Mondo Bongo

Helga clashes stripes!

I've had my favourite Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros song on the brain alllll daaaaaay.....which isn't a bad thing!
Despite my fears that we had skipped Autumn and been slam dunked into Winter, today turned out to be a corker, getting to a high of 26 degrees!
We stopped by the newly filled lake in Hagley Park on the way home from work.

Frock-from my darling Vix
70's sleeveless cardigan (Starsky and Hutch, anyone?!) -Madame Butterfly's
Walk socks-opshopped
Boots-Trade Me
70's blingy necklace-opshopped
Brooch and vintage Oroton sunnies-from my gorgeous Sarah

That's SO cool that pretty much all of you loved the 70's bed tray I got at the Shabby Chic Market!!!
I'm stoked; I've been envying Op Shop Mama's collection for sometime, and have finally found one of my own!

This coming weekend we are going to another wedding!
This one is on the West Coast, and is the wedding of our friends Liz and Eli.
It is going to be held at the Wild Foods Festival , to which we have never been!
Our sweet Amber is coming with us for the weekend, and wants to borrow a "weddingy" frock to wear.
Last night, when she came over for our weekly dinner date, she tried on a few....

Yes, those are green leopard print tights!!!
Interestingly, the ones she chose are all frocks I have made!
Can you guess which one she chose?!



Vintage Sweetheart said...

Gorgeous stripey goodness!! I think she went with the green number or the beautiful blue one! xxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

The first one cos it looks fecking awesome! As do you yer sexy bint! :D

Vicky said...

Enjoy the Wild Foods Festival, I went one year and it was a blast :0)

two squirrels said...

The west coast for the weekend YAY!!!!
I hope it was the green one, she looks so fabulous in it.
Now "fabulous" is you in the brown outfit, loving the boots.
Thanks so much for the links in the last post sweet!!!
You rock and Ric rac my world.
Love v

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Helga,
what a gorgeous spot to chill out at after work. Loving the super 70s outfit...I think I spent my first two years exclusively in brown & orange, so I do rather love that colour combo. You look splendiferous! Amber looks gorge in that selection of frocks, my fave though has got to be the zesty orange cabbage rose print one, lush!
Lot's of love,

Straight Talking Mama! said...

Your outfit took me straight back to school in the 70s, I don't know why, perhaps a teacher wore something similar!

well I like the green dress but not sure what she chose do tell!

Ronnie (RR) said...

What a lovely day to be in a park. I think your friends looks stunning in the orange dress (top left). The Wild Wood festival sounds right up my street, wish we had one here. Have loads of fun and can't wait to see what wonderful outfit you will be wearing at the wedding

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

I hope it was the green one she looks gorgeous in it

Vintage Coconut said...

Well I think you look damn good when you clash!! SO CLASH ON CLASH ON
*Bangs symbols*
*clang clang clang*

I think she chose the blue polka dots!

I would choose the orange one as it is so damn cheery!

delia hornbook said...

Did she chose the orange one? she looks like a bright girl ;-) Can't believe you made them all you are talented. Loving your frock today and those boots are gorgeous what a lovely location. Have a great time at the wedding, dee xx

Perdita said...

I would choose them ALL!! And have multiple changes of frock like Liz Taylor used to.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

OHH congrats on the tray purchase!!! I don't have one like that with the short legs (does it?) so now I'M coveting!!! It's a beauty.
I think your friend looks triff in all of them. I believe she would choose the black but if I were her I would have gone with the blue polka dot.. Tell us tell us!
x Bless you and all who sail in you x

Hannah said...

I am so jealous you get to play by a lake after work, I reckon she chose the orange one? they are all fab! x

Vix said...

Oh look at you basking in the sunshine by the lake! That double tripe combo is gloriously 1970s and the socks and boots are phwoar!!!
Hooray for sunshine and glorious weather. I want some.
Love Amber in all those frocks, I'm going for the green one as she's obviously got a penchant for green!
Love you!

pastcaring said...

Well, if you have a Joe Strummer song on your internal jukebox, it's quite appropriate to be Clashing, isn't it? Fabulous stripey gorgeousness! Not a bit like Starsky (his cardigan was way more wooly and belted and would have weighed a ton if it got wet.) Love the pic of you lounging by the lake with your heels in the air!
Your dresses are all masterpieces, of course - I would choose the orange rose print, but WHAT will Amber choose?
A wedding at a festival? How cool is that? You are quite the seasoned wedding guests, you and G, you should rent yourselves out to provide extra glamour, style (funky) and laughs at dull folks' weddings! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

I'm picking the fantabulous Orange with flowers because that's the one I would wear!!

As for you lazing about on the edge of a lake like you don't have a care in the world while I was slaving over a hot oven!!

x x ♥

Rose&Bird said...

Lovely to see you've had some Autumn sunshine, and I really like your outfit - no Starsky & Hutch in sight!

Hope you enjoy the wedding - very cool that it's at a festival x

Miss Magpie said...

I hope it's the orange one but I do like the green.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh the stripy stripy loveliness! Yay for a return to sunshine! You look absolutely beautiful, amor...

And as for Amber... she MUST have chosen the orange one - surely, as it THE BEST FROCK IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

And even more importantly, what are YOU ewaring? And why don't I ever get invited to weddings!?

Love you more than festivals! Sarah xxx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

you're bloody good at making dresses young lady! Did she choose the blue?

Glad you've had a bit of Autumn sun to cheer you up... those socks are rather sexy!

Krista said...

Yeah for more sunshiny shine and to singing The Clash! I hope she picked the orange number or blue polka dots, they are all pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh you look great in that striped dress! I think Amber must have picked the green one! Her tights are awesome

Annie said...

You're clashing those stripes very stylishly, Helga. Bet Amber chose the green dress!

Lisa said...

What a KILLER collection of dresses. And those green leopard tights! I love it all. What style inspiration!

Mrs Munster said...

That sleeveless cardigan is fantastic. It's so weird that you are heading toward winter where we are just waiting for the summer :)

Luna Tiger said...

crazy and awesome mix of stripes !!!

seƱora Allnut said...

ohhh, love that mixed-patterns outfit in autumnal colors, so fabulous!
And every frock is pretty, but my favorite is the green one!

Tami Von Zalez said...

If she is truly going to be Helga-esque, I am betting she chose the first one, orange and green print, ala Von Trollop!

Stop by for a visit at

karensomethingorother said...

You made those dresses?!? That's it. You are awesome. I haven't even figured out the fucking bobbin on my machine yet. I'm that much of an idiot. In other news, I enjoyed the clash of your stripes. Did your girlie choose the floral dress?

Miss Peregrin said...

I hope Amber chose the blue & white one, or the orange floral, because I am totally in love with them!

I love your brown/orange color combo too. You look sensational!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet she chose the orange one! Love your clash of stripes today!

Trees said...

You rock those stripes Helga!! I am quite jealous the warm weather has returned to Christchurch - still chilly up here in Welly, but then you don't live here for the weather.

I love you friends tights!! I want green fishnets!! My choice is either the green one or the blue and white one. Looking forward to see the photos from the Wild Food Fest. I have never been either but it sounds amazing. I read they have chocolate coated huhu grubs!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh darling woman!!! 25 degrees - if I was with you, we'd be stripping off to our smalls and jumping in the lake for a squeal-fest!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore your stripy combo sooooo much - I love stripes but don't think I own anything with stripes. Why, why, why???? Amber got to play in your wardrobe?????????????? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So jealous of the gorgeous bint and I bet she picked the orange flowers or the green. Loving the greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!! xoxoxoxoxx

La Dama said...

Indeed very Starsky stripes.
I seen a jumper with this pattern.
rolling around at the parks by the lake is the best idea for the hotness your having.I'm thinking Amber choose my fave orange frock or the black one.

Miss Claire said...

Oh I just cannot wait for Autumn to start properly. Over here it's 30 degrees one day and 18 the next! Grr! I want to wear cozy boots every day dammit! You look super cute in your stipes! Amber looked gorgeous in all of them! Ive already seen that she chose the orange one (my favourite) ! xxx