.That would be fun.

karensomethingorother said...

love the sexay pic! You always look fabulous. That's so fun that you have an eye putter outer bra! Sorry that you've been having so many headaches. Maybe all those nice trips will make everything all better!

two squirrels said...

Love the cardy and skirt combo!!! Very cool.
OOOOooo so looking forward to seeing the new glasses.
Eeeeekkk the bra shot is so va va voom, look at you!!!

Hope you are ok sweet, headaches not good. I was getting heaps last year, but I think it may have been from crying to much.
Hugs love v

Kitty said...

LOL at you, you funny bitch, hope you bring that pointy bra with you to Brisbane, I can feel some hilarious photos coming on!!!
Bloody almost cheaper to fly to Australia than get an eye exam, freaky shit man!!!

sacramento said...

I am glad to know that your eyes are ok, and it only cost you money.That is what money is for, to enjoy your trips and get new rocking glasses.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I need to ask. Is America ready for one so farbularse?!

I don't think so!

I'll let the fashion mags know - But I think the 'top shelf' lads' mags will be calling shortly - Yikes! Do you want that kind of attention, they'll be throwing chrysanths at your feet, and Hef will be calling, if you're not careful!

I envy your travels, Helga, but look forward to hearing (and seeing) all about them...

Mwah, baby!

Fhi x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi dearest! I am back from vacation! I had a splendid week! Got home at 3 am, i feel like i drank all night long!
You are going to the US in june? Where are you going?

I just love that color combination that you are wearing!
I am glad your eyes are ok! Glasses are expensive here as well i paid about the same for mine!

Good to be back and see you all fabulous ladies!

Ariene xxxxx

liz said...

Helga! Christopher tells me you're visiting Portland this summer...that's only 3 hours away from Seattle, where I live! I smell...fabulous photo op! Don't forget to prep for your trip by watching "Portlandia"--ha!

Miss Claire said...

Reeyow!!!! You are simply delcious, miss helga, I love that single curl! I've just bought tickets to sydney (to visit mr H) and have to take my violin to get repaired soon...goodbye pocket money! Looking forward to seeing your new specs...I'm looking for the perfect frames and it's impossible! xxxx

Anonymous said...

You're coming to the states? What part of the states and when?

Devil made in Heaven said...

Looking hot in that last shot!
And your dress is so gorgeous.

Krista said...

What Daniel said DAMMIT!! Meow Mama hot in and outta that dress! So much yumminess Helga! I can't wait to see you in the flesh in July it will be the best of times!

Mrs Munster said...

beautiful combinations of brown & blue. That last photo is sizzling & saucy!