Getting shabby with Vanessa

Here are Vanessa and I getting ready to shop!
These are our "feeling the bargain beacon" faces, apparently!
It was a fricking cold Sunday morning!
Autumn?! I think we've gone smack bang into Winter!

I wore:
Frock-60's square dance from Vanessa (ric rac added by moi!)
(We both agree that "ric rac" is a fabulous...word? term? It's fabulous, anyways!)
Belt-garage sale
Crinoline (organza!)-gift from our friend Amber
Orange wool jacket-opshopped
Stole-Rangoon Musical Society sale
Shoes-Trade Me
60's hat-vintage shop on Ferry Rd
Handbag-60's, Junk and Disorderly-no longer exists; a quake victim
60's necklace-opshopped
Other necklace-Shabby Chic market
60's clip on earrings-Kitty
Humpers-Trade Me

Vanessa got her  gorgeous 50's frock in Melbourne!

We started our Sunday shopping by going out to Ferrymead, to the Toffs $2 warehouse, where sometimes a gal can score really well!
We didn't do too badly.....and then it was off to the Shabby Chic Market, where I enjoyed seeing Vanessa get fawned over by admirers!
Then we needed some coffee ( for brain cells) and a little nibble to get over it all!

From the $2 warehouse I got the leopard hat, the navy vinyl knitting bag and the coat hangers.
From the market I got the vintage ric rac, the late 60's pendant, the 60's magazine stand and the 70's bed tray!
I'm pretty happy with my lot!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

You're so lucky to have a fellow fashionista to shop the day away with. You both look fab and I love your scores. xx

Anonymous said...

You're both lookin' sassy. Would love to visit the $2 warehouse with you one fine day. Somehow I got through the weekend without entering a single thrift, but tomorrow morning...

Dear Pearl Vintage said...

Well there is definately nothing shabby about the two of you! you both look fabulous and you are definately rocking that ric rac!

Max said...

You rock rik rac! What a pair of colourful flowers you look, a sight for sore eyes on these grey days x

Misfits Vintage said...

Frock a doddle doo - you both look GORGEOUS! I LOOOOVE your frock, darling - and all of your accessories are PERFECTION as always - and sweet V always looks so serene and delightful - her frock and COAT are marvellous!

Your treasures are all pretty fab - you KNOW I'm droooooling over the leopard hat - and that BED TRAY! I've been looking for one of those for YEARS!

So glad you had such a fabulous day, mi amor.

Love you more than vintage ric rac! Sarah xxx

Sue said...

Now I wish I had got you the lemon bed jacket I saw the other day so you could sit in bed looking divine eating from your new bed tray!! Like the sounds of a $2 warehouse very much. Great scores and another fantastic day out for you again.

Trees said...

Fun!! I really think I will come down and join you for a op shopping adventure sometime soon. Perhaps I shall try and snap up a grab-a-seat flight when you and G are back from the states - as long as that's ok with you lovely. Friggin cold here too - Autumn my arse!

The Grande Dame said...

What a colourful pair the two of you are! I love your crazy fashions. Your bargain hunting day is making me envious, and that breakfast tray is wonderful, I want one! Good work!

delia hornbook said...

You both look so cute and lovely. Loving that 70s flower power tray that is lovely. dee xx

Annie said...

You both look fab! I'm going to join everyone else in admiring the bed tray - a great find.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Gorgeous pics as ever, I love the word ric rac too! I also love Vanessa's brooch WOW!

Vintage Coconut said...

OOOO WOW great finds!!!
And you two look absolutely fantastic for your time out shopping.

Ronnie (RR) said...

Fabulous outfits, I LOVE the coat Vanessa is wearing, yummy colours! Glad you found some nice bargains x

Lucy Nation said...

These photos are great - so funny! Your loot is fab, I love the 70's bed tray. Ric rac, ric rac - I agree, good word:) x

VintageBirdGirl said...

What a super duo you two ladies make! I think we all secretly wish we could come along too. Love the bed tray....reminds me of my Grandma. And ric rac makes my heart swoon! Xx

Melanie said...

You both look gorgeous! I (again) love your shoes! I have such a weakness for red shoes xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I want a bed tray! You both look wonderful! Ric-rac is a great word! xxx

Vix said...

You fabulous two-some! I bet you turned a few heads at the shabby chic market. You look spectacular and V's a splendid looking companion. I can't wait to see that leopard print hat on, it looks freaking amazing!
Love you!

señora Allnut said...

you're both looking fabulous, love your orange outfit and your elegant stole, and also love her green combo and her cuteness!
and you've had great purchases!

Franca said...

score-ra-roo! You both look divine and your finds are great. esecially that yellow tray - I ove trays and i love yellow!

karensomethingorother said...

Well, you look fabulous as always! How fun--even if I don't have as many used stuff emporiums around, I can live vicariously through you girls.

two squirrels said...

Hello my million miles away from Shabby friend!!!
Look at us all happy and playing treasure hunting!!!!
It was so much fun, thank you, you are such amazing lady and I feel so happy to have been lucky to spend time with you!!!
Ric rac and fur squirrel hugs to you and G.
Love v

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
brill scores darl, I especially like that spanky bed tray...makes me think of being ill as a child, in the best possible way of course...I remember mum buying lot's of ice cream cause it soothed by sore throat and cooked delish chicken noodle soup all served on a very similar foldy up tray. I did buy a tray like this a few years ago from the car boot sale, it's got a picture of Spock on it ;)
Hope all is well with you & G.
Lot's of love,

pastcaring said...

Well, ric-rac-a-loo-la, don't you two ladies look fine?!
Oh how I would have loved to go rummaging with you and Vanessa, all frocked up and fabulous!
The hats! The frocks! The bags! The funnage!
Love your magazine rack, and you know how I can't resist vintage covered coathangers...
Oh to ruffle your organza petticoat, you gorgeous creature! xxxxxxxxx

Rose&Bird said...

I bet you two were the most stylish shoppers! I'd love to find an ecquivalent of the $2 warehouse here in Blighty!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi lovely!

You have won the giveaway!
Yup! The koalas are yours!
Looking lovely Helga!
Love your loot
Going back to work tomorrow ! Brrrrrrrrr!
Send me your address


Krista said...

You both look adorable and cozy warm all at once, hugs!!!! What fun shopping coffee, frocks, nibbles perfect day!
I love your leopard hat!

Idoia Bilbao Parisse said...

Hello friend! I love your blog! I invite to you to visit mine, you have a gift! You are my inspiration… Ksssss

La Dama said...

You damas look amazingly scrumptious amor.
I love how your all draped in furstole. bet you ladies got lots of attention.
great scores!
I love anything ric rac. cant wait to see you in that leopard tiger hat.loving the flower tray for breakfast in bed.


Lena said...

You look amazing as always and what a loot of amazing finds!x