A splendid reason to frock up!

So yesterday afternoon we went to a family wedding; G's Cousin Manny was getting hitched to the lovely Jessie.
'Twas a great family turnout, and of course, we all wore our best finery.

Our darlings friends Nicole and Toby flew in from the Gold Coast for the occasion!
The weather was utter bollocks, cold, rainy and farking miserable......
But it didn't dampen the occasion one bit!

Thankfully, I had the loan of sweet Vanessa's tiara to keep me warm!
I'm loving Nicoles frock and shoes; I kept fondling her.....

My earrings were a gift from Nicole, actually!
The necklace is from gorgeous Louise !
Both my rings are from my wonderful Sarah , and I got  this late 50's coat and frock when we were in Australia with Sarah last month!
The shoes were opshopped ages ago, and the 60's handbag was from my local St Vinnies.

G was uber delicious in a fabulous fitting 70's suit we got in Wellington last year, an opshopped shirt whose age I am unable to determine, a tie we got in Australia last month and his shoes were retail.
I got the hairstraightener out and tamed those sexy locks of hair!

Weddings make me feel romantic.
As long as it isn't my wedding!

Our sexy bride and groom!
Welcome to the family, Jessie!
You won't regret it!

Cousin Phil should have been on the prowl, but I think being there with his folks was slightly cramping his prowling style!

This bracelet was G's Great Grandmothers!
I love it, and am lucky enough to be the custodian of it until our neice is of age!

This is what Cousin Phil does when I tell him to look sexy.
Is it working, ladies?!

We had a barkingly fabularsehole time, and luckily I wasn't too hungover today; as I had arranged to go to the Shabby Chic Market with darling Vanessa !
Pix from our day coming tomorrow!
And, tomorrow is the  Two Squirrels shop launch!!!
I'm so excited for them both!
I haven't known them long, but with they have squirreled their way into my heart, and I want them to be a tremendous success!



Miss Claire said...

Woah woaowwww! You both look so spunky! Meow! Loving your 60's suit and G's tie is the shizz! Glad you had fun, and naww, weddings are romantic. I sometimes DJ the music for wedding ceremonies and receptions at work and I often get teary during the ceremony and speeches, even though i don't know the couple! Xxxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Fark! Y looked like the Duke and Duchess of Fabularseole! :D Beautiful bride and groom ♥

Anonymous said...

Cousin Phil needs some sexy lessons. The two of you look fabulous.

Anissa said...

awwwwwwwww!! i was at helens market today!!! we didnt get there till late tho. yay 4 markets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

Rachel said...

I LOVE that braclet - what era is it? it looks 1910s?! HOT

Anonymous said...

Oh you look divine! I love the tiara and you're rockin it. G looks spiffy in his suit and I love his shoes! I cant wait to see pix from the shabby chic market! Cousin Phil looks like quite the scoundrel!

Crystal Lee said...

You and G are so fricken cool! You both look smashing. I just adore your icy blue suit with the silver heels! Glad the wedding went well despite the bad weather.

Vintage Curly Girly said...

Wow! You both look amazing. Very much so. X

two squirrels said...

Faint and falling on the floor!!!!! Look at how gorgeous you look!!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful, the sparkles were perfect.
Mr G so very dashing!!!!
Pretty wedding!!!
The squirrels are nuts about Miss Helga and Mr G!!!
Thank you
Love and furry hugs

Dashfield Vintage said...

Wow you look fantastic! You both do! You're lucky that you suit so many great colours.

Straight Talking Mama! said...

You both look FABULOUS!!

Dashfield Vintage said...

Hello sorry me again. Do you know how to stop the word code thing coming up when somebody leaves a message? I notice you don't have it. I cannot figure out how to cancel it anymore!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

G looks so cute. The shoes with the suit looks fab.

You look gorge. The dress and overcoat are divine, but the showpiece is that tiara. I want more opportunities in life to wear tiaras.

Sue said...

Oh Helga the coat dress looks FAB!!! I am starting to think you would look fab in just about anything, because I have not seen you look like shit once! You and G must have been the hottest couple there.

sacramento said...

You look like a true queen. Loving your tiara, and husband´s tie, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Misfits Vintage said...




You both look frickin AMAAAAZING!

Your outfit is so spectacular - and I must say I HIGHLY approve of the tiara as the perfect accessory (the shoes and handbag are PERFECTION too of course) and G-Star is killer snoop dog funky pimk mad ghetto gorgeous in his fab suit!

I gotta agree with Terri... cousin Phil needs some lessons... (says the eternally single chick)

Love you BOTH more than tiaras, Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

What gorgeous photo congartulations to the happy couple. You and G look wonderful i aodre your dress and jacket and those silver shoes looked perfect with it. dee xx

Louise said...

You look so gorgeous and ladylike and tall too. That's a beautiful outfit, and the necklace looks divine. I love a wedding too. I'd love to karaoke with you too. :-) xx

pastcaring said...

That is just a perfect wedding outfit, you are sparkling and beautiful, with just a little hint of minx in your eyes!
You and G must have been the best dressed couple there ("funky style", of course!)
Cousin Phil obviously doesn't have your experience in looking sexy for the camera - you can advise him, Helga. I have to confess I would struggle with sexy-on-demand-in-public too...
Glad you all had a great day, you and G need NO excuse to get loved-up, the pair of you are Romance Personified! xxxxxxxxxx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

A lot of loveliness and fun times to take in! Y'all look fabulous. And you're toting the most beautiful handbag! xxx

Rose&Bird said...

Glad you had a good time, shame about the rain - was hoping it would be dry for you!
Everyone looks very stylish x

Hannah said...

Oh my you both look amazing, I love G's suit and tie it is fricking cool! And that bracelet is heavenly! xx

Perdita said...

WOW- ylour tiara and bag just make that outfit PERFECT.

And I want G's tie- amaze!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

PERFECT! You fabularse lady! That dress suit is gorgeous. Love G's tie! xxxx

Daniel said...

Lovely,awesome,tiara! You and G are A POWER COUPLE! And now this may be a strong,not "disrespctful",not cool buy yeah cool affirmation * YOU look more smokin',and fabulous than the bride ! I say !

Shewearscrazywell said...

Ohhhh you and G looked so freaking awesome! I went to Las Vegas to my cousins wedding all last week...just got back a day ago. I hurt my foot so bad I ended up limping around and wearing lunch lady shoes. So bad. :( Ha ha! Everyone looked so lovely at the wedding especially bride and groom. Hearts, Janna Lynn

karensomethingorother said...

Helga, you and G look like so much FREAKING FUN! Please adopt me. It's lonely and boring here :( I love your wedding outfit with the tiara. Damn it, we need more tiara days.

Vix said...

You both looked bloody fabularse! I adore your wedding suit and they way you've done your hair, that tiara is just the icing on the cake. G scrubs up rather splendidly, too!
Congratulations to the happy couple, shame about the crappy weather.
Love that gorgeous bracelet but love you more!

Ronnie (RR) said...

You both look hot!! Very sexy couple. ...oh and the bride and groom looked lovely too. Gorgoeus bracelet btw and loving the tiara. X

Devil made in Heaven said...

Wow, you look like a princess....

Trashsparkle said...

You look so regal and blingy! Excellent head-to-blue-toenails-attire... Lurve G's orange shoes with the suit - hell, you two rock! xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Ahhh* You and G are such a sexy couple!!
You both look damned great.
I have been a little obsessed with wedding since watching a Canadian show called four weddings (Which is a competition between 4 brides... Whoever wins gets a magical honeymoon.
Seeing all of those beautiful dresses makes me want to get married again... (But I can't as I am already married.) *hahaahah*

So I have decided I might do a renewing vows ceremony at some point... and wear a LIME GREEN frilly tutu dress.

Miss Peregrin said...

Congrats to the happy couple! Everyone looks absolutely fabulous.

Trees said...

Yah! I love to dress up for weddings - you look great in your wee tiara and you and G make such an awesome couple.

The bride looks stunning - I hope sue wasn't too cold though!

Krista said...

I love Weddings and you and G are looking like the hottest couple next to the bride and groom :) that bracelet from G's Great Grandmother is so very cool and how wonderful you are it's keeper. Nicole's purple shoes are too sweet! Cheers to a happy life filled with love! XOXO~

La Dama said...

Oh Mi Diosito!!
You two amores look so fuckan gorgeosly elegante.
love your little tiara and bag. exquisite outfit. I knew you would rock it. G hombre looks very sharp dressed pimpylcious.
Congrats the couple.
yes, cousin needs some lesssons,lol
luv ya

Mrs Munster said...

You too look so darn beautiful! I'm sure the bride had some competition who had all the eyes on them :)

Kitty said...

Oooh don't you two look all grown up?! Such a gorgeous pair you are.xxxxxxxxxx.